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The other piece to Vax or Not to Vax discussion

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For the most part when I post on this forum I don't go out of my way to discuss the political part of the vax equation. Because there are so many other parts that I think parents are more interested in discussing.

however, I must say that the other part which I believe is quite nefarious is worthy of noting at least upon occasion.

let's take a moment...


The nasty side of politics showed itself clearly in the fall of 2002 when in the dead of night the Eli Lilly rider was attached to the Homeland Security Bill. This rider basically gave Eli Lilly a free ride from nasty lawsuits over vaccine reactions. By attaching it to The Homeland security bill, this rider was guaranteed approval since a vote against the bill would virtually label any senator as a heinous traitor. One of the few senators to openly reject the homeland security bill because of this special favors rider was Sen. John McCain. He knew he could say no because not one citizen, not one member of the media and certainly not one radio talk show host could ever suggest with any kind of credibility that John McCain was unpatriotic. So, McCain was one of the only senators who could vote with his conscious. And he was adamantly opposed to the rider. However, the bill passed the senate.

For months no one took credit for attaching this rider to the bill. In fact, Washington DC which is teeming with hubris, could find no one taking credit for the much talked about rider. It was the great mystery.

Then a few weeks after the bill was passed with the Eli Lily “free-ride” rider, the President sent a note to Attorney General John Ashcroft to seal the lawsuits against Eli Lilly by parents who had cases against Eli Lilly over vaccines given to their children. In particular, children who developed autism over the MMR (mumps, measles, rubella) shot. The president sent this note on Monday of Thanksgiving week, a week notoriously dead in Washington so it go very little press.

Taken on its own, this might not seem like much. Maybe simply garden variety politics. But when you take into account that Eli Lilly donated eighteen million dollars to GOP campaigns this November, well, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that they certainly got their money’s worth. Also it needs to be noted that Mitch Daniels, the White House budget director, is a former Eli Lilly big shot. And last June President Bush appointed Eli Lilly's chairman, president and C.E.O., Sidney Taurel, to a coveted seat on the president's Homeland Security Advisory Council. (see attachments)
It should be noted that all of this was done under the guise of protecting the security of the US homeland. This was all a way to get the small pox vaccine into the market at least for US soldiers for their war with Iraq and the first layer of medical workers. By the way, doctors and other health care workers have unceremoniously rejected the small pox vaccines. For the most part it has been considered a monumental failure.


here is what we know. We have suppressed most of the childhood diseases but we now have epidemic proportion of autism, aspargers disease, allergies, asthma and ADD and ADD-HD. The average child who follows the current pediatric approve regiment of shots will receive twenty two shots by the time he or she is two! These shots are completely filled with chemicals that on their own are considered poisonous but somehow in a vaccine their danger is deemed acceptable. In particular the more onerous ingredients are Aluminum and formaldehyde along with mercury or thimerosal as it is known. Thimerosal is made by Eli-Lilly and has been slowly removed from vaccines. But there has not been an out and out recall of the product because as some have suggested it will open a flood gates of lawsuits. One story which is very painful is that of Joe and Theresa Counter who are in the middle of their own lawsuit. Given that Joe was GOP fundraiser you can imagine how that played out for him when his president basically protected Eli Lilly and not injured children. (see attachments)
Congressman Dan Burton of Indiana has been a very vocal opponent of the use of mercury in vaccines and has also been a major voice against the MMR shot. He began lobbying on behalf of children who developed autism when his own grandson became autistic after receiving his MMR shot. In mid May Dan Burton held a press conference and symposium in Chicago where doctors who are researching this information announced their own findings and have made conclusive cases the part vaccines play in the onslaught of these issues.
One thread of reason, which is especially disheartening, is that many babies and toddlers developed ear infections, their doctors gave them antibiotics to treat the ear infections. The antibiotics ripped out the good flora in the intestines and then the next month the children received their MMR shot. Many of those children ended up autistic. The suggested culprit is the live measles which imbeds itself into the intestines and has no good flora to fight it. Just one link in the very deadly business of vaccines.

With Eli Lilly manipulating Washington politico in a manner that suggests there is a smoking gun, well, if it looks like a smoking gun and acts like a smoking gun…it is a smoking gun.
So the stage is set, we have parents who have seen their children fall apart literally in front of them after they received shots. We have researchers out there trying to explain the pitfalls of vaccines and we have Eli-Lilly donating mounds of cold hard cash for their policial interest. And now we have a strike of good luck for the pharmaceutical companies. We have Trent Lott shooting off his mouth, losing his position and young, heart surgeon, and pharmaceutical champion, Sen. Bill Frist was made House Majority Leader. It should be noted that the Frist bill which he tried to get into the house and senate at the beginning of 2002 is the very rider that was rewritten and attached to the homeland security bill in the fall. .

