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how do you do it ?

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hello :

i am very addicted to tv, though as a child i didnt watch too much tv (wasnt allowed).

my dd (3 yrs.) is allowed to watch tv once a week - for about 1,5 hours (!) while i do her hair (she has strong curls and i braid them). i dont see another chance to do her hair so she enjoys it - but at the same time if feel bad letting her watch tv so much. of course she only watches harmless childrens shows like barney or sesame street (dvds), but still.... i know about the negative effects of tv for the brain etc. and she is definitely an a dependant -she really stares at the screen and is barely active!

i dont like this sollution but being a single mum and having an only child i dont have other ideas.

i guess what i want to know is: how did you manage to get rid of your tv?

i myself watch tv every nigth (after she went to bed) and often i get angry at myself that i dont do more creative stuff.

oh well, lets see what you have to say
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An hour and a half a week? I seriously wouldn't be beating myself up over that.
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I am in a similar situation and we've gotten down to about an hour a week too. I think that is okay for now. I understand where you are coming from since I am not a high energy person and I am struggling with finding a balance right now in creating activities for DD. I at least know now that there are a tonne of resources. I get DD to do a lot of 'mundane' household things with me and she truly enjoys them - laundry, dishes (not breakables), etc.

I wouldn't beat yourself up over 1.5 hours/week if that is what you feel you need right now. If you are looking for alternatives, you could try books on CD or music...those have worked for us
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For awhile we did 1.5 hours a week. I really didn't think that was *bad* and it was infrequent enough that DD didn't ask for it at other times. But, now she pretty much never watches TV or anything (she's 4.5). I would suggest either getting rid of the TV or trying books on tape, stickers, lacing cards, flipping through books, that sort of thing for when you do her hair. Maybe something she can only do during that time to make it more interesting and special. GL!
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Really, if it's taking you that long to braid her hair, what else could she be doing? Any other activity I can think of for her to do would make it extremely difficult to braid her hair. I honestly don't see any other solution for you...would you rather just ask her to sit still and having nothing to do at all while you braid?
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If you really want to do it- cold turkey is the way .

But for an hour and a half a week for hair... I wouldn't stress it *too* much. How old is she? If you want to give it a try, she can maybe draw, or listen to a book on CD or even play an educational game on the computer if you want to up the participation level.

For yourself- how about a book goal? When I went cold-turkey tv-free I decided I'd read "All the high-school classics I never got to". Moby Dick. A Tale of Two Cities. You know... Anyway, that started me off because I came upon The Grapes of Wrath and got hooked on Steinbeck and read every one of his books. Then, I'd start my "classics" again, and whenever I found an author or a topic I really liked, I let myself follow it...
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maybe a book on tape or cd, if you think that would hold her attention. for yourself... maybe picking up some other hobby you might be interested in but have never gotten around to trying. I knit or read a lot in the evenings after ds has gone to bed.
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Would you and your daughter ever consider a haircut? Something short and easy to take care of?
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