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Who did you name your child(ren) after? - Page 5

Poll Results: Named after....

  • 2% (7)
    Biblical figure
  • 3% (9)
    Historical figure
  • 20% (54)
    Living relative
  • 19% (50)
    Late relative
  • 1% (3)
  • 0% (2)
    Modern celebrity
  • 6% (17)
    Fictional character
  • 36% (97)
    Just a name I liked
  • 9% (24)
263 Total Votes  
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DD1 named after late relative on DH's side, DD2 named after living relative on my side.

Names are important to us as a way to emphasize connection to extended family. Yes, my DDs have cousins who share the same first names, just as I had 5 first cousins who shared my first name. My children are still unique without the need for me to make up a "unique" name for each of them.
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First names are what we liked, and I got them from a name list based on their meanings.

Middle names are our moms' middle names (first for my mom, second for his mom).
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Originally Posted by SandraS View Post
I never (and no offense to anyone here) understood why one would name a child Michael, for example, but then call him Mike. Why not just name him Mike?
I can't speak for everyone, but for many Christians the name given at baptism is called the Christian name, and is supposed to be that of a saint. There is no Saint Mike.

When I was a teenager living in Ireland, the priest in our village asked the parents of the baby about to be baptised Lisa Marie who she was being named after. They said "Elvis Presley's daughter". The priest was disgusted, refused to baptise her Lisa Marie, and the ended up baptising her Elizabeth. Now, I have no idea if that is doctrine or simply that particular priest throwing his weight around.
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My son is Samuel (my late grandfather) Joseph (my husband) Suhail (my father-in-law).
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First names are names we chose because we liked them. Middle names were named after relatives (one out of tradition and one out of desire).
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just a name we liked.

but if our daughter had been a boy, he would have been named after a late relative (my uncle).

sometimes we like to pretend the names were after fictional characters, however. our daughter's name is tess (tess of the d'ubervilles) and if she'd been a boy it would have been jude (jude the obscure). when i was pregnant and would tell people our name choices, the occasional individual would say, "ah, you must be big thomas hardy fans". i love both books, but probably not the two best fictional characters to name your children after.
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My first son is named after the cute guy on Friends.

My second son is named after the cute guy on How I Met Your Mother.

Ok, not *really*, but I was watching a lot of those shows during each pregnancy and that's how the name got stuck in my head.

Joey's middle name is Christopher after my husband, and Teddy's middle name is Thomas after my father in law (that was a very last minute -- need to submit the birth certificate! -- kind of decision!).
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My son's name is Keiran Elliott.

Keiran is taken from an English footballer my dp liked.
Elliott is taken from the late singer/songwriter Elliott Smith (My fave!)
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just a follow up.

i have a fantasy of having twin girls and naming them nina and simone (i : nina simone -- my all time favorite singer).
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My daughter's first name is a combination of her sister's mom's middle name and just a named DP liked. (Mae + Molly = Maeleigh) Her middle name is after a very good friend of mine (Christina) who became a birth partner at the last minute, despite the fact that she was in her designer shoes She and her DP (Joey) stayed with us all night, even though they had to work in the morning. We didn't think about it until later, but we would have given her a double middle name, after my friend's DP. (Christina Josephine) And of course she has her dad's last name
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DS' name (Rex-Goliath) was inspired by the name of a winery that was named after a 47 lb Texas circus rooster.

Honestly, we just liked the name. But we got the idea off of the wine bottle.
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Originally Posted by leighann79 View Post
DD1 (Fiona Leigh) - Middle name is after me
DS1 (Eric Logan) - First name is "after" Eric the Red, but mostly just because we liked the name. His uncle suggested the name because of Eric the Red though.
DD2 (Colleen Elizabeth) -Middle name is after DH's older sister

And then soon-to-be-born DS2 (William Otis) - First name is from my grandpa (middle name) and DH's grandpa both dead (along with a few different more distant relatives) . Middle name is after DH's middle name, my dad's middle name, my grandpa and DH's great-grandpa. (this is if we stick with this middle name. lol)

I voted "after living relatives", but could have added historical figure and late relative.
My husband and I plan to name our son Malachi William Otis. Malachi is a name we like as well as being biblical. William is a family name for me. Both maternal and paternal grandfathers are named William, as well as my father and maternal uncle. Otis is a family name on my husband's side; his father, grandfather and great grandfather were all named Otis. We may switch to Malachi Otis William. I'm letting my husband decide the order of the middle names, as his dad passed away a number of years ago.

A daughter will be Serenity Faith. We like the name and we like that it's a virtue name. Plus, the Serenity Prayer has special meaning to us.
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I went with "Just a name I liked," because the majority of them fall into that category.

#1 Stephanie Nicole... the first was inspired by a friend of my mom's when I was a child, someone who meant a lot to me. Not named AFTER, but inspired by. Nicole was my best friend in high school.

#2 Alexander Lee... I just love Alexander. Lee is his father's middle name (and my brother's).

#3 Kimberly Grace... Again, just names I liked.

#4 Thomas Kieran... Same thing. Kieran is ethnically inspired, to honor the Irish part of his heritage. His father picked Thomas because it can be pronounced in English and Spanish both.

#5 Gabriella Diane... DH picked the first, and I love it so I agreed. Diane is after Diane Lane, the actress.

#6 Nathaniel Lucas... Nathaniel after actor Nathan Fillion, Lucas after George Lucas.
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My 16 year old DS: My late grandfather (first name) and my ex-h's late grandfather (middle name). DS's english name, we used the first initials (M & H) and chose names we liked for each. DS's Hebrew name is a natch for each of their Hebrew names.

My 14 year old DD: My late grandmother (first name) and my ex-h's late grandmother (middle name). Same concept as my DS for both english and Hebrew names.

My 7 year old DS: we went a different route. First name, we chose one DH and I both really liked. Middle name, same as DH's middle name. Hebrew name, named after DH's grandfather.
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My son's first name was just one we liked--though, as it turns out, his name is the name of a mountain in the same national park with a glacier with the same name as my mother's family. Haha, that doesn't seem to make much sense, but I don't want to actually put the names out there on the internet... So in a very round-about way, his name has a family meaning (though not really). We gave him his middle name for several family members--my grandfather and an uncle and a cousin all share this name. His last name is hyphenated (my last name-daddy's last name).

All in all, it's quite a handle. but I love it! I hope he does, too...
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Sorry for going totally OT, but SAHDS, I : LOVE your tag under your screen name.
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First name we chose because we liked it, middle name was chosen by my super-nerd German history professor husband because it's the name of a German philosopher who died of syphilis and wrote about the Ubermensch and the first president of the Weimar Republik, and it sounded good with DS's first name.
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Our baby is due in 3 months "Dekaylee May Katherine" and her first name is a combination of our two names and just a name we liked, her middle name is a family name on both sides (4 generations with that middle name on my side), and her 2nd middle name is my partners first name!
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I picked other.

DS1 we had a hard time coming up with a name for (though we did pick his name before we decided to ttc). We ended up going through tv shows and movies and such and ended up naming him after one of the x-men and a demon from Charmed. Not because we wanted to name him after those characters but because we liked the name.

DS2 just has a name I like.

If we have a DS3 his first name will be after a literary character I like but because I like the name. Not because I adore the character. His middle name will be after someone my dh served in Iraq with on his 3rd deployment.
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We did Gabriel because it was the first boy's name we agreed on, and it shortens to Gabe, which is really cute. The middle name is Matthew, which is DH's middle name, my grandfather's and great grandfather's.
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