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Leftovers for dinner.
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Went swimming at our complex's pool instead of spending 8 bucks per adult and 6 bucks per child (yes, even the 6 month old!) for the town pool. And those are the town resident's fees, not the non-resident fees!

And we ate lunch from the fridge and pantry, instead of going out to eat like we are more tempted to do when we have DH home during the day!
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I told DS "no" when he asked to go out for pizza.

I didn't do too much today since I had some dental work done and didn't have much energy for anything else. But on Sunday, I made up a HUGE batch of rice pudding which saves us money on store-bought pudding AND used up the milk before it went bad. I also made up a nice sized batch of brown sugar syrup, instead of buying maple syrup.
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Packed a picnic dinner for the beach instead of getting fast food.
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Right now I'm taking a break from carefully taping, spackling, sanding and repairing holes in doors and walls, and preparing to repaint doors and cabinets rather than springing for new doors and cabinets. Or hiring it done. Or moving to a newer house.

ETA this really is a habit because I take a few days every summer to repair, patch, touch up and paint furniture/walls as necessary.
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I baked a loaf of bread from scratch and mixed up cookie dough (we'll bake the cookies tomorrow).
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I did a few good things today.

Took the kids to free kid entertainment at the library.

Turned in a stack of books that had been cluttering my room to the used bookstore in town. Got two books of cool piano music for my older kids and a really cool art activity book for my youngest. Decluttered AND saved money!

Took the kids to the ice cream store - you may be asking how this is frugal... well, I cleaned out my purse and found a five dollar gift certificate to the local ice cream store! I have SO many things like this that I've gotten as gifts or door prizes or at school auctions - but often am not organized enough to have them when needed. So I'm working on that!
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Originally Posted by Yooper View Post
Made two loaves of organic ww bread from wheat berries for a whopping $1 instead of buying two loaves for $10.

Walked to town for errands rather than drive.

Concocted dinner from the freezer, leftovers, and garden instead of making an extra grocery trip. BTW, baked bean burritos sounded gross but tasted quite good.....the wine to polish it off was probably NOT frugal
could you share your bread recipe?
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Took the kids to the Regal Free Family Film Festival movie today (Tues and Wed - free movies, google regal free movies and your city and you can find what theatres in your area offer it) then did two loads of wash with WAY less detergent than the box says and hung them out to dry. Made French toast with bread that was close to death and eggs dp brings home from his chicken-havin' co-worker.
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DH and I got rid of our lovesac and bought smaller less expensive furniture to set up our desktop computer that had been in storage. We sold the lovesac for more than we payed for it (bought it used as well).

I made a batch of vegan tamales last week and froze them - we ate a few today (and yesterday, and the day before that... ).
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Packed a lunch to bring to work with me today! Not working regularly at all right now, so buying takeout would have been super easy and almost felt like I "deserved" it, but I deserve financial stability even more.
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Yesterday, we stayed home all day. If you don't leave, you can't spend money!

cut up and froze zuchinni from our garden for the freezer. It'll be yummy come January.
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I dont know if its frugal or green....

DH and I started a challenge to see if it really works- When one of us takes a shower, we turn it on, wet ourselves. Then shut off the water, soap up, clean off etc. Then turn on the water and rinse. Then turn off and be done. SO far started this week. I guess its easier in the summer!

Watered the garden with my rain water from the barrel

made dinner from what we had in the pantry and fridge

Line dried our clothing
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Disconnected the dryer...line drying all our clothes
Taking the bus to work and riding my bike home.
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Pack my breakfast, coffee and lunch everyday instead of getting it somewhere.

Dinner last night was the last of the frozen chicken, potatoes we were given and zucchini from my garden.
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Picked a HUGE bowl of green beans. Will process some for the freezer. Others will be dinner tonight.

Again, no grocery shopping today. We are down to the bare basics, but have plenty of rice and beans to eat.
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It's still early, so I haven't done much yet but start working. Yesterday...we made food we had at home rather than eating out, despite neither of us being in the mood to cook.

Originally Posted by ewp11100 View Post
I peeled and cut my own carrots instead of buying baby (save the cleaned skins in the freezer for carrot bread later)....
Way clever!
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Thought of another...I have been out of shampoo for a few days and in a desperate moment this morning I used some body wash that I got for Christmas. Worked beautifully. Who knew?
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Originally Posted by Ruthiegirl View Post
Thought of another...I have been out of shampoo for a few days and in a desperate moment this morning I used some body wash that I got for Christmas. Worked beautifully. Who knew?
that's how i found out i like method dish soap as shampoo! seriously it's 1/3 the price of the shampoo i was using before . . .
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Growing a garden , Raising my own chickens ( 2 more to join us soon : ).

No cable , keep lights turned off, sew up holes in socks , buy used everything ( ok not undies ...at least not if they clearly aren't new..) Walk!

I use bar soap to wash clothes ( I was doing it by hand for a while) and baking soda...WAY cheaper...then line dry!

I will say that frugal is not always the convenient or glamorous way...the kids I watch still think the dryer is broken...no matter how many times I tell them its not...
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