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Teacher took photos of dc without our knowledge/consent. WWYD? - Page 2

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This is probably different, but as an elementary school teacher, I take pictures of my kids. We use them sometimes at the end of the year for a slide show, or the yearbook. Also, I take pictures of each child and display their picture with their work sometimes. It's just good to have photos of the kids. It's nice to record special activities and just everyday stuff to look back on or to just "publish" on a bulletin board in the hallway for all at school to see. I have photos from years past in my computer that I'm glad I have. I can look back at my students and remember them.

We are not allowed to publish them for public viewing w/o the consent of the parents. For example, in order for a child's picture to go up on our website, we need parental consent.
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Originally Posted by summermay View Post
Dc (4) told me this evening that the teacher was taking photographs of every child and of group activities (summercamp).

Is this normal and acceptable? I am a bit concerned and confused. Why didn't she (the teacher) asked us first, we have been chatting and photos have not been mentioned before. On other occassions, accordind to dc, no photos have been taken.

Probably they will use some pictures for advertising etc but I do feel so uncomfortable about this.

What are your thoughts?

Many thanks,
I don't think they can use photographs of your children for advertising without your consent. I would review all of the paperwork you signed when you enrolled your child(ren) and then speak to the teacher.

I think that the teacher is probably taking pictures for memory books or a similar project. I would ask the teacher to see the photos.
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I think in this day and age, it's normal, not a problem. [ETA: not to use the photos for advertising without your consent, but just the taking the photos.] In this day and age you I think you have to expect that you or your kids could be photographed or filmed almost any time you are out in public (whether or not it's legal). That's just the way it is. If I trusted a camp or teacher with my kids, I would definitely trust them to take pictures and not misuse them.
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Its normal at our school. And preschool.

The kids usually get something at the end of the year with photos. We've gotten albums, year books, slideshows at kindergarten graduation.
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This is very common in a variety of schools and camps. They don't need permission to take photos for internal use at all. For external use they may or may not need your permission, depending on where you are and what they are doing with them. However, as with anything at school/camp, if you are uncomfortable you certainly should ask that your child's photo not be used for anything beyond classroom projects.
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I agree that it's normal, but I also always opt out of my kids' photos being used for advertising purposes, so I know how you feel. I would just ask what the pictures were going to be used for -- if it's an in-class project, then no big deal, but if it'll be displayed anywhere online or in marketing materials, you can tell them not to use any pictures of your kid.
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Our daycare takes tons of pictures of the kids and their activities. I've never known them to use them for advertising purposes--they're displayed in the classrooms and public areas, "decorating" the school, and then if it's a shot of just one child, when they're taken down they're given to the parents.

One of the head teachers is a great photographer, and she'll literally have photos of yesterday's event up and printed today. Or in fact, by the end of the day she had photos put up of this exercise event they had during the day. It's great. Everybody loves looking for themselves in the pictures.
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As a teacher, I took pictures in the classroom all the time.

My son's preschool, and some of his classes/activities/camps all take pictures.

I think it it totally normal. The pics are often displayed in the class. My son's preschool teachers used to make a "memory book" each year for each of the children with pictures of all the activities they had done through out the year.
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Originally Posted by dziwozony View Post
seems perfectly harmless & normal to me. i really don't see what the big deal is. what are you afraid of?
I second this question. What are you afraid of? This seems to really be setting off some issue for you.

If you don't want photos used for advertising, then contact the camp and request that. But it doesn't have to be a big deal.
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Taking pictures is a very normal thing in a classroom. My dd has never been in a school, daycare, or daycamp where they didn't take pictures for projects and portfolios. If you don't want your sons picture used for advertising then tell her that. I don't think you should worry about the pictures though.
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Part of all of my daycare or school agreements has always been about photographs. I either have the option to refuse (public school), or it's part of the deal (daycare). Never bothered me, anyone can take pics any time.
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Normal..my daughter usually gets her picture taken in various camps, clubs, and classes. A lot of times they use them for a project, like a frame they make to take home, or for the cover of a book of things they have learned. I don't see the issue, but since it bothers you I would just talk to the camp people and ask what it was for and if you can have your daughter's picture removed from whatever it was.
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Well, our daycare/preschool has a waiver form that's quite specific. BUT taking photos of the kids is part of the everyday routine. It's how they document what goes on in the classroom. They create a binder and a photo CD for us at the end of the year. I love it.

I'm not worried about my kids' pictures being available. If it bothers you, talk to them! I agree that they should have asked first.
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DS gets pictures taken at daycare all the time. I love it! They are displayed around the classroom so I get a chance to see DS doing the different activities, playing with other kids, etc. The teacher often sends them home with him when they switch them out which I appreciate. I would ask if you are concerned about them being used in advertising but taking them for the classroom wouldn't bother me.
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normal and pretty typical. I would say *not* wanting pictures taken is the exception, so the teacher probably assumes that if you do not want pictures taken you will say something upfront.
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I posted in another thread how I wouldn't let a stranger photog my children, perv alert, blah blah, but the OP sitch wouldn't bother me at all. If anything, I'd want to see the picture! By the same token, I don't care if my DC's friends parents take pix. If it were for advertising, that'd irk me, but not enough to try to stop it, esp if there were group shots.
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Normal or not, they can NOT take pics of your child with out your permission. I am aphotographer by trade, and it is illegal to take a photograph of a person under 18 (for ANY reason) without the written consent of the parent. You have every right to be bothered, so be sure to talk to them.
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One time the organization running a workshop DD (then age 4) attended allowed a local paper to come take pictures of all the kids without my knowledge or consent. They published a close-up shot of her along with her first and last name as well as the location of the building the workshop was being held, on the FRONT PAGE of our local paper. That's how I found out she was photographed. I was furious.

People make stupid decisions about the images they take of our children sometimes. That's why I always opt out of that sort of thing, and that's why I don't really like the idea of the people who spend time with DD thinking of her as one of "their" kids they can take pictures of for whatever they want. Those cameras probably go home with the teachers or assistants, and who knows who else has access to them in their households? It annoys me. Yes, cameras are everywhere nowadays, but schools have total unsupervised access to kids. It's not in "public" where being filmed is always a possibility that I can take into consideration.

Also, images of my daughter are special to me, as well as being images of HER. I don't like the idea of people using her image as a moneymaking tool, especially without her consent. School yearbook or specific class project destined for parents only are okay with me if they're okay with her, but I'd like a choice in the matter, thanks.
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Pretty much what they said ^

I worked in a preschool and we used pictures as part of documenting different things the children were able to do. They went in their files with our notes, and were given to the parents at the end of the year.

We also used photos for different classroom activities & projects (that the kids would keep & bring home). Or like making a book of a class trip, which was kept in the classroom for kids to look at. Or we'd put each child's photo in their cubby at the beginning of the year so they knew which one was theirs. Stuff like that.

As part of the enrollment paperwork, parents had to sign a form that had all kinds of consents on it for different things - one was photos to be used for advertising, promotion, etc. They could check no if they didn't want that.

I'd just have a friendly conversation with the teacher to ask what the photos are for. If it's something you're not comfortable with, you have every right to ask that your child's photo not be taken. (In fact, I'd make the request in writing too, just to be sure.)
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