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We're still at the half dose. I think the next one or the one after we do the full dose. It's nice to be able to talk to other people about this since the epd yahoo group is pretty quiet.
I'm hoping the doctor will let us just go in to the nurse to give the shots so we don't have to pay his fee on top of everything else. We just see him for the shots now since we seem to have exhausted his knowledge in other areas that we need help with.
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So, wow, dd has gotten back coconut and cantaloupe too! If we can get soy back then she'll have all of the foods back that she is mildy IgG too That would mean we would only have to cut out yeast, gluten, eggs and dairy. I'm about to fall over with relief. We'll have to find the money for dd2 somehow because it's working so well. At this rate we might get gluten back in less than a year (don't push it mommy!).
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Wow- that's exciting. Did she have obvious symptoms to those triggers before? Is it really easy to see the progress you're making?
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Yeah, she had violent tantums, pee and poop misses and vestibular sensory seeking. When we cut out the allergens it all went away and we did gut healing, but she would still have those reactions if she ate an allergen.
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Originally Posted by linguistmama View Post
Yeah, she had violent tantums, pee and poop misses and vestibular sensory seeking. When we cut out the allergens it all went away and we did gut healing, but she would still have those reactions if she ate an allergen.
Wow, wow, wow. So how long/how many doses did it take to get to that point?
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We've done 2 shots so far 2 months apart. I waited a few weeks after the second shot and started trialing when I got a gut feeling to. So about 10 weeks. The doctor said not to trial until after the 3rd shot, but I went with my gut I SO hope you can find what works for you and you dd!
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We got coconut back, too, and black beans. That was after the third shot, we did the fourth shot a few weeks ago. We didn't move up to the full dose, but we moved up from the dose we were doing to a larger dose, but still smaller than the full dose. Does that make any sense? We also started DS2 on the shots, no differences with him, but he wasn't showing any signs of allergies, we are doing it, still, to avoid them if we can. We are going to trial soy in the next couple days. We just got back from a 3-week vacation in Hawaii and so we were outside a lot and the grass was not bothering DS1, another good sign of LDA. Last summer, we had to stay inside all the time, it was miserable! We really think the LDA has been helping environmental allergens and asthma. DS1 does not have asthma, but used to cough a lot and there was one time I was concerned about asthma. We do carry an albuterol inhaler, but have had no instances since starting LDA. Unfortunately, the eczema is still our big struggle, but I know with LDA, it can awhile to respond to treatment, even up to 6 shots, so I still think we're on the right track and it's great to hear, linguistmama, that you're having great success with it!
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Franklin, that's awesome! My second dd will start the shots in a couple weeks along with the oldest. I'm thinking about a soy trial soon too so that my oldest could take the nordic naturals cod liver oil. She hates the fermented stuff.
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I just wanted to say that we had our 5th shot last Monday and wow! two days after, DS1 skin was so soft and smooth and that was going three days without a bath or lotion! It was the first time I knew for sure it was because of the LDA, we hadn't had a day as good as last wednesday in so long (year+). He got a little flared thursday and friday, but still minimal. Then friday night he got the flu so now that it's running its course through all of us, we're hopeful he clears up again. He always gets flared when he's sick, but I do have to say, overall, he still is significantly clearer than before this last shot. So, just wanted to try and keep everyone updated on the success we're having with LDA! I'm excited, we've been waiting for a shot with this kind of effect!
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We still haven't done a yeast or soy trial yet. My oldest has actually gotten sick several times which almost never happened before. I think for her it might mean she's becoming healthier. DD1 got her first shot and can now eat carrots and peas without getting a rash This week we're gearing up to do a yeast trial with my oldest. If it passes we'll have more 'bread' options
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Thank you for posting your experiences!

Me and my kids have been seeing an environmental doctor, and we have all had intradermal allergy testing done. It turns out we each have a lot of food to which we react. A lot of them were no surprise (like egg white for DD - she will only eat the yolk; or grapes, strawberries, apples for ds, who will only eat them in extremely minimal quantities, rarely). But the surprising part was the amount of foods to which we react (over 60% for me, more or less for each of the kids). He recommended LDA for all of us, and I'm not sure how beneficial it would be. HE is offering a "introductory" rate of $30/shot, which seems really reasonable, since is office is just getting started with it. Dh is very skeptical, doesn't think the kids allergy tests truly represent anything valid. I need to find good information to help him get onboard for the LDA. I see a nutritionist this week who will fully explain it, but it seems to me like the worst part of it is just the 3 days around shot time.
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I wish our doctor only charged $30/shot! It's $334 for both my girls together every 2 months after the doctor's discount since he knows we can't really afford it. Luckily my mom offered to pay for them!

For us the allergy testing really helped since when we eliminated the allergens my oldest had no more tantrums, sensory seeking or potty accidents. I think I linked to the pink book upthread, it talks about the shots in more detail. I'm lucky that after convincing dh about homebirth, no vax etc he just goes along with me on the allergy stuff.

For the 3 days we have done remarkably well. We don't usually have fish or lamb so it's a special treat during the 3 days. If the girls can't handle the restriction I cheat and let them have raisins, bananas and apples. It does say in the pink book that sometimes the diet can be modified for children. My girls have never reacted to those extra 3 foods so I decided it was worth it for us.

