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Candida Diaper Rash??

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I tried to search for this, and I feel like most of the posts are geared towards oral Thrush (which we actually previously successfully treated with GV and GSE).

But now, it looks like the little patches are back (on her tongue) and she's got a diaper rash like I've never seen before. Originally, I thought it wasn't yeast, but after 5 days with Desitin and it's not any better, I figured it might be yeast. My DD is 9mo, and this is the FIRST time she's ever had any sort of diaper rash.

I'm starting the Candida Diet today, as I'm sure my sugar cravings aren't helping the situation. Last night, we started putting the nystatin cream on her bottom, but it didn't seem to look any better this morning. It doesn't seem to bother her, but I hate seeing her 'area' like this. Almost brings me to tears.

Has anyone successfully cleared up a yeast diaper rash naturally?

I was thinking I'd bathe her, cleanse with a little diluted white vinegar, then pat with the GSE drops/water mix and let her air dry and go diaperless aroudn the house (she's at daycare during the day).

Any suggestions?
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GSE diluted in water works wonders for us. I just wet a cotton ball and wipe her down at every diaper change until it's gone (it usually only takes once or twice). If she's got it in her mouth too I would look into getting some probiotics into her. They make a powder kind specifically for baby. Good luck!
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Thanks EM.

I just picked up Baby Dophilus for her and plan to give it to her in her food and try to get her to take it off the breast.

I'll start with the GSE solution as soon as we get home tonight.

Thanks for the feedback!!!
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ALL my dc have had one at one time or antoher 9w/the exception of #6- hes not there YET). with mine I did vit E capsules opened straight onto their bottoms and burt's bees cream- those worked the best. I also had some success w/yogurt (straight on the bottom- plain and me eating more of it- when ebf or feeding it to lo-if eating it already). for a not so natural cure or when the rash wasn't responding to natural cures- i used lotramin (athletes foot cream) on their bottoms- cleared it up pretty fast. also lots of air time. my dd7 had a rash once that lasted from a year till she potty trained at 2! we tried everything w/her- cding, all the cures above, rx from dr, (she wasn't bfing at the time) gave her lots of yogurt everyday. The only time it'd get better was when we used Huggies brand diapers- but that would only last about a week than it came back w/a vengence!

Good luck!also for her comfort try to use wash cloths w/only water to wipe her bottom- you may already be doing this. and avoid all soaps/fragrances as some dc are some sensitve. dd is still highly sensitive in that area.
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Ds1 had it off/on until ab out 18 months, when I finally did a cleanse-no refined sugars, no breads/baked goods, no fruit for one week, no sweetners, etc. Started using GSE on my nipples and his bottom area, and it cleared up within 3 days. Good luck! We also did lots of nakey time.
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Thanks again.

I'll definitely let you know how things go over the next few days. I'm also tempted to introduce yogurt to her. It's something that's been in the back of my mind for a while, but just never got around to picking any up (she mostly BFs or get's expressed milk in her bottle at daycare, and only eats a few items that I make myself, or give her Earth's best if I'm in a bind).

Yeah, I need to give up refined sugars, at least until this clears up - better for both of us!!
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I had excellent results with Culturelle (a probiotic sold by most pharmacy chains). You can make a paste for her mouth by opening the capsule and adding a bit of water then feeding it to her. Then sprinkle the contents of another capsule directly on the rash areas. It worked in 24 hours on my little one. Very easy and safe! BTW, be careful to use a yogurt that is not full of sugars and be be cautious with introducing something new when you are already dealing with a rash. You may not be able to recognize another reaction occuring from the yogurt at the same time.
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If you're using cloth diapers, the diapers can have yeast in them, and regular washing and drying won't kill it. You have to boil them to kill the yeast. My son's rash went away only after boiling all of his diapers.
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