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Who did you name your child(ren) after?

Poll Results: Named after....

  • 2% (7)
    Biblical figure
  • 3% (9)
    Historical figure
  • 20% (54)
    Living relative
  • 19% (50)
    Late relative
  • 1% (3)
  • 0% (2)
    Modern celebrity
  • 6% (17)
    Fictional character
  • 36% (97)
    Just a name I liked
  • 9% (24)
263 Total Votes  
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Was just curious to see. You can vote multiple choice, so you can talk about first names, middle names, and multiple children.
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<kicks self>

I thought I picked multiple choice. Sigh.
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DS1 was sort of named after his grandpa's. They're both David's but we wanted him to have his own name too so we named him Davin. His middle name is Christopher, which is also dh's middle name.

DS2's first name is just one we liked. So is his middle name, but that's actually a family name as well. He's Oakley Augustus.
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DD's first name is for a fictional character.
And her middle name is her maternal grandmother's first name (living relative).
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One is named after a famous musician and both my sons are also named after video game characters.
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One child is named after a great-grandparent, both first and middle name.

Other two children have first names that we liked and middle names are of late family members.

No idea what #4 will be named
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Michael Clinton: family and St. Michael the Archangel
Katie Grace: 2 of my favorite LLL leaders and Grace as a virtue, also St. Katherine Drexel
Nicholas Martin: two saints, plus his middle name is a family name
Daniel James: DH thinks he was named after Daniel in the Bible, but he's actually named after Daniel Radcliffe. Also, two Bible names

ETA: I have no clue on boys' names if this new baby is a boy. If it's a girl, probably Molly Beatrice. Molly because DH vetoed Hermione and Beatrice after DH's grandmother.
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ds1 named for two great grandpas

dd named for both great grandmas

ds2 named for one great uncle and one late friend of the family

My hubby was raised Jewish, they don't name after living relatives, which is fine by me. I have a brother who is a "junior" and "little mike" all his life and he and I abhor that.
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DD - name we liked and a friend
DS - living family member and a friend
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1st names were names we liked. Middle names were family names (well, DD's is after my childhood best friend).
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If this babe is a girl - First name is a name I just like and Middle name will be after my late mother.

If this babe is a boy - First name is a name that we just like (and DH hasn't had as a student) and Middle name will be after DH.
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We used a name from DH's family and ethnic heritage (first name) plus a biblical name that I liked the meaning of (middle name).
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My children's first names were chosen because we liked the names.

My two DDs both have middle names that belonged to my late grandparents- my older DD's middle name is Georgine, after my paternal grandmother, and my younger DD's middle name is Josephine, after my maternal grandfather whose name was Alfred Joseph. My DS's middle name is Thomas. My mom and dad both have brothers named Tom, but DS was NOT named for either uncle- DH just like how Thomas sounded with DS's first name.
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Ds1's middle name is a family name on my dh's side. Ds2 is named for my grandfather (complete with the same nickname).
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I voted Historical Figures but they are also basically biblical as well.
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DD1 (Fiona Leigh) - Middle name is after me
DS1 (Eric Logan) - First name is "after" Eric the Red, but mostly just because we liked the name. His uncle suggested the name because of Eric the Red though.
DD2 (Colleen Elizabeth) -Middle name is after DH's older sister

And then soon-to-be-born DS2 (William Otis) - First name is from my grandpa (middle name) and DH's grandpa both dead (along with a few different more distant relatives) . Middle name is after DH's middle name, my dad's middle name, my grandpa and DH's great-grandpa. (this is if we stick with this middle name. lol)

I voted "after living relatives", but could have added historical figure and late relative.
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I voted Other: DS' named after the island we met on in the bahamas - Andros His middle name is edward cause' all the guys in DH's family are __ edward ___.... DS2 will be Keegan cause' we like it, not sure about the middle (but definetly NOT edward this time!!), but problably either my last name or my dads' name. We'll see.
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Lillian Faith: Well, she was premature, we hadn't really picked a name yet, and in the haze of drugs this was the first name I could think of.

Lucy Claire: My dh spent the majority of my pregnancy watching "I Love Lucy" and one day he decided we were going to name her Lucy, so we did. I have always liked Claire and if I had been thinking straight, it would have been Lilly's first name.
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My kids are all more or less named for family.

DD1 is named for deceased family. Her first name is DH's great-grandma, who passed away just before DD was born. Her middle name is my great-aunt's; I was very close to my great-aunt.

The twins' first names were chosen just because I liked the names. Their middle names are DH's grandparents' names.

The twins' first names ARE actually Biblical, but I didn't pick them for that reason. We're not Christian or Jewish.
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Sort of a literary character (more like lots of characters have this name and it's highly symbolic), sort of a meaning I liked, and her middle name is for both grandmothers (we got lucky there that they have the same middle names!).
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