In January 2003, moderate republican senators in particular both senators from Maine along with California Sen. Boxer and other democrat leader were able to remove the Eli Lilly Rider however, in his best Arnold Schwartznegger voice Frist has said, “I’ll be baaack.” He has indicated he will return with a new draft of the Eli-Lilly rider later this year. And it should be noted that sometime in December 2002 Dick Armey took credit for attaching the rider but Congressman Burton indicated that Dick told him someone in the White House asked him to attach it.

I could go an on but even the most cursory research by anyone will turn up more.

and now........

during the president's latest state of the nation... he once again felt inclined to go on and on about 'frivilous' lawsuits driving up the costs of medical care.
really? that is just not the case in my life. I have more people in my life who have had serious issues with some sloppy h ealth care than I have had people set in motion friviolous lawsuits.

also, I know of some people who could really dig in with vax reaction lawsuit ...in particular DPT but they chose not to do it because their daughter needed so much attention that they didn't have the energy to go after the lawsuit.

the agenda of this administration is to take care of the pharm/med industry. And just in case anyone cares, the pharm industry works on a 20 percent profit. Most of the fortune 500 companies work on an 8 percent profit. and no the pharms don'tuse this money for research. They use the same amount of money on research that they use on marketing.... for more go here:


this is a very important piece to the whole vax discussion and ifyou have taken the time to read this...well thank you.

at least I said it.
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Thank you Trabot!
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I know the OP feels a bit dusty right now...but here is the updated link if anyone wants to go to the PBS story.


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Luv this post... and it deserves a bump.
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Hey Tracy,

Have you ever considered writing an article for the VacLib newsletter?
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I hadn't even thought about it...maybe I should??
we'll talk about it....

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Originally Posted by Tracy
..here is what we know. We have suppressed most of the childhood diseases but we now have epidemic proportion of autism, aspargers disease, allergies, asthma and ADD and ADD-HD.
Thanks for the info, Tracy...

I wanted to add Alzheimers disease to the list as well..despite the fact that it afflicts adults and the elderly and not our children. I cringe every year when my parents get their flu shot, knowing that they're probably damaging their brain cells in the process.
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Originally Posted by gardenmom
Thanks for the info, Tracy...

I wanted to add Alzheimers disease to the list as well..despite the fact that it afflicts adults and the elderly and not our children. I cringe every year when my parents get their flu shot, knowing that they're probably damaging their brain cells in the process.
Something just struck me about this damaged brain cells business. Who profits from people being a bit floppy in their thinking?

Big business-people will buy more silly, useless stuff
(on the other hand, they do want functional employees)

Politicians-much easier to lie to people who can't focus their thoughts or remember what you said yesterday to compare with what you said today

Feel free to add to this list.

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i hesitate to respond but i would like redirection if i need it. i have grown up 'republican' but also 'mainstream'. i am changing my views as i gain more information and i feel i have a very open mind. i have been wondering how politics plays into the whole vaccine debate. my concern lies with government control over health care. i guess i worry that if the gov't controls more (which i *think* is a more democrat stance) then they are more likely to mandate vaccinations. am i off base? i thought i read somewhere on mercola's website that hilary clinton's health care plan (or what she would like to have) would be bad for those who don't vax.

please don't flame me for admiting i am not a democrat - like i said i have an open mind and am a 'work in progress' when it comes to my life views.

btw- i argree with the op that the vax thing is so much about $ for big business.
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Thank you for your posting. I can imagine it might have been scary to post but as you probably know there are many many people who don't vax and I think that they might be evenly distributed republicans and democrats.

I will tell you this is where my gut is on this subject.... I think how to fix our health care is a very, very complicated problem. So many people, so many different situations.

And prior to election of 2000 I really think we could have our babies and make our decisions and kind of seperate what we do best for our children at home from how we vote. But since the last presidential election something happened that just broke the bow for me regarding vaccinations.
I know some people vote for one topic...frequently it is "RoeVwade" versus "Prolife". I'm not particularly galvanized on that issue and mind you it is a very loaded topic

However, I did become more galvanized about what was happening in DC with the current administration and I saw way, way too many ELi Lily executives showing up in the white house cabinet...and then there is Sen. Bill Frist..and the money...argh!!!! I can't remember who Rumsfield used to work for, was it Merck? Anyway, all of these big money pharms are one blue suit away from the President which is hideous to me. It scares the bejezes out of me.

And then after the Eli Lily rider was attached to the Homeland Security Bill...that's when I knew that these Cowboys were just going to do whatever they wanted and if anyone had issues with vaccines or damage to their children... well, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to suggest their opinion might simply be 'screw em' .

Now having said all that, I will say, that there are tons of democratic politicians who have all lined up and gotten their kids shots.. so they think it works. And so if a democrat gets into office that does not mean that suddenly there will be a change in the vax laws. In fact i would suggest there would be no change. It will remain a state by state thing. However, I hope to god that they (the politicians) will not so baldly..let me repeat CLEARLY support the pharms over the health of children. I think it is awful.

