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Poll Results: Do your local pools have safety breaks?

  • 40% (60)
    Yeap we have them here
  • 8% (12)
    No we don't
  • 50% (76)
    Safety break? What in the dickens is that?
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So THAT'S the reason for Adult Swim times. We were just talking about it the other day at a pool party. There was no one in the pool except for two kids who were having a swim lesson with their instructors. No other adults. The reasons that were posted here make more sense than the reasons we were joking about.
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Yep we have them here and are in Ohio. Adult swim time!
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I'm in Southern California and my town doesn't have them. I have seen it while on vacation with my cousins in Iowa, though.
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We have them here in Mass but only at outdoor pools where families may come to spend a few hours.

From when I was a lifeguard I remember that it really cut down on the amount of poop in the pool because it would force little kids to be closer to their parents who would then realized they had a full load and change it. As I guard I liked it but didn't feel like I needed it every hour since we were rotating and got a break every hour anyway. As a pool supervisor I loved it because I knew the place would clear out at the 5:00 and 6:00 breaks and then be quiet until close. As a parent I don't have a need for it.
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Yes, I remember them when I was younger. We are in Colorado. We only go swimming maybe once a year now and I think the pool we go to doesn't usually do them unless they are crowded.
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Ontario, Canada here. Never heard the term before, nor witnessed anything close to what's been described either.

Many public pools do an out time every hour or two - EVERYBODY out, and they do a head count. Takes maybe 5 minutes at most, and everybody gets back in.
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we're in georgia, and the one county pool we frequent does it-- everyone out for 10 minutes every hour. i'm not convinced that it enhances safety, but it's useful to me nonetheless, for planning arrival and departure, for re-applying sunscreen, and whatnot.

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I've never even heard of a safety break before! So that would be a no for us. We're in Florida. At our public pools, the lifeguards rotate every 15-20 minutes though and I am assuming at some point during that rotation they could take a pee break.
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I grew up in Houston and we had 10 minute adult swim every hour. It was annoying at the time, but I understand the need for a break for the lifeguards. We didn't have a ton of guards at our pool and they needed a few minutes to rest and grab a drink, test the pool water, etc.
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Our neighborhood pool used to have "adult swim" for about ten minutes each hour, but this year they have not been doing it and I really miss it as a mom of two not-very-good swimmers (my oldest can swim, and touch the bottom in the deeper parts, so he is much less stressful). Making the kids get out of the pool for ten minutes because mom's eyes and neck need a break from the constant watching is much more difficult than having them get out because the lifeguard blew the whistle. And we used to leave "at the next break" also.

OT - but my "well, I guess it is official, I am a grown-up" moment came during an adult swim. I was pregnant with #1 when the pool whistle blew and the pool emptied of all the children, leaving just me, alone in the pool. I realized that with a college degree, house, mortgage, 401(K), job, husband, and baby-on-the-way, I was definitely an adult. No denying it! :
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In this area, the public pools and the smaller country clubs (tennis/pool only) have swim breaks/adult swim. The country club that my family goes to does not have them so I wasn't used to them growing up and was TOTALLY confused when I was a preteen at my friend's pool and we had to get our every hour!
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Here in IL at the public pools we have them. A couple of years ago they blew the whistle for Adult Swim and I started to get out of the pool when I said "Hey! Wait a minute! I'M AN ADULT!!!" And I kept on swimmin'. It was awesome.

I have to say, though.... reading this thread..... I had NO idea POOP IN THE POOL was such an issue!!!
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never heard of that - i'm in alaska
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How is that a safety break ?

Who is minding the kids if the adults are all in the pool ? (Yes, I realize that not ALL adults are required to be in the pool, but it seems a recipe for disaster for those families where the parents choose to be in the pool and leave the kids alone).
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Originally Posted by LizaBear View Post
How is that a safety break ?

Who is minding the kids if the adults are all in the pool ? (Yes, I realize that not ALL adults are required to be in the pool, but it seems a recipe for disaster for those families where the parents choose to be in the pool and leave the kids alone).
Honestly in the 10 years I've been going to our pool I've never seen this happen. More often than not the parents weren't in the pool to begin with and the ones that were usually get out too. Most of the kids that aren't being rounded up by parents just sit on the edge of the pool and wait for the 10 minutes to go by. The bigger kids used to invade the baby pool during kids break, but now they close that pool too, I think in part as a response to that problem.
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Our pool has a break or ten minutes every hour. All those under age 18 must get out. Adults and ages 3 and under WITH a parent are the only ones allowed in.

I like it for getting the kids to leave also. We will say we are staying for one rest time, or we are leaving after 2 rest times. Its great, the lifeguard is the "bad guy" in the sense that they blew the whistle so there is no arguing about getting out. Also reminds parents to check swim diapers, apply sunscreen, make kids have a drink, etc.

Oh, I am also in Ohio
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We have them in GA. They call them Adult Swim. I rarely see any adults get in, though, as most adults present are with children, so they have to watch the kids! I get the safety reasons for the lifeguards. The idea of the filters working better, as pp mentioned, is an interesting idea!
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I posted earlier, but wanted to add:

At the municipal pools in Phoenix in the nineties, all the guards did one 30 minute shift on, and then 30 minutes out of the chair. We had enough guards that we didn't ever have to do 'adult swim' or the kind of safety breaks described here. As I mentioned before, our safety breaks were really emergency drills, for everyone's practice.

Sometimes that 30 minutes of break time was spent resting, sometimes you were doing work, like cleaning the restrooms, or scraping gum off the deck. I can't imagine being on duty all day in 115 degree heat. But I also can't imagine staying truly alert and ready to go without the constant breaks. Good guarding takes concentration!

I also can't imagine having people in the pool without the guards being fully on duty, even if the patrons are all adults. Adults can hit their heads, have seizures or heart attacks, or get tired and slip under quietly, and so you ALWAYS need someone on duty, IMHO.
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I'm near Boston. We have safety breaks in our pond. I overheard the director make the decision. She said all the little kids were making her nervous. My guess was that they were looking at the water when it was still and gave enough time for all the kids to link back up with there parents. There are no food here and enough lifeguards for natural breaks.
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I've never heard of a safety break, I grew up in michigan and now live in colorado.
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