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How soon can I start potty training??

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So, my little one is 11months and I am expecting another in December... is it too soon to start potty training? I mean, just to get him in the habit of sitting on the potty each morning... he is constantly tearing off his diaper.
And the sooner I get him out of diapers, the less time I will have two in diapers. With my older children they began around 1 1/2 -2 yrs., but I want to know if I can/should try sooner.
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You can do it as early as you like, even 6 weeks! But, early on it's more of elimination communication and they need a lot of help from you to notice they need to potty and take them there. If you are in that habit it's almost seamless for them to go on their own when ready. There's a board on here under diapering about that.

Edit to add: usually if you begin early it's best to skip any reward or show of disappointment connected with pottying or missing, maybe a tiny bit of praise for going there but nothing big.
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I have to agree with the PP .. and you can also turn it into something fun for him .. put cheerios in his little potty and have him try to aim at them .. that is if you are learning with him standing up ... bring him with you every time you go and offer it to him as well ... good luck !
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You should check out the elimination communication area for more ideas.
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....... and focusing on the successes (ie, pee/poo in the potty) instead of the misses will be more fun (vs stressing)!
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My DD started at 6 days. Some people start with the first pee and the meconium. Your babies could be working at it at the same time! Just offer to one then the other. What better motivator to your son than to see his baby sibling using the potty too?
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I started EC at about 3 weeks with DD1, and while I don't regret it, she didn't fully potty learn until around age 3 anyway. She had a big regression at 2.5 when her little sister was born. I was ready to put her in diapers even though she hadn't regularly worn diapers since 12 mos. So, while EC is a wonderful tool and it will certainly reduce the diaper numbers, it's not necessarily a fast lane to potty learning. Without EC, kids typically will potty learn somewhere between age 2 and 3, or even as late as age 4.

eta: oh but you knew that... just read that you have two older ones.
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For more info on EC, you can also check out www.diaperfreebaby.org Your baby is pretty old for EC, so they have specific info on what you can do.
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I don't know about potty-learning, but putting your LO on the potty like you're thinking will definitely reduce the numbers of diapers you use. And it might be something your older kids can help with.

Best times are when he wakes up dry in the morning, and after a nap. You can also watch to see if he pees at a certain time after eating.
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