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I had an ICAN meeting yesterday and the whole group made a fleece blanket for the new babe! It was really sweet. Actually, we made two since there are two of us due soon... they're the tie-together-fleece blankets and mine is super snuggly. It'll be a great floor blanket for the end of summer and yummy on the bed this winter. And I was able to throw a baby shower for a friend, which was much fun. Overall, a fun weekend despite feeling bigger than a whale!

I've got much of my hospital stuff packed but still haven't been able to visit the L&D unit. I'll be 36 or 37 weeks on Thursday (depending on which due date you go with) so hopefully after this week's appointment the L&D staff will have time for a tour.

Then I need the car seat in the car (to see if the seats we have now can possibly work three across), tomorrow's photoshoot, a final meeting with the doula (on the 22nd), some hospital paperwork, and then hopefully an August 1st babe.

I'd really like a few newborn prefolds, but oh well... I got two gro baby shells and some liners so if those work well I'll focus on that system. I just remember that even with 9lb+ babes the standard prefolds were SO bulky I couldn't use them for months.

I'm also having some insurance issues. The practice I'm using does accept my insurance, but I'm getting bills from the practice. Basically, I pay my co-pay, then they bill the insurance, and then they charge me for the difference between what the insurance paid them and what they spent? Which doesn't seem right... I've never had something like this happen. And it makes me wonder just what is going on. But since the insurance is through my DH the company wont answer any of my questions on the phone... he has to call his assigned rep at the university and then that rep will contact the company. It's crazy!
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oh, I went to install my infant carseat and broke it in two ways. hah! I bought a new one last night.

just FYI - you can't machine wash/dry the harness straps. whoops.
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I am 33 weeks today. Dh is going out of town later in the week. I am feeling so anxious about it. I slept badly last night, insomnia. I had a week of good sleeps so this sucks, never a good sleeper. We started school today, went well. I hope to get 5 weeks completed before the baby arrives. Then take off 6-8 weeks. Dh and I's trip got messed up for the weekend of the 24th so we had to change plans. Still going, but only to ABQ. Nice little spot near Old Town, just going to chill, eat, sleep. I will start PN-6 next Monday and some other herbs, alfalfa.
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I had an ICAN meeting yesterday and the whole group made a fleece blanket for the new babe!
That's very sweet.

My sister, with whom I am very close, broke her arm badly last week. She'll be in a splint for 12 weeks. But my mom is around to help her, and I am modifying a couple of tank tops for her so she can get in and out of them.

My birth kit is ready more or less. I scrubbed my kitchen floor and I'm going to do more scrubbing this week.

I'm learning to knit tomorrow. Might as well.

I feel like I could go any day, and I did not feel this way with DS. So we'll see.
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CC - so sorry about your bronchitis! That must really stink!

Thorn & Jillian - hope those things clear up soon so you have great L & D!!

I'm doing pretty well. My 2 yo ds actually took a nap today. In his big boy bed! It's a miracle!!! We put him in the big boy bed about 2-3 weeks ago and though we do quiet time daily, this is the first time he's actually taken a nap in it! Which gave me some much needed time to finish up some details for the class I'm teaching and take a nap mySELF. yay!!!

Sorry if the typing gets wacky. ds likes the capslock key.

I feel pretty good except for the muscle spasms between my shoulder blades. I try to keep good posture, but I think the large "protuberance" (my dad's word) in the front is winning the battle. You'd think as a physical therapist I could fix it myself, but no such luck. I still have a massage waiting for me that my hubby gave me for my birthday (in may!), I just need to find a babysitter!

Have a great week, Ladies!
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I'm 37 weeks now and taking garlic to ward of GBS in urine again, and UTI's but I think they are getting better now, less cramping and BH I'm also taking EPO and RRL when I think about it- it just hasnt sounded good today.

All diapers are now washed, I just need to find a place to put them beside a laundry basket on my sofa table. I also washed all cloth on the Amby bed and plan on setting it up in a few days and adding some memory foam padding to it for extra comfort.

Otherwise I'm just big and uncomfy and having a hard time with daily tasks I'm trying to finish up some subjects for DS's schooling and get stuff organized for DD's come Aug/Sept. and start planning and sceduling field tripd for our Homeschool group.

