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Grain Free Meals Thread

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Since we're newly grain free due to food intolerances and poor digestion, I'm learning how to feed us all over again. If any of you all have grain free meal ideas, post em here. I'll record what we're eating, in case it might help someone else tackle the grain free lifestyle.

I'm finding that we're eating several times a day, instead of 3 squares.

Snacks include bananas, dried papaya, red grapes (I appear to have gotten over my acute sensitivity- yay!), peanut butter, chai with coconut milk...

Meals thus far as follows:

Pork chops with baked beans and a green salad
Omelette with red cabbage, red onion, mushrooms and bell peppers
Fried chicken with carrots, walnuts and honey
Steak and shrimp with bell peppers, mushrooms and sweet potatoes

And tomorrow is another day.

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Breakfast - scrambled eggs, yoghurt, fruit, leftovers

Snacks - yoghurt with LSA, cheese, fruit, peanut butter on carrot sticks or apple slices, dried fruit, nuts

Lunch - banana pancakes (banana and egg mashed together and cooked), homemade baked beans, open sandwich without the bread - boiled egg/tinned salmon/avocado/grated cheese, mashed vegetables cooked into patties.

Dinner - we never used to use a lot of pasta, rice or other grains anyhow, so just more of our regular type dishes...

Chilli beans/mince, thinly sliced potato and pumpkin with butter drizzled on and baked, coleslaw or other veges that the kids like

Chilli beans/mince over baked potatoes and veges

Roast meals

Fish pie using mashed potato for the crust
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My mother baked some chicken breasts the other day, and paired that with the most wonderful salad. It was a can of black beans, 1 avocado cut up, half a cup of salsa, some lime juice, and some cilantro.
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Last night we had cheeseburgers in a bowl (though I had a hamburger in a bowl, I guess)... just 1lb of ground beef fried up with onion and then we put it in a bowl with chopped tomato, lettuce, bubbies pickles and DH added cheese. We also could have added condiments, but we didn't.
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I eat grain free for the most part!

Breakfast was so much easier when I had eggs...my favorite meal is fried eggs with black beans on the side. Now that I don't have eggs, I eat either just beans or almonds with banana.

Lunch we often have canned salmon salad with lots of veggies thrown in.

Dinner will be a meat with either zucchini (surprisingly filling and sustaining), winter squash, beans, regular potato, or sweet potato on the side along with another veggie.

Snacks are nuts and fruit.
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Also, I wanted to say that you do adjust and feel less hungry all the time after awhile. Especially if you lay on the fat in everything.
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To get some ideas, I wanted to post this group, which is still sorta active. They may not have as many other restrictions as you've got, or the frequency of foods going in/out, but it may have ideas. And I don't know how much you've already searched, but Cristeen and ChristieB have old posts with lots of meal ideas.

And here's the thread I started a while back, there were websites recommended for meals, and I've checked out some, you may find some tasty stuff...

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Oooh, thanks for the links!

FTR, we're dairy free- but hoping to not always be...
It definitely throws a bit of a wrench into things.

I like the sound of those banana-egg pancakes!

Does anyone know how to make a squash pancake?
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aaaand this thread is now stuck in the resources under 'G'.
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This is so yummy

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let's see...

yesterday we had -

- br: fried zucchini & baked potatoes
- sn: carrot sticks w/vinegrette
- ln: broccoli-onion soup, tuna fish
- sn: celery sticks & leftover potatoes
- dr: buffalo burgers, coleslaw w/"french" dressing (tomatoes + vinegrette), homemade pickles, lettuce

today we've had -

- br: pate & carrot sticks
- sn: cherries at the farmer's market
- ln: sweet potatoes w/CO & honey, sauteed kale
- sn: chicken-veggie soup
- dr: will be having more chicken-veggies soup possibly with oven potato "fries"
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Snacks to add... fresh raspberries and strawberries!

Meals... pork chops sliced small with zucchini and bell pepper and grape tomatoes, drizzled with honey-mustard-ACV.

And...moose ribs with green salad.

Starting to dream of coconut-tapioca pudding:
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Tonight's dinner was shepherd's pie with leftover lamb roast from last night. Loaded with veges and a potato/pumpkin mash on top.
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Yesterday I made a great sardine dip for cucumbers:

1 can sardines
3 Tb olive oil
1/4 cup sun dried tomatoes, soaked then chopped
1/4 cup spanish olives, diced
1 small onion, diced
1 clove garlic, minced
salt & pepper
2 Tb lime juice

everything mashed together with a fork. all those strong flavors really hid the fishiness.

That was lunch. Dinner was roasted chicken with avocado and warm potato salad. (Boiled potato mixed with olive oil, diced celery, minced garlic, salt & pepper).
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Can you have seeds that act like grains? Such as buckwheat, quinoa and amaranth?
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No, not for now anyway. Nope, we lost all of the alternative grains due to incident or accident. But there's still tapioca right? I want to figure out how to do a little baking with tapioca... beyond just pudding or using starch.

You guys, I feel like superwoman on this diet. I'm not hungry, mostly not even missing the whole grain component. My meals and snacks are satisfying and I get to eat as much as I want.
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The Chebe baking mixes are just tapioca (you add egg): http://www.chebe.com/

I'm sure you could do that on your own. We're off egg so I haven't tried.
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Taryn- THANKS! I knew it could be done...
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Well, I'm definitely losing weight on this diet. I haven't been hungry until today. At lunch I ate two normal sized servings of meat and veggies, spaced an hour apart. And 45 minutes later I was still hungry. So I busted out a bag of potato chips. We'll see how the carb boost does for me.
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