I doubt LDA works for everyone, but especially for that price I would give it a go as long as your intuition agrees.
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bigknitwit- did you guys decide to go with LDA? For that price, I would really encourage you to, if you haven't. Thankfully, our doctor has charged our visits as doctor visits, rather than half shot/half visit, so insurance and medicaid picks up the entire thing (I think he really felt bad for us at the last appointment)! We still have to pay travel costs to get there, so it turns into an expensive adventure, but I think in the long run it will be worth it. We're gearing up for shot #6 next Tuesday and are so, so excited! (does that sound awful? ) but after DS1's response to the last shot, we're just really ready to see his response to this one. Most people I've talked to have said that their children responded after 2-3 shots; I think our responses have been very minimal, up until the last shot, but it is important to remember it can take anywhere from 1 month to 18 months before it significantly helps someone. I'm trying to keep information on LDA on my blog, as well, I posted some links there to our clinic and Dr. Shrader's, who developed LDA, clinic. Click here if you want to check it out. I'm going to make a point to really document before/after LDA. It's hard to find info online about it, so I want to try and get some more out there, hopefully it helps someone and hopefully I can post some good response news next week!

linguistmama- how has it been going for you?
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I hope you see still more benefits after the next shot franklin!

We're taking a break from the lda for now. I took both dds to an energy healer that uses Kinergetics for their social anxiety. It turns out she can also help with their allergies. After one visit my oldest was able to eat anything and only reacts a little bit to yeast! I'm still in "stunned, is this for real mode?". My oldest's allergies all had an emotional component that was supposedly causing them. DD2 had a lot of inflamation and needs another visit tomorrow to start on clearing the actual allergies. I think it's kind of like naet in that it works on the body's energy system. I'd like to learn how to do it at home too if we need maintenance later. I'm crossing my fingers that this is our answer! If it doesn't end up holding we'll go back to lda since it was working.
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Hello all,


I'm new here and wanted to tell my story on LDA.  First, is very refreshing to know that I'm not alone.  Both my boys have several food allergies.  Dairy, soy, wheat, corn, eggs, apples, strawberries, bananas, peanuts, honey, sesame seeds, and grapes.  my oldest also have environmental allergies which results in needing breathing treatments every now and then.  my oldest has been getting lda shots since last December.  a couple of months ago i tried wheat (that had yeast) and he was up all night constantly scratching.  i tried corn around that time and he started having severe behavior problems.  AFter the next shot i tried wheat again w/o the yeast and he was able to have.  but after only giving it to him 2-3 times a week and in very small quantities, i noticed that he had the sores in his ears.  so i've stopped giving.  i don't know if the shot just wore off (he is getting his 6th shot this Friday) but it kinda stopped working. what if i was giving in large doses?  he also has been needing to get breathing treatments alot.  he will go for a long time w/o needing but then need it all the time.  so is it working?  i'm not sure.  i'm still prayful!!  my doctor says at the 6th shot he will add the full dose and then you can start adding stuff back.  i read that someone is going to start their 7.5 month old child on lda.  my dr said that my youngest needs to wait.  he is 2 now so hopefully soon.  but i kinda want to see if it is working for my oldest.  don't want to waist money.   


p.s.  my left shift is not working, hence the lower case letters. :-) 

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Me and Dd are going to have our first shot on Monday morning. It's weighing heavily on my mind, because I really don't know what I can feed her over the critical 3 days. She cannot eat mosto f the foods on the list (except lamb). I think we'll be eating a lot of lamb!

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Wow, cool to have found this thread! I've been thinking of getting these shots for my 7yo for about a year now.  I think we are finally going to do it.  She has multiple food & chemical allergies and asthma.  I have learned how to deal with the food allergies, but if her asthma can be helped with these shots (because it's mostly allergy induced) then I will be so grateful!!

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I am 58 yr. old and have been suffering from unexplained itching on my arms for over 30 yrs. and I had my second LDA shot on Fri. and it is amazing. My itching had decreased so much it's unbelieveable! The diet is hard but it is well worth it! I go to Dr. Natzke in Flint,MI and he is the best!

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Sharrad810,  It is so nice to hear of someone who has had success with Dr Natzke!  I go to him too and he really recommends this treatment for me.  I am reluctant because I've been taking Desipramine for pain from vulvodynia for 20 years and it sounds like I will have to go off that medication to do the LDA.  I got the impression that Dr Natzke feels I have more allergies at play than we've been able to test so far and that LDA will help with those.  I've been very overwhelmed since reading the pink booklet.


I realize that I take a lot of medication!  The idea of not being on any medication for a month is kind of scary!  I have another consultation with Dr Natzke before I officially take the time off work to get the testing done.


I've been just trying to learn more about LDA online and that's how I stumbled across this forum.  



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I had a hard time not thinking this guy is really strange....but I'm telling you I have had 2 shots not and I have hives only when I eat eggs. Everything else is okay. I tested allergic to yeast and chocolate, but I can handle those now. I just have to make sure I don't eat too much. I actually had eggs a couple of days ago and handled it pretty well. I had a slight itch and it was gone in about 2 hrs.  I think the problem with Dr. Natzke is he doesn't share his plan of action with the patient....I think that might help. He also helped me loose a good 10 lbs. I had candida and he gave me some meds for it and I lost the weight immediately. I went from 145 to 134 quickly. I feel so much better and I am not taking anything. Trust him...he will get you off your meds and into the best health you've ever had. I have been to so many Dr's and he is the first one that didn't try to over medicate me. All the other docs gave me drugs that made me want to sleep all the time. You've got to do everything he tells you to do and follow the diets. Make sure you make a list of the questions you have for him and write everything down. It's confusing if you don't. Don't be afraid to ask questions, they really don't mind. Good luck!

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