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May I see your diaper stash or list for your August newborn?

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I think I am about done getting my diaper stash ready for this little guy.
I have one more load to dry and then I want to post a few photos. I am not sure if I have enough of everything and it is getting down to the wire to order and prep more diapers!

I got wonderful responses a few weeks ago about which diapers you use, will you now list the # of diapers you have in newborn and small sizes and show photos of your stash if you have them...?

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I'll try to get a pic later but this is what we have:

7 AIO's (that I made size small 7-15 lbs)
5 PUL covers (size NB and small)
6 kissaluvs size 0
6-7 fitteds that I made (like kissaluvs)
3 fitteds that I got from hyena cart
1 dozen CPF's (infant size)
1 wool cover

That's it! We have tons of small and Med diapers, but they are from my other children.

Take care!
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I will get a count and some pictures this weekend as I am putting them away.
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Lets see

36 infant/small PF
6 XS prefolds
4 XS thirsties covers
5 sm thirsties covers
3 sm pink covers
2 kissaluvs contours
1 newborn longies cover
1 XS nemo AIO's
3 small AIO's
3 snappis
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I have:

12 indian prefolds
4 PUL covers
2 WAHM fitteds

I hope that's enough...if I need more I'll hit up diaperswappers, I guess.
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Hmmm... we sposie at the hospital, until the cord falls off, and on the road during the newborn poop phase. Plus my babes tend to start out at 9lbs+ so a lot of the really cute itty bitty newborn dipes aren't necessary for our household. Also I'm converting our family over to GroBaby (a one size, all-in-two, system that has been working great for my 2yo these past few weeks and is going to be awesome in terms of washing/drying). So I'll be blending my new GroBaby stuff into my existing stash but as babe outgrows the non-GroBaby stuff it wont be upsized.

Anyway, on the shelf today:

4 GroBaby shells
8 GroBaby snap in soakers
8 newborn Kushies AIOs
5 small Kushies AIOs
2 bummies (newborn) covers
4 thirsties (small) covers

4 kissaluv contours
24 doublers (various brands/homemade... use instead of prefolds for trimmer/newborn fit)
24 infant prefolds (these can go in the grobaby shells too, as can the doublers)

Of this list, only the GroBaby stuff is new... everything else has been handed down by either dd1 or dd2 or both, or acquired free through FreeCycle or the local AP group. I'll have to see about getting some pictures up on flickr... nothing too amazing though. I have several spiffy WAHM dipes/dipes I made for bigger kiddos (pirates, flaming skulls, picnic blanket with embroidered ants, animal prints, etc) but the newborn/babe stuff is pretty tame.
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Thanks for the quick replies, ladies! I have spent so much time and energy on this lately, since this was a big last minute decision!! I started cloth with our 19 month old three weeks ago and love it, but it has been lots of work to buy everything for 2 in cloth over one month! YIKES!

I'll get photos and make my list today.

I don't have any AIOs for either kid, do you think that will be a problem for our newborn? We stay home a lot and I will be changing through the night for weeks. (months....) What do you think?

I really wish I could sew, I think I need to learn.
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we did not have any AIOs until we hit the mediums and then only a few.
I actually don't like them cause they take so long to dry. I had one or 2 small pockets for when I wanted to put real clothes on him but other than that it was prefolds, fitteds and wool.
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Originally Posted by mama*pisces View Post
I have:

12 indian prefolds
4 PUL covers
2 WAHM fitteds

I hope that's enough...if I need more I'll hit up diaperswappers, I guess.
Oh you are so gonna need more Mama that will only get you through .5-1 day at the very least I would do 24 prefolds and at least 8 covers and that will get you through 1-2 days...maybe

newborns especially breastfed sometimes poop 2-3 times an hour I always seem to need to change my NB every hour or more

Amanda Williams- AIO are not nessesaary I agree they take so long to dry but I do have 3 organic BF AIO ( for my 19 mo old) and they are awesome really absorbent and dry just as fast as the rest I like pf's because they always fit and are econimical but I do like to have on hand a few pockets or AIO for trips out its easier to put one of those on a wiggly baby than a pf!
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i have cut out my patterns
bad mommy
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I'll throw in my list:

12 infant prefolds
12 motherease one size fitteds
6 BG one size pockets (last resort dipes, as I despise them)
1 small fuzzibunz (again, I'm hoping I'll rarely need it)
1 kissaluvs small fitted (in purple, which should look smashing on my little boy!)
1 Bamboozle small fitted
3 bummis whisper wraps, size small
2 motherease airflow covers, size small
2 merino wool/recycled cashmere WAHM made covers that should fit a newborn.

I think I may pick up a couple more fitteds (maybe the motherease bamboo), and maybe a half dozen more prefolds. I'll just see how it's going once the new poop machine arrives.
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Here are some pics of what I have for NB
24 prefolds
3 fuzzi fannies size small pockets
3 Imse Vimse covers
2 Gads covers
2 Bummis covers
3 BSW covers
and 2 unknown covers my fav is the green one with Hippos on it

everything is sz small since I have 9+ lb babies


The next pic is just a pic of the changing table, under it I have all of my 19 mo olds diaper stuff


and this is a pic were I am actually storing the NB diaper stuff its in the closet next to the changing table the green diaper hanger holds the covers and the shelves below ones, tees and socks n stuff

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I feel like I have a really random stash and haven't honestly counted, so I'll estimate. I'm horrible at getting pics up (ever), but here is what I think I have:

6 nb pf's
2 or 3 infant pf's - one I just made a pre-fitted.
2 homemade infant bamboo pf's
several (3?) one-size snappiable fitteds that I made (hope they fit my nb!)
2 Thirsties fab fitteds
1 Thirsties aio
1 Thirsties xs cover
1 Thirsties Duo cover (size 1)
1 or 2 homemade PUL covers
2 or 4 homemade wool covers/shorties
Hmmm... what else...I have a bunch of one-size pockets, but I expect a < 7lb baby, so who knows what will fit...
I still need to prep a couple Sugar Peas fitteds (size 1), and now I'm thinking some more pf's.

