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I am looking for Birth/Pregnancy and Parenting related groups, organizations, stores and websites in Scandinavia. Thanks!!
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In English language then?
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That would be great!!
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I don't know any in English, but here are two very good Danish message boards:
http://slyngebarn.amandur.dk/forum/index.php (concerned with slings and much more)
http://ammenet.dk/ (about breastfeeding)
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www.tilknytningsomsorg.no (Norwegian messageboards for Attachment Parenting.) Not in english, but we have no problem understanding english there, and would love to have you!

www.krusedull.net Great online store for expecting mamas, mamas, babies and children.

Hi, Bente!
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(a Swedish forum, specializing in baby-wearing, but loads of other AP-stuff too. There is a small section in English, and almost everyone speaks good English and would be able to help you!)
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