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Anyone else feeling good?

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I am 39 weeks and I still feel pretty good. I was the same way with DS1. I know everyone says that you will feel so uncomfortable at the end of pregnancy that giving birth will look good. But I honestly don't feel so uncomfortable that I'm saying "bring on labor". I still feel good and wouldn't mind having some more time to prepare for the big day.

Am I the only person here who really doesn't mind being this far along?
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You just might be LOL! Lucky you... I envy you
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Originally Posted by gossamerwindweb View Post
You just might be LOL! Lucky you... I envy you
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I'll keep you company! I'm not 39 weeks until Sunday, but I'm still feeling good. My MIL (my midwife) is staying near us until the birth, and she keeps commenting on how I'm not complaining. My baby is still high and floating though, and I think that's contributing to my comfort level.
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I am 40w3d, and I am still feeling pretty comfortable, but I am definitely ready for this baby to come out. The uncertainty of it all is killing me! Someone in the universe should have designed this more predictably (can you tell I'm a planner?)
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I felt great until about three days ago when the baby dropped lower into my pelvis, and now every movement hurts. I am so sore. I honestly thought everyone was just being whiny until that happened to me...now I know what the big fuss was about!
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I feel mostly good... most of the time.
I would like to meet my little man, but I feel pretty OK. I'm 39w4d today.
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I'm 38 weeks and feel good most of the time. I think I'll be pregnant a while longer so I'm trying to make the best of it.
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I'm just shy of 39w and still feeling great! No real problems (pg related anyway) except that the summer heat is in full force in the PNW but I hate heat anyway. Baby dropped and engaged at 36w but aside from peeing, ,some pre-labor, and weird dtd, no complaints there. I am still super active, getting lots of exercise, and busy cooking cleaning sewing, etc.

I am, however, getting anxious to be done. Not for any real reason except the suspense is killing me and I would like to know whether I have days or weeks, yk? Everyone keeps telling me I will be early/on time so I think they have set me up for a huge disappointment if 40w comes and goes...
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I vary from day to day, but never truly miserable yet. Some days I feel pretty good and think that I still must be days/weeks away from the end since I do feel so good. My DD is July 22 so I'm getting pretty close. This is my 4th and I've never been this pregnant before, previous babes came between 38 weeks and 10 days early (2 inductions, 1 natural). Thought for sure that I'd be done by now but now starting to believe that it will be a while longer. Guess I'm glad that I'm not that miserable.
BTW still exercising 4-5 times a week and I think that has helped me stay feeling pretty good.
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Physically, I feel wonderful.

Emotionally and mentally... it's hit or miss at this point.
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I felt that way up until like a few days ago- now I am 2 days until my guess date and I would really prefer not to be pregnant any longer. It doesn't help that people I know due AFTER me have already had their babies. And every person I call assumes it's "the call"... so I feel like just being a hermit till he comes out of me. LOL. So... i guess I'm NOT feeling like you, but wish I was!

With my first pregnancy I felt overdue at like 38 weeks, so I think I've come a long ways being content up until almost my guess date this time
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I'm doing pretty darn good. No real physical complaints. Baby is lower now. I thought he was and then got it confirmed last night at my midwife appointment. She was feeling to see if he was still head down and couldn't find his head! LOL Turned out he was just really low. So, I'm peeing a lot and waddling now, but not really uncomfortable.
I had to miss my chiropractor appointment this week because of my van breaking down and I'm hoping that it doesn't end up hurting me. I'm feeling fine so far, so I hope that I'll make it to next week's appointment with out much pain.
Even so, I'm pretty done. I feel better about the 2 weeks until my due date today. My appointment last night helped some how. Not sure what changed, but I'm a bit more patient feeling. I just need to find stuff to keep me busy so these weeks can fly like the past ones have.
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I'm due in 4 days and I'm still feeling pretty good...with the exception of just being tired (mostly because I've been busting my butt cleaning, arranging things, packing, cooking, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning...i never rest!) and I've been getting these random, sharp pains in my inner thigh/groin and back area...they aren't contractions though...they are just weird, really painful...and they SUCK.

Otherwise...I'm great! Still doing yoga and enjoying dtd, hahaha!:
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I'm 40w2d today and feeling great. Not at all anxious to have this over with, but fairly patient and comfortable. I'm a little bored while we wait, since life in general is on hold, but enjoying the leisurely time with the older kids.
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i'm doing fine too... 10 days until my edd; getting a little excited/anxious and trying not to throw myself into labor with excessive nesting (i've literally been a whirlwind and poor dh keeps trying to help me but he just doesn't have the organizational drive that is pushing me right now so he never keeps up ) my OB is with whom i have a great relationship is going to be gone for four of the last days before my edd... so we're trying to take things slowly and stay mellow around here to wait until she gets back. i guess i have it in my favor that *most* first babies go longer rather than come earlier...
anyway, i'm glad to have company!
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I still feel great. 39w1d. No swelling, still wearing my wedding rings, will probbalyu go for a run today.

And I'm 42.

I am not in a big rush either. I always freak out a bit at the end and feel not ready to have a newborn.
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I was feeling really great until this week. I'm sort of 41 weeks but my due date is not really set in stone I guess. Now I am super sore and having a hard time walking. yesterday I actually thought the baby was about to fall out of me as I walked to the car. And my calves, ankles and feet look like pillows from swelling. That's new too!
I really want to try walking to get things going since I did have some mucous come out yesterday but it's pretty uncomfortable.
Plus I've gone early with both my other ones so this is very weird feeling.
It's like I don't trust myself anymore to guess when this is going to happen.
If the baby had been born 1-2 weeks ago it would have been perfect. Next to no discomfort and cool weather. Sigh!
Really feeling sympathy for those who had a whole lot more of this!
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I'm 38wk3d and feeling annoyingly comfortable. Emotionally I am feeling so done and ready to birth, but my body is happy being pregnant. In fact, I would say this is the most comfortable I've been at any moment of any of my pregnancies! I feel like such a brat for even complaining that I have nothing to complain about!
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I was comfortable as well in both my pregnancies. I went past the due date for both. I kept telling everyone that babies know when to come, they're smart. I did not like how the midwife was worried and she started talking to me about going to a doctor to check the placenta, she even made an appointment. I just felt that it was not going to be necessary. I took a long walk and labor began that night.
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