I have no appitite latley and everything sounds gross so I havent been cooking many meals and have been eating very unhealthy junk

okay thats what up with me
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Miami, good luck at the chiro tomorrow! I hope she turns early for you and doesn't hold out until the end like your DS did!
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Nothing much to report here just continuing to grow

I have been nesting at work.... Our remaining home projects are so overwhelming I just can't do it with the belly but the office is getting a nice organization. It is amazing how much junk you can accumulate in a year.

I have my home visit on Friday. Super excited about that Then I will be 37 weeks Saturday and clear to deliver at home. Not that I think I will go anytime before 40 weeks but it is nice to know if it happens I am ok to proceed. I have everything ready, pretty much. Just need the stuff like alcohol and oil which we have in the house it just needs to be moved upstairs.
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finally ordered my birth kit.....Still trying to get the house done so I can nest once babe gets here.....
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DD2 picked up a cold over the weekend and she hsa now shared it with me. Bleh! It's good timing since we should all be fine by the time babe arrives, but it's still icky. I thought I was dying last night it was so bad! And today's photoshoot is 1-outdoors, 2-nekkid, 3-in water, 4-covered in cold/wet clay. Finger's crossed this stays as a cold and today's plan doesn't turn it into pneumonia!
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Clay, get well soon! I'm super paranoid about getting sick before labor!
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Dh was nesting yesterday!!!

He cleaned the entire house While I folded some laundry that needed to be folded for too long of a time that I care to admitt lol. He really cleaned too not just putting things away but scrubbing and vacumming. Wow he did a great job.

So my sister is going to be staying here while we are in the hospital to maintain things even though its hopefully going to be just a day lol.

Ds is getting into a growth spurt and also gettin his 2yr molars. He sleeps 12 hours straight. which is nice because I have been needing the extra rest.

He is also sleeping in his sidecar crib now and staying in it the whole night. I will be using the bassinet for a couple of months so this gives us some more room in the bed.

I think that DH and DS will end up sleeping in the guestroom though

Its so rainy and dark here today so its a nice day to stay at home and cuddle.
Now its just a waiting game over here lol
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37+1. I think. It's so odd to be so up in the air about my EDD. Last time labor just hit with pretty much no warning...I woke up early to bloody show and light contractions and it progressed easily and consistently all day until Bean was born just after 1am. I feel like my eternal game of apartment Tetris is nowhere near a baby-worthy solution and I haven't done any laundry at all because my strange washing machine smells moldy to me and DB hasn't gotten to the bleach load and sponging out that he says will take care of it. *gripe gripe gripe* At least I have newborn diapers and all my birth supplies.

Bad news yesterday: my best friend from childhood lost her mom, really unexpected. I feel like I should rally for the funeral, but it's 4 hours each way and won't be until Thursday or Friday. I considered going when I thought it would be today (Jews usually bury within 24 hours), but with all the uncertainty re my dates, the madly hopping fetus, my PSD pain plus some twingy cervical action from Sunday that makes me think I could be on my way to dialating, I could see the trip being a bad idea. My midwife cautioned me not stay overnight if I do go. But it feels like my B plan of overnighting fresh NYC bagels and lox for sitting shiva is a lame substitute for showing up. Though all of my mama friends say I'm crazy for even considering making the trek.
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Brooklynbabymama, I think you should listen to your instincts. At 37ish weeks, driving 4 hours each way doesn't sound really irresponsible to me. You could always stop at a hotel if you just plain got tired. Would you have to actually drive or could someone else drive you?

I threw up my breakfast this morning. I don't know what is up with that. I'm having twingey crampy feelings & fewer BH contractions, but I would say it's definitely NOT labor (and I'm only 35+3 so, there's no way I want it to be.) Throwing up always makes me feel out of balance and tired, though I don't really think I'm sick. :

I didn't have to report for Jury Duty today! Whoo hoo!

