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I really don't like going to the doctor. It seems that every time we go one of us ends up getting something there. Our latest is that Abi (16 mos) has caught the nasty stomach flu that's going around. She's throwing up everything but water. Even popsicles and gatorade. Had two mild cases of diarrhea today too. She's a bit dehydrated but not bad. I'm more concerned about her lack of calories. She is a very thin baby to begin with. After vomiting four times last night and about 3 times this evening she finally kept down a dinner of crushed ice. She's begging for food but keeps throwing it up. She has such big brown puppydog eyes. . . really heartbreaking.

We went through a similar flu bug about 6 mos. ago that lasted a week and cost her 1.5 pounds. She never drank anything but water the whole time. I took her to the doctor every two days to check her for dehydration. There wasn't anything more they could do.

Any tips for this time around? Part of me wants to take her in but the other part of me knows that they'll just take my copay and tell me to keep pushing fluids. Any natural remedies that might help us through this?