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New to Decatur

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Hello! I just moved from Athens, GA to Decatur. We had an amazing group of Conscious Parents in Athens and I am looking for the same type of group around here. I'm not sure how to find my local Mamas, or if that is even an option. I'd love to meet some other families in the area.
I am married and we have a 2yo daughter. My husband will be starting grad school next month, so I'm afraid I won't see much of him. I currently work part-time from home in environmental education.
I'd love to meet up for a playdate or coffee/tea sometime or just have a group of Mamas to bounce questions and thoughts off of. Thanks!
~H :
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Glad you are here :

You can post in Finding Your Tribe to find MDC mamas in your area.
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Welcome to Mothering You might want to try here to connect with other like-minded Decatur-area

Have you checked out the DeKalb Farmers Market yet? If not, you must go asap!
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Welcome to Mothering!!!
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to MDC!
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Welcome to MDC.
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Welcome to MDC!
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I have a 19 month old and am looking for a nanny share situation on Mondays and Tuesdays in Decatur with a child or children around the same age. Is anyone interested?
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