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charley horses?!

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I don't know if that's the right way to describe them. It's not sciatica...and i'm pretty sure it's not contractions. I get these cramps/shooting pains usually in my inner thigh/groin area, but now i just got about 6 in a row going from my mid left side of my butt down my leg - i nearly collapsed. I'm scared to walk now. UGH.

This isn't fun!!

9 more days...
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... don't know what to tell you but that sounds awful! I'm sorry
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I get weird sudden groin/thigh cramps too. The other day I really confused my husband when we were talking and I made a face at the cramp, he thought it was at what he said. The only shooting down the back of the leg sensation I've had was definitely sciatica, a little chiro and some stretching helped a ton. It could be just the baby pressing on a nerve or something?
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