Oh, and you should note that Congressman Dan Burton is passionately taking on the pharms and he is a full on republican. Google him and you'll learn more about him and his grandson damaged by the MMR...who now has autism. He is a wonderful dedicated man.

by the way if you want to see how the pharm/health care donations break down to parties..go here.


and also if you want to see more about the pharm industry and their profits and how it all breaks down (and the lies they tell)..go to that web link I put up yesterday... It was apart of the Frontline series on PBS.
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thank you, tracy. i am definitely going to check out the links you posted.

now off to tend to my son. he has his 2nd cold in 2 weeks and just said both ears hurt... poor guy! he was at my moms tonight and she announced, he has a fever, he's coughing and can't breathe, do you have some medicine to give him. *arghhh* ... he currently has a humidifier going full blast in his room and i'm off to the health forum to find out how to naturally treat ear infection (thinking that is what we have)
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I also just thought of something that recently made me sick when I saw it on TV...Eli Lilly is advertising a new drug approved to treat ADD/ADHD children called Strattera, I think. Isn't it great when you get to make money both by causing the problem and by 'curing' it, all with government assistance and approval?

The sad thing is that so many people don't even see what's happening to us as a society...
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How is your son?

I know, I know!!!! it is just awful. There is no moral compass with the pharm group.
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thanks for asking. he is doing better today. i did end up giving him some ibuprofen in the night, he was really upset and very feverish. this morning he seems better. i am going to get some garlic oil drops from the health food store, but am waiting till dh gets home so i don't have to drag the boys out.

our society cracks me up with illness (well it's actually not funny) my mom was so concerned today because she knows i don't give the boys medicine when they are sick - except really at night if they can't sleep from coughing or fever. she kept saying today - don't you have any cough medicine to give him. the thing is, he is not coughing often, but when he does it sounds bad. i tried to explain the cough is a good thing for clearing out his congestion and why would i suppress it. she just doesn't get it.

on the same subject ... i also get so frustrated with commercials for antidepressants. i used to think that our society has so many people who "need" meds since we have so much stress in our lives. i have been on the meds too. then i discovered the prevalence of vitamin deficiencies (a big a-ha for me) and was amazed to find out that a good b-complex beats lexapro any day!!

i love this forum, i could go on and on.
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glad to hear ds is doing better. I think the change of seasons impacts all the sensitive areas, throat, ears, nose, etc....
My parents are crazy I mean crazy but one break I get from them (and it is only one break) they aren't into medicine. At all. In fact, I'm more inclined to take something for something than them... (and I am never inclined)...

at least there are big beautiful natural support products that help in so many ways out there, although, I think the big pharms are going to go after it more and more...

anyway, one thing that helped me with PPD was this product.


and it had to do double duty because 9/11 happened 2 months after I delivered my son and I felt the hormones evaporate out of my body on that tuesday morning. yikes. I can't even think about it now....
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Great thread Tracy!

Originally Posted by Tracy
Congressman Dan Burton of Indiana has been a very vocal opponent of the use of mercury in vaccines and has also been a major voice against the MMR shot. He began lobbying on behalf of children who developed autism when his own grandson became autistic after receiving his MMR shot.
I believe Rep. Burton credits thimerasol, not the MMR with causing his grandson's autism:
Rep. Dan Burton (R-Ind.), a longtime advocate for victims of autism, has a grandson who became autistic after receiving nine vaccines in one day.
Link to Burton's site:

Also Rep. Dave Weldon is also a Repub. (and an M.D.) and a leader in the autism debate

Weldon's Autism One Keynote Address Critical of IOM Report (Something is Rotten, But Not Just In Denmark)

Weldon Calls IOM Conclusions Premature and Hastily Drawn

Weldon Gives Keynote Address at National Autism Conference: Highlights Bill to Ban Mercury From Childhood Vaccines

These links are about 3/4 the way down on this messy page:
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Thanks, JaneS for the thimersol/mmr clarification. I knew he has been very active in the discussion about Measles in the intestines in the guts of Autistic children but yes, his bigger beef is with thimerosol. Which by the way I don't think I have ever spelled correctly in my life. I've got a block against it..gee I wonder why.

thanks for the new links!

by the way.... I almost fell over when I heard the topic of vaccines and lawsuits come up today in the presidential debate and GWB once again had to defend the pharms against those big bad litigators .... who many of them have children like Dan Burton's grandson and are just trying to make them accountable. anyway, I'm preaching to the choir...sorry...
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LOL, I don't think I've spelled correctly since about 16 months ago

Yes, the vaccination issue (amongst other things) mentioned in debate last night was source for a big long rant to my DH! People only need to stop and think, what if that were my child?
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