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Water Broke**UPDATE W/ BIRTH post #1**

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Today's my DD and surprisingly my water broke at around 6 (i think). The only reason I know is b/c it's meconium H20. Contractions aren't regular yetr, but it looks like someone in this family might actually be punctual!

I'll keep ya posted. DH is setting up the tripod to try and get some maternity shots since we never got around to it.....he just picked up the film yesterday and got approved his paternity leave. Thank goodness she waited for everything to get into place.

At 10:30 am our mw asked us to come in to check baby girls heartbeat b/c of the meconium. Heartbeat was great and I was already 5 cm dialated!! I felt great! We called our doula to let her know we would be staying at the hospital to continue laboring there. We Labored and labored and labored ... in the shower and out, in the tub and out, on knees, on the birth ball, it was truly everything we had planned on doing! I felt VERY pushy and couldn't b/c my cervix was too swollen.

By the time I was 10 cm. it was 9:00ish and I was still 0 station. The mw's could not figure out how she was still "floaty" she would not lock into my pelvis! We decided to try and push her into the world. We tried and on the fourth push, I was forcibly pushed back on the bed, oxygen mask on, and turning mme different ways b/c her hb fell for what ended up being 1 1/2 minutes. Once her hb recovered we decided to wait an hr upright and see what gravity would do for us. At 11 pm we pushed again and unfortunately same thing occured.

My labor ended at 12:08 am in an emergency c-section on 7/17/09. We are doing great now and just got home from the hospital last night. "SHE" is... Lotus Olivia Hines 7 lbs 12 oz and 20 in. long. She looks exactly like her Daddy!!:


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Good luck, Honeybunny!
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GL, I hope you meet your baby soon!
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: Easy labor vibes your way!!
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: Good luck!
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good luck and good wishes!! :
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DH is packing...gonna stay at home as long as possible. i'm only 5 min away from hospital. right now, 30 sec long 3 min apart.
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: to you mama!
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Good luck! I hope it's a quick and easy labor!
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Happy due date and good luck with the labor!
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: good labor vibes! Hope all goes well and can't wait to hear about your LO!
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Sounds like you're off to a good start! Keep us posted!
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Bump for update!
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Congrats momma! She is beautiful!!
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Congrats! The first link didn't work, but the second did and she is just perfect!:::
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What a pretty little girl, congratulations mama!
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Congrats! Welcome earthside little one
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Congrats Mama! Welcome baby!
Sending you lots of healthy healing vibes. :
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Beautiful baby girl! : Congrats!! :

Heal quickly! :
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:C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ! ! ! !:
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