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The birth of our 11 lb baby girl!!

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...well, nearly 11lbs
What a bruiser she was! 4 days later I am still walking funny!

Sunday, July 12th, was the day I was 41 weeks pregnant.
Induction was scheduled for Tuesday, so I was really hoping baby would come soon, but had lost hope at that point.
After three days of regular contractions that would just fizzle away, I kinda of stopped taking them seriously.

I woke up Sunday morning at 4am - had a dream somebody was punching me on the stomach, just to realize it was another session of contractions starting. They were 4 minutes apart, but not too bad.
I called the midwife at 6, and I just assumed she would leave again after checking me, because I did not think this was the real thing.

Well, I was 5 cm when she checked me at 6:30!! This was it!!
The only thing was, that my waters were bulging and baby was extremely high up... The midwife said she was very worried with the possibility of cord prolapse because the baby was so high and not changing. Knowing somebody who had gone through a prolapse, I just did not feel comfortable at all staying home either, so we decided to transfer. Then I began feeling a HUGE pressure as if I had to push, and midwife called the ambulance not to risk my water breaking whilst I sat in the car.

People were super sweet and kind, even the ambulance guys.
At the hospital they made sure I was comfortable and did anything I felt like it - very hands off! So I was not upset in the least about transfering.
I used Entonox for a good part of it because I was just too
tired after 3 days of contractions and almost no sleep. It realy helped.

The water went between 8:40 and 9 (don't remember) - LOTS, and LOTS of it! Baby was still very high, but there was no cord, so I was told it was ok to push if I felt like it. I had no urge to push at all.

I went on all fours and tried pushing, and then the baby descended all the way - and the head got stuck by the neck! I was really concentrating in getting the baby out, so I did not realize what was going on. DH said it was very scary, 3 other midwives were called in and 2 of them had their hands inside in turn trying to get the baby out!
I shifted my hips and pushed the hardest I ever had, and then her body was born! It was 9:26.

I was soooo exhausted and tired that I just stayed there for a few moments trying to catch my breath before turning around and seeing the baby. Then I realized that DH was not laughing and bouncy like he usually is when our babies are born - he said "it is a girl" and then went totally quiet!
So I freaked out a bit and began asking "is the baby all right??" Then DD cried (she needed a rub down to get going), the midwife said "she is just fine" and DH took the biggest sigh of relief.
Poor guy, he said that seeing DD stuck was the scariest thing in his life and when she was born and did not cry immediately, he was just about to break down fearing she had suffered damage.

As for me, I was just working soooo hard to get her out that I did not even realize there was all that drama going on! Good thing because otherwise it would have affected my concentration.

Anyway, she was 10lbs 15oz, with broad little shoulders!
I never had such a big baby!
When the placenta was delivered, it weighed 2kg!
Now I know why I looked so huge

She was covered in vernix, something my others babies did not
have anymore by the time they were born. She latched on soon after and has been eating nearly nonstop since - except for whn she stops to look around and be cute

She has a full head of black hair! Her siblings are in love, even my 18 mo.
I went home the same day, also because the kids REALLY wanted their baby sister home right away.

Here is a slideshow with pictures of her inside, just born, and the day after
Her name is Olivia
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she is lovely! congrats!
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Beautiful pictures!! Congratulations!
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Congratulations! Amazing story!
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She is beautiful! Congratulations!!! :
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congratulations to you and your family. those pictures are amazing, first of all your belly! wow! and that is the chubbiest newborn i've seen, the neck rolls are strange to see on a new one!
way to go warrior mama!

thanks for sharing, and giving some inspiration.

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Wow! Congratulations Momma!!! : She is beautiful!
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oh oh i just love the chubby babyness : ahh and the hair! :

i had an 11ber and had to get on all fours to get her body out too.

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Absolutely beautiful! Thanks!
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She's just beautiful. Looks very similar to my little chunker, who was 11'14" when she was born.
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What a sweet little butterball! She is so beautiful! Congratulations.
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Wonderful story, congratulations!
I can't see the pictures, it is asking for a password
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Oops - fixed it
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congrats! that's amazing you pushed out 11 lbs of cuteness.
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She is adorable!!! sop chubby and huggable
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Wow, she is gorgous! I love that little spot of vernix above her bootie on the 4th picture. Just shows that while she is big, she was not overdue really. Congrats!
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What a beautiful chubby little girl! Congrats!!:
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Congratulations! You did an amazing job getting her into this world. And oh, those cheeks, that nose, those chubby little hands ... she is too cute!!!
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congratulations mama! she is a beauty!
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