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Who did you name your child(ren) after? - Page 4

Poll Results: Named after....

  • 2% (7)
    Biblical figure
  • 3% (9)
    Historical figure
  • 20% (54)
    Living relative
  • 19% (50)
    Late relative
  • 1% (3)
  • 0% (2)
    Modern celebrity
  • 6% (17)
    Fictional character
  • 36% (97)
    Just a name I liked
  • 9% (24)
263 Total Votes  
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I deliberately did NOT name dd after anyone so there would be no drama, aggravation or hurt feelings about who was or wasn't being honored.
I just really liked her first name and her middle name was a name I heard in a movie that I thought would go pretty with her first.
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Originally Posted by laohaire View Post
DD's first name is for a fictional character.
And her middle name is her maternal grandmother's first name (living relative).
Same here!
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Both of their first names are just names I like. My youngest's middle name is the same as my middle name, which is also DHs sister's first name.
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Lili Elizabeth - We just liked the name Lili, Elizabeth is after my SIL (it's her middle name as well). We plan on giving our kids family middle names.
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Eriq-just a name I liked, but I wanted it to be spelled uniquely, so I went with the french version. His middle names are Olliver (yes, with 2 L's), because I wanted to call him Ollie as a nickname, lol, and D'artagnen, because I was watching the 3 musketeers on my due date and liked it. I have issues.

Líle-a name we both liked, but he liked more. We wanted to do Irish names, so it came down to Lile or Quinn. We agreed if she had light hair, she'd be Lile, dark hair, Quinn. She has blond hair! Her middle names are Anna-her great grandma's name-and Ravyn, the name of a baby who passed away at 2 months old, just before Lil was born.

Paikea-is Maori. I liked it! Her middle names are Jordan-cause it fit well-and Arya-because she reminded me of a little elf (Arya is the main elf in the Eragon books).

Kaidyn-a combo of Kai and Caedyn. I didnt want rhyming names-Pai and Kai-so I did that. His middle names are Rowan and Seamus-both his dads doing.
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My DD was named Sonja Natalia after DH's grandmothers and because I really loved the name Sonja and knew that was her name from early on in my pregnancy

My DS is named after John Lennon's son Julian because I loved the name from the first time I heard it and I love John Lennon and the Beatles and I thought I would like to call him Jude as a nickname (but I don't) His middle name is Dale and it was my Father's first name (he died when I was 12) and it was the only name I liked with Julian.
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Dd's name is Anna. Dh and I read Anna Karenina out loud to each other on a series of road trips before and during the early months of our marriage, and we love that book! So dd is loosely named after her. But mostly we just liked that name.

Ds is named Henry. Not named after anyone, though his middle name is his grandfather's first name. He passed away when dh was 8.
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My DD-- first name is from "10 Things I Hate About You" (Katarina, or Kat), middle name is my late great-aunt's middle name (Eileen). I wanted the middle name, DH picked the first name. If she would have been DS instead, she would have been Tristan ("Legends of the Fall," and just a name we liked) Daniel (DH's first name)

This child is still up in the air, since DH hasn't really heard it or given an opinion yet. I'm not feeling Tristan this time around, but I'm liking the feel of Braden Daniel instead-- and my dad's first name is Brad. Girl names, I have no clue on, I can't get a "feel" for any of them!
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My son is named after Jack Nicklaus. This family is HUGE into golf, any other name I suggested was shot down by my husband. It sounds really good combined with his last name. His middle name is the same as every other male in the family from his great grandfather down, my husband and his brother have the same middle name.

Any girls we have will be given my mothers name as their middle name.

My family has really obscure spanish names that do not go well with my husbands last name so naming children after my family is difficult.
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My son's first name is my mother's maiden name
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Three girls. Their first names are names we liked. I don't do first names after people, but I LOVE middle names after people. Dd1's MN is DP's late brother's first name in a feminine spelling. Dd2's MN is MIL's MN. Dd3's MN is my sister's MN.
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I picked "other" since there were several reasons we picked the names we did. Our kids' first names were picked because we are a bilingual family and their names work in or have very close variants in both languages. DS' first name also happens to be the male version of one of my aunt's names and my sister's middle name, tho I have to say that was not relevant when we picked the name. It was more of an afterthought. His middle name is DH's first name because we like the name and because other male names in the family didn't make good middle names for him.

DD's first name works in both languages, and her middle name is the female version of my dad's name. He passed away last fall, so I was glad he knew she was named after him and that he got to know her a bit. He was a fabulous dad, so it seemed appropriate and now that he's gone I'm even more happy we named her after him.

Both kids have my maiden name as a second middle name. I think they should have something from the mother's side since they get their dad's last name.
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Originally Posted by NicaG View Post
Dd's name is Anna. Dh and I read Anna Karenina out loud to each other on a series of road trips before and during the early months of our marriage, and we love that book! So dd is loosely named after her. But mostly we just liked that name.
i'm anna named after a book too! but i'm named after the character in doris lessing's the golden notebook.

dd firstname is just a name we liked, her second name is her maternal grandmother's first name, her 3rd name is my surname & her last name is dp's surname.
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Dh chose ethnic names for dd. He is Armenian.
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So, our name is not really just a name we liked. We took a lot of time to find one that fit our family, and that we liked the meaning of.

DS's middle name however, is a family name, and we're going to keep the tradition of having the middle name be family.
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Just names we liked.

My only criteria for a name is it MUST NOT BE ABLE TO BE SHORTENED OR NICKNAMED!

I never (and no offense to anyone here) understood why one would name a child Michael, for example, but then call him Mike. Why not just name him Mike? I wanted to name a baby Rebecca, but knew people would assume they could call her Becky, and I hate those assumptions - that's not her name, if it were, that would be the one on the birth certificate. KWIM?

So all of our names were very carefully chosen so they could not be made into something else.
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I named my kid Gwydion after a character in the Mabinogion because I'm a geek medievalist. His middle name is Francis after St. Francis of Assisi (gotta love a guy who stripps nekkid in the town square to protest wealth).
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I'm half Irish and DH has Irish somewhere in him so we went through Irish boy names and went from there. Once we settled on the name being Irish, it wasn't really too hard to decide. I was pregnant w/twins at the time and the other babies name was a name of a celebrity baby-we both loved the unusual name. But the middle name was Irish. DS's first and middle are Irish. Last is Hispanic.
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Eleanor is named after my grandmother, who will be celebrating her 93rd birthday in September.
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I picked other

There are different reasons for each boy.

RW is named after hubby.. Hubby is Randall Jr, and Randy Wade is III. (I named him... No one ever thinks that hubby had nothing to do with it, but he didn't! LOL.. it was my choice. We call him Randy Wade so they aren't confused about who we are talking to..lol)

IC is named after the prophet Isaiah. I thought that it was a great name, and still do. His middle name is Christian. We didn't even think about those two names going together til right before he was born. We had always talked about the name Christian and it sounded good together.

AJ is named for my dad. Well, my dad's initials anyway. My dad is AJ, and was thrilled that we were naming AJ that too. AJ's name is Alekzander Jakob. We liked the name Alexander, but wanted something different. I found the Russian spelling of the name and fell in love with it. We changed the C to a K in Jakob to match the first name.

That's how my boys all got their names.
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