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Will you or won't you vax for H1N1 Swine Flu - Page 9

Poll Results: Will you vax self for H1N1 Swine Flu if available

  • 4% (23)
  • 86% (482)
  • 9% (50)
555 Total Votes  
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I didn't intend to offend anyone. Only saying that when I was a stay-at-home mom it was much easier to stay away from large groups of people, and to keep my kids away from large groups. I don't think anyone would deny that that certainly is something to consider in regards to whether you'd want prophylactic anything for a publicly-transmitted illness. Work in a hospital? You'll want it. Stay at home? Probably not.

I did misquote my doctor, was quoting something else entirely, and I apologize. The current stats for H1N1 infection via CDC are:
As of August 14, 2009, 7,511 hospitalizations and 477 deaths (10 deaths in individuals 0-4 years, 67 deaths in individuals 5-24 years, 203 deaths in adults 25-49 years, 135 deaths in adults 50-64 years, 45 deaths in adults age 65 and older, and 17 deaths with unknown age) associated with novel influenza A (H1N1) virus have been identified by CDC and state and local public health departments.
Many apologies for my previous misquote. You were right to question it. Let's please do question sources. This is data from CDC, not a rock magazine or a news media outlet.
I am confident about my choice, so I'll be bowing out.

Estar bien.
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[BI have asthma but I really don't trust the swine flu vax, I don't get the the regular flu vax either. I think for now I will just take my chances.[/B]
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Not sure what's going to happen here in Canada- I have actually seen an increase in the number of calls from the Health Unit here reminding me that my child has not had his shots. I wonder if that has something to do with this H1N1.

We won't get this vaccine. My mother used to work for one of the health regions here, and told me year after year, no matter what, there was NEVER a good reason to get the Flu Vaccine because it really didn't do anything accept give people the false sense of security that they were protected.

I haven't had the flu in years. I had it once when I was a child, and anything since then has just been gastro bugs, or colds. I personally think a lot of people mistake gastro bugs with the flu.

But, no, just in case you were wondering, we definitely, without a doubt will not get this vaccine. Someone else said it- Over my cold, DEAD body. It won't touch me, or my child.
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Originally Posted by AuntG View Post
This is data from CDC, not a rock magazine
Talk about double think. Maybe you'd like to tell everyone here why on earth we should trust anything the government says with its proven record of lies. I'm assuming you know the government lies...

Why dismiss Rolling Stone? Has Rolling Stone lied to you? The government has, and does. You know that but you trust it implicitly. Go figure.

Tell me how you know the CDC stats are reliable and how you know RFK Jr's article is not?

Originally Posted by AuntG View Post
not a rock magazine
Intellectual dishonesty. It's called an argument ad-hominem. Attacking the source instead of the argument. Rolling Stone didn't even author the piece for crying gout loud. RFK Jr. did.

And what of "a rock magazine"? You can't debunk anything RFK Jr. says in that article. In fact, I'll give you ten to one you haven't even read the article.

You know the funny thing is, I bet you'd hang on every word in RFK Jr's article if it were posted on the CDC website.

Originally Posted by AuntG View Post
Let's please do question sources.
Yes let's do, provided we apply the same standards of credibility consistently and honestly to all sources making sure we do not commit the logical fallacy of the ad-hominem.
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Originally Posted by teale View Post
there was NEVER a good reason to get the Flu Vaccine because it really didn't do anything accept give people the false sense of security that they were protected.
In the winter of 2007/2008, I got vaccinated for the flu along with my kids. My whole family got sick during what they said was a horribly bad flu season. My kids both ended up in the ER; I was pregnant and my case was the mildest. DH was sick for three weeks, as the flu morphed into a bronchial and then a sinus infection.

I always thought it was interesting that after everyone started getting sick with this exceptionally nasty strain of flu, the press was talking about how all of the flu shots were for a different strain that ended up not being a threat. We got vaccinated for the wrong strain? They said it was a guessing game anyway.

WTH? Seriously? So getting the flu shot is like a gamble. And this H1N1 has already been shown to morph quickly as it spreads, yet case for case is not nearly as devastating as that flu season I mentioned. Way more widespread, yes, but not as debilitating, tenacious or potentially fatal.

That's why we won't get the shot. But again, the beauty of it all is that for those who wish to get the shot, it will be readily available (for better or worse) and the CDC has not issued any mandates saying the rest of us are required to get it. Freedom of choice is a marvelous thing.
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and the CDC has not issued any mandates saying the rest of us are required to get it.
not YET....
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Originally Posted by Debnicolai View Post
I don't understand how a parent could consent to that.
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Originally Posted by momasana View Post
I don't understand how a parent could consent to that.
I agree. How they are able to is they have been brainwashed. They think they are doing something good, something worthwhile, something that might even benefit their child. No one else in their right mind would ever do the same.

I know someone who signed her baby up for an experimental vaccine for a type of meningitis. He is 7 now and still being potty trained. He has autism. He also had all the others on the schedule as well.

The fact that "openings still exist" tells me that maybe there aren't as many foolish people out there as they think there are. Let's hope not.
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You know what I think is crazy is, by the time the vaccines come out in mid-october, wont a good majority of people have already had swine flu?? So why would the vaccine even be needed?? I guess the drug companies dont want to think about that though!
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I have done some research and made the decision that I will be getting the vaccine, especially since I am pregnant and have asthma and will have a newborn throughout the flu season. DH will also be getting it too, but I'm undecided about ds.
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Interesting article from UK saying how some doctors will refuse swine flu jab because of concerns over inadequate safety trials, or because they feel that swine flu is too mild an illness to merit vaccination. Of course they will probably still offer it to patients.


I aslo read in our local paper a couple of days ago that they have shut down the anti-viral distribution clinic here in Milton Keynes, as the number of swine flu cases has dropped dramatically in the past couple of weeks. Apparently the clinic will re-open when and if needed.
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Has anyone talked about how to protect ourselves against this?

I don't know if anything has already been posted about the beneficial effects of Vitamin D to prevent us from being prone to getting the flu in the first place, so I thought I'd present some relevant articles:




Stay well, all, and keep your immune systems high!
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Please continue any discussion pertaining to treatment/prevention aside from vaccines in our Health & Healing forum.
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We do not intend to use the vax at all. However, dh is a firefighter/paramedic and we are afraid that if things get really crazy, he will be "required" to get it to be able to work, and he is not willing to stay out of work to avoid the vax, so. The kids and I are NOT getting it though, no way!
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Due to it's excessive content, this thread is being closed. A new thread has been opened for current discussions. Treatment/prevention other than vaccines should be continued in H&H.
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