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Who did you name your child(ren) after? - Page 6

Poll Results: Named after....

  • 2% (7)
    Biblical figure
  • 3% (9)
    Historical figure
  • 20% (54)
    Living relative
  • 19% (50)
    Late relative
  • 1% (3)
  • 0% (2)
    Modern celebrity
  • 6% (17)
    Fictional character
  • 36% (97)
    Just a name I liked
  • 9% (24)
263 Total Votes  
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I chose my childs name after I read what the name meant and then I was hooked
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I picked names we liked but DS's first and middle names are biblical, while DD's names together mean "beautiful faerie princess" : (we knew she'd be our princess)
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Their middle names are from the family (grandparents) and their first names are names we liked.
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I didn't vote, because I have multiple choice:

DS1 first name is that of a saint, also the NN was a fictional character that I really liked. Middle name is DH's first name.

DS2 first name is that of a saint also and an old friend that I admired, MN is DH's middle name and the name of his favorite uncle.
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DD's first name was chosen based on DH's heritage (a Sanskrit name) that we both liked based on a number of factors (meaning, pronouce-ability by my parents, pretty sounding). She has two middle names to honor each of her great grandmothers (both deceased) on my side of the family.
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our second son will be named after Felix Leu who was a very well known tattooer, gypsy, family man... just a really amazing guy. him and his family traveled the world tattooing together, and the family now resides in switzerland. my husband tattoos and we have always looked up to the Leu family... so our second sons name will be felix.
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Just names that we really liked.
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DD's first name is my grandma's and her middle name is DH's grandma's. Those were actually the only two names we could agree on even though they're both old fashioned.
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All of my kids were just names I liked. DD3's middle name is kindasorta named after dh's grandmother, but we really liked the name and wouldn't have used it if we didn't like it.
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DD 1: First name after a band I really liked, middle name kind of sort of after a friend

DD 2: First name a biblical name middle name is my middle name

DS 1: First name after a book character middle name is a take on my first name.... I guess I really like my name

DS 2: First name is just one we liked but also happens to be biblical, middle name is after a manga character our oldest really liked

DD 3: My husband named her both first and middle after a song he really likes, he had the name picked out since I was pregnant with ds1.
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DS's first name is a name that we liked, he was not after anyone in particular. His middle name is a variation of my father's name. A lot of men in my family share my father's name (as a first or middle name) so we decided to add our own little spin to it. And actually, I kind of liked the middle name just because, it was convenient that it also happened to be a family name.
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My DD was named after my grandma who died.
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No one, we just liked the name.
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Let's see -

DD - first name is for a late friend, middle is for a living relative

DS - DD picked his first name, she was 2 years old and we liked it so we went with it. His middle name is for a late relative AND a living relative (family name)

DS2 - found his first name in movie credits, looked up the meaning and liked it. Middle name is for a late relative.
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DD's first name - was a name that both DH and I always liked but didn't really think about it. While I was pregnant this one new favorite show we started watching had a real feisty character in it with the name and it ended up sealing it for us.

DD's middle name - is Chinese and hyphenated (generation name - given name). It is very important to me that to keep her Chinese heritage alive and so I continued my family's naming tradition. Her generation name like my own was decided thousands of years ago and her given name was chosen by my mother. I hope she will continue the naming tradition with her children.
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