Getting ready for our cross-country flight on Friday to my brother's wedding!
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Broklybaby mama- tough call but I am just like you with Due dates up in the air with nursing and such not knowing when O actually happened, If I were you I would stay put at home. Hugs to you and your friend

Went to MW today and did GBS swab ( fingers crossed) and found out I'm measuring 43 weeks but this is my 4th so I'm not worried on the upside we didn't hear a murmer in babies heart today so hopefully my little guy outgrew it ( fingers crossed again)

I just made some no bake cookies so I'm going to check to see if they are ready to eat now

has this emoticon always been there? I can't remember ever seeing it before
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There are a whole bunch of new smilies... go crazy!

Photoshoot- went really well but I'm wiped out. The trails into the stream hadn't been maintained in a while so it was a real hike. About 30-40 minutes to the site and 30-40 minutes back, through thickets, little streams, fallen trees, etc. The shoot itself was 11am-3pm and she took hundreds of pictures. I can't wait to see some of them!

My cold is still in place, but it doesn't feel any "worse"... dd2 already seems a bit better so hopefully this is a 2-3 day type bug? DH is starting to feel "off" as well.

Brooklyn- that is a really hard call. Is there any way to send something for now, and arrange a visit for later? She may need (or want) more support in a few weeks/months when the other well wishers and care givers have gone home and the whole thing sinks in a bit more. Playing with a new babe a month or two down the road may be more hopeful/helpful for her than the possible guilt she could feel if you did drive down now (even if the drive was totaly uneventful).
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Hi mamas,
Well, I had my pre-op appt yesterday. (Medically necessary repeat c/s on the 31st! so soon!) It went pretty well, I'll be interested to see where my iron levels are at since they took blood and I was borderline anemic at last check. We went over our birth plan and my OB was agreeable to all of it. ent on a cleaning rampage last friday- 2 friends came and helped me deep clean both bathrooms, scrub all floors, vaccum everything (with attachments), polish/dust all woodwork including baseboards, and wash all windows. I feel pretty good about just maintaining the house for the next few weeks. We still have painting to do- mostly touch ups and one bathroom ceiling. I think DH is going to work on that this weekend. Also need to do a few more loads of baby-related laundry, get carseat installed, set up co-sleeper and pack my hospital bag. I've gone from pissy/crabby to completely weepy and somber- don't feel like being around people. I had a hard time at DD's parent-child swim lessons today. I'm normally really talkative and social, so this is different for me- I remember (now) feeling like this at the end of DD's pg. Today is DH and my 8th anniversary. We are celebrating tomorrow with an outdoor concert and picnic.:
Tomorrow DD has a 3 hour gymnastics "camp" so I'm looking forward to the "me" time. I'm hoping to journal a bit and make a few more lists to collect my thoughts- which seem so scattered at the moment.
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Mamaheids- you have wonderful friends if they'll willingly come over and help you clean your bathroom. I hope you gave them a huge THANK YOU!!!!!!!
Good luck on the repeat c/s.......
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it only took me getting to 35 weeks, but nesting has finally kicked in! i got our linen/homeschool closet organized today and got the guest bathroom cleaned sunday. (first time that bathroom has been cleaned since we moved in back in march....

got the nursing bras bought and the nb stuff bought. still have lots to do, though.

sew size tags on nb/sm dipes and organize them
install carseat in van
pack hospital bag
fold and put away nb clothes
finish sewing fleece covers and longies
finish knitting baby blanket
finish altering dd's pants

i also want to decorate one wall in each of the kids' rooms like this:
http://smartbottomenterprises.blogsp...aper-wall.html. too too cute and cheap!
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Brooklyn, I'm sorry. That is a tough call. Do whatever you feel comfortable with. I'm sure she'll understand either way.

Mamabeakley, my nausea is making a reappearance too. Yuck!

I *think* I've defeated my UTI naturally. I'm gonna get a repeat culture to be sure. I've been having lots of pre-labor stuff going on though like loose stools, nausea, and increased BH but I really don't feel like labor is coming. I'm more than happy to slowly progress over the next 3 weeks or so and then have an easy labor I'm not ready to be done being pregnant yet! I never thought I'd say that! Also, I'm only 34w 4d. MIL took the kids for the afternoon so I'm gonna rest.
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