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anarcha mamas?

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anyone out there?
<3 hildare
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Of course!

A few of us "came out" on the radical feminists tribe thread, but looks like that thread is dead for now.

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that kinda stinks...

i have LOTS of parenting questions. (FTM, me)... oh well, nice-ta-meetcha!
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Me tew!
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Wait, do you mean no period or anaarchist?
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yes! my partner and i are both anarchists and now we have a baby. and yikes how i long for a relationship with another anarcha mama!!! we are in nova/dc and it is the loneliness...
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I'm also interested in parenting resources. there was a thread in Activism that is inactive now I think.
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Yep. In theory anyway. Parenting has slowed us down activism-wise, thats for sure. I know others have a different experience.
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how is everyone?
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Anarchy is for lovers...
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Europe here. I never get the chance to even lurk on mothering anymore, no time. But I am finally getting back into some minor activism and community experience after a million child-centered, self- and world-forgetting years. I just ran my first workshop last weekend at an anarchafeminist conference, on supporting children's individual gender expression. I was surprised at how many young, childless people showed up and participated! As for parenting resources... I have to go back to Alfie Kohn all the time.
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Originally Posted by oceane View Post
I'm also interested in parenting resources. there was a thread in Activism that is inactive now I think.
Not quite an anarchist - i sit somewhere on the autonomous socialist continuum so don't really fit in this thread though no doubt we'd be hard up to find many ideological parenting differences.

Anyway, thought you may be interested in My Mother Wears Combat Boots by Jessica Mills and also Becoming the Parent You Want to Be by Laura Davis and Janis Keyser.

Would love it if there was a more active group of radical parents online - here or elsewhere.
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on fitting in: I am not a mother yet and also not sure how exactly I identify on the political spectrum, still this sounds like a good place for me. thanks everyone for the suggestions.
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Definitely a libertarian socialist aka anarchist anti-capitalist here!
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I'm here too!
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i just now took another look at the thread... how are you guys this summer?
i just read radical homesteading and thought it was the best thing i've read in a while.
anyone have new babies?
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yes and yes! new baby is almost 4 mo and i'm a vegan punk rock anarcho-feminist (I think if I were to mention my former band and zine here it would violate the user agreement? I know the thread isn't about punk parenting, but I think they relate as I'm mostly into political punk). def looking for resources on these things as they relate to parenting. There is definitely not enough out there. super glad this tribe is starting.

i have the jessica mills book, will have to get the others mentioned above.
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Hi y'all...

A few months ago I tried to start a circle a group on another website and I got laughed at and told I was wrong about everything...lol... Now everytime I post there no one will talk to me or sell to me... oh well. I have the Jessica Mills book. I wasn't a huge fan, but I'm sure its good for parents who are a bit clueless on how to mix their life with parenting. We have a really great infoshop here in NOLA that we hang out at usually once a week or so, they are great, and really cool with the kids. Its called the Ironrail if anyone is going to be here at any point. As for the family, we're thinking about moving to Thailand in January. I just can't wait to get away... Oil oil everywhere right now, and we can't seem to escape it even for a second.
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