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I probably won't make it to open gym today. The yard people are supposed to come look and see what we want done so we can get an estimate, but she's not sure what time she'll get here. Either mid-morning or noon. If possible, we'll come up cause the kids really need it.
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We're stuck at home today. Dh took the van. He thinks he may have his motorcycle working again so we might be ok for the rest of the week.
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Elm I thought you just re-did the yard..... What is left to do?
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Fill the garden with soil, level the grass, level the sprinklers and we'll look at the cost of sod.
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Elm, if sod is too pricey, google zoysia grass. We're contemplating it for next year for the back yard.

Doularn, I hope you are resting and relaxed today. My BP has been a lot lower since moving here. It's low to begin with so that's not a great thing for me, but I figure low is usually better than high, right?

Have fun at open gym! H was up several times in the night seeking the boob so I got about 3 non-consecutive hours. I have to get to Trader Joe's today but that's all I HAVE to do. The rest of the week is quite busy, and on top of that we're supposed to paint the living room, dining room and hallway, complete with trim.

Who has laminate floors, anyone? I want to do cork but have to wait one year if I choose that. If I do laminate in the front (about 300 sq feet total) I might be able to do it this year. The carpets are getting awful and that's with me spot cleaning them nearly weekly!
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The patio guy was here this morning and took down the warping rotting patio. Oh my goodness my backyard is so hot and bright right now. Gonna put on sunblock and let the girls run in the sprinkler for a bit. Tomorrow they come back to build us a new one. :
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Great news Rach

KMJ, we have laminate in the kids rooms/hallway and office, we've been doing it room by room. We love it. : Now we don't have it in the living room yet (that will hopefully be this fall). But it's really tough and durable, was super easy to install and I think looks amazing.
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I feel tied to the train tracks and I can hear the train around the corner...
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Rach - Yay for new patios!!! : And are ya'll the ones who got the artificial grass? Just wondering how you like it and how it might do with dogs.

KMJ - Good luck with the floors!

Doularn - Hope you are feeling better and that you are able to figure something out soon that will help out. And... it turns out Lisa is covered on our insurance! So dh called her today and is getting the ball rolling on that!
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We like it. We got it because the yard was originally landscaped with rocks and we wanted something nice the girls could play on year round. It does get really hot in direct summer sunlight so we wet it to cool it down before letting the girls play on it.
It drains really well. We do have one spot that seems to puddle but the puddle is gone fairly quickly.
We use a leaf blower to blow the leaves off it but the lady at the store said that she had one customer that used a shop vac to clean it because it made the grass stand up and look real.
I'm not sure how a dog would do with it because we only have indoor cats. But I do know they advertise it as pet friendly.
If it's near any surface root trees, they will make it lumpy like they do to real grass. Ask me how we realized willows are surface root trees...! lol

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Oh DoulaRN

So E's teeth are still in and crooked, nothing to do but wait another 6 months. Oh and I'm having a small freak out about my sensory kid and braces, any chance he'll have no problem with them.
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Doularn - : You posted at the same time I did before, so I didn't see it until now. Hang in there.

Rach - Thanks for the info on the grass! Our entire yard is rocked in too.
And it's the sharp kind of rock that you can't walk on. We have thought about the artificial grass just to give dd a place to play. I had wondered about the heat though, and also with three dogs and a cat who all go outside : it could be a mess if it wasn't easy to clean. And you know that even though we'd just do a small section, the animals would just have to go poop on that spot and not in the whole rest of the yard!

We picked up the "Chocolate d'Vine" wine at Costco that you all were talking about at pg. It's quite tasty!!!
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doularn -

emans - knowing him he will probably like the sensation

peace - it is yummy isnt it :
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Doularn I saw your post the other day, but need to be filled in on what's going on now. Can someone send me a PM?

Emans - How about something like Invisalign? I know it's super expensive, but maybe it would help that he can take them out when it's really bugging him? OR maybe that's just wishful thinking since he'd never put them in if he had the option?

Man, I wish i could go to pg! I missed the discussion on the wine! Chocolate wine? Or something? Sounds right up my alley! LOL
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a wine i got at the wine festival that i usually pay $15/bottle for at sunflower. It was $10 at costco. It is a red wine that is chocolate flavored. it is called chocolate d'vine and so yummy
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I'm totally going to have to try that! With my life as rough and chaotic as it's been lately, I need anything I can get.
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Crazy I just opened my bottle last night, it's SUPER sweet, I had forgotten how sweet.
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Crazy- I am just having a meltdown. I will catch you up when I have time.

Gals, just dont let me cut my hair. I do that in crisis mode.
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New here: Talk to me about ABQ/Rio Rancho...

Considering moving to ABQ with my fiance (who already lives there), specifically, Rio Rancho. What can you tell me about it?

I've been down to visit and, being a city girl (Boston), there was definitely a case of culture shock, but I can make things work for myself. My concerns are mainly for my little guys (4 & 2)...how are the public schools, and are there pre-school options (my eldest, 16, would be staying back in MA with his father while he finished high school)? Options for stuff to do when it's too hot to venture outside? Any playgroups/parenting/mothering groups established?

Thanks a bunch!!!
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Quite, your kids will be fine, however the culture shock is REALLY severe for us adults. We've adapted well but honestly being back in NY for a week last month there are things I will always miss.

Schools, I don't believe any of us use the traditional public school system right now, there is a large homeschooling community, great charters and private schools. Rio Rancho is better than ABQ, but NM is general is seriously lacking in the school department. There is any and every kind of preschool program you could want.

There are indoor activities for the heat, but you do adjust to the heat, after all it is a dry heat not the sticky humid stuff of the northeast.

Have you only visited once? For how long, how long has your SO lived here. It truely is a very different way of life.
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