I'm totally a cheater because if I realize I need more, I can just walk to my sunroom and buy them from my inventory. Convenient! I plan to sew some more infant snappiable fitteds still. We'll see what gets done in reality.

I will have 2 in dipes, at least for a while, and I'm thinking I'll have to wash daily because my washer drum is small and I won't be able to fit 2 days worth of dipes for 2 kids, I'm sure...

I don't feel like I'm very on the ball with all this! Getting ready, I mean. There is so much sewing and other things I want to do...I'd better get a move on!
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ok... here's my list:

20 infant prefolds (bleached, unbleached and colored)
5 Goodmama OS fitteds
1 Sugar Peas (small) fitted
2 Loveybums (med) fitteds
3 FuzziBunz (small) fitteds
2 Tiny Tush elite (OS) pockets
1 Baby Kangas (OS) pocket
3 Bum Genius (small) AIO's
1 Thirsties (small) AIO
1 Dream-Eze (small) AIO
1 Urban Fluff (OS) AIO
4 Thirsties (x-small) covers
1 Bummis (small) cover
2 Loveybums (med.) covers
2 Blueberry (OS) covers

couple of extra doublers, inserts, 2 snappi's, and a wet bag and a diaper pail bag.

I definitely went with the advice to try different brands not knowing which ones I would like. I might be the only one that didn't get any kissalusvs, though.

here's a pic of some of my stash
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12 preemie pfs
12 infant pfs
10 newborn and small fitteds
3 bumgenius 1 size
2 small fuzzibuns
3 small bumkins aio
5-6 newborn prowraps covers
5-6 small prowraps/bummis covers

None of these are new. I would love some more fuzzibuns and some good AIO's for the diaper bag. Not a priority though. I usually wash every day and a 1/2 and make up the difference with sposies.
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I haven't actually bought diapers yet, but I'm not due till the end of the month, so I have some time still. My locally owned baby store has this infant economy pack:

36 infant prefold
3 newborn covers
3 small covers (Bummi Super Whisper Wrap)
3 snappi diaper fasteners
1 package Charlie's Soap
1 XL Bummi waterproof bag, 20 cloth wipes

I'm also planning on picking up:
2-3 NB hemp doublers (for nighttime)
2-3 Small hemp doublers (for nighttime)
3-5 NB covers (or however many I just can't live without - so cute!)
3-5 small covers (I think I'll get a one or two of a few different kinds to try)
3 more snappis
3 Small AIOs

I'm thinking this will get us through the first 6 months (well, we'll probably need more soap). That will probably depend on how quickly she grows too. If she stays in NB sizes longer I may buy a few more things in that size.

I'm a rookie, so I'm going completely on recommendations from MDC mamas and the mamas who run the store.
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Ok, here goes..

24 fitteds
6 covers

28 fitteds
4 prefolds
8 covers

4 ai2s
6 aios
15 pockets

linky to my stash, with descriptions. the first 2 pictures are newborn sized.
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I don't care for AIO's at all. But AOS, I love. We use mother ease all one size for my 2 yr old and she loves them. I prefer super absorbent terry liners or hemp liners. I was hoping she would be potty trained by now, but no. That means that I will be using prefolds for this new baby until dd potty trains and the baby can use the mother ease.
I have a bunch of covers, but 5 is enough I think. I have a few wool covers and those are my favorite. For non wool covers, I prefer bumkins covers.
Not sure how many prefolds I have now. I think enough to get us by. Maybe 2 dozen.
We have 2 dozen MEOS and that is way more than we use for my dd. But I never cloth diapered a newborn. I started when my daughter was older.
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AIO- I do have a bunch handed down from dd1 and/or dd2 but they're not my favorites. I'm just using them because I have them (if that makes sense) but wont miss them when this babe grows out of them.

Despite not expecting to settle on prefolds/covers I found that that was what worked for us... not too expensive, easy to use, quick to wash/dry. And the prefolds had lots of non-baby bottom uses as well so they'll be useful for years.

I really really like the one size/ all in twos though (not just gro baby ). The shell/covers fit my 2yo now but will also fit the new babe, so I don't need to get things in different sizes. And the snap out soakers wash/dry pretty quickly (not as fast as prefolds, but faster than the AIOs and pocket dipes I've used)... they're essentially really big mama-cloth pads that have been shapped to fit inside the shells. Since they snap in and out it's faster/easier than a prefold and more secure within the cover (a BIG plus in dh's eyes because he never seems to get the cover tight enough so the prefold always shifts and makes a mess).

Ok yes... convert zeal (as we say in the anthro/religious studies world)... but the all in twos seriously rock my world right now, and the one size dipes are a blessing since I'll have two in dipes again in just a few weeks.
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