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Another July baby joined us!

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Our baby was born Thursday, July 16th at 9:30pm! He was 8 lbs, 6 oz and about 19 inches long.

I woke up with contractions just after midnight on Thursday. Called the midwife at 4am. She came about 7am and spent the day with us. Our kids played happily around us all day while my wonderful husband and I labored together through ireegular contractions. Baby seemed to be repositioning himself between every contraction.

About 6pm, with enough progress to have called the assistant but not enough to make me a little discouraged, we had a conversation about my energy level and possibly augmenting labor with some herbs. I opted to give it until 8, then to check back in. By 7 things had really picked up. By 8 the kids were in bed and I was in the tub. Transition followed soon after (the midwife predicted that when the kids were settled things would start moving along) and my water broke fairly soon after that. I got a little break, then things ratcheted up a whole lot. I breathed through the first urges to pushed, got checked and needed to dialate another centimeter or two... the next contraction I felt the baby move and said "baby's moving!" and she checked me again to make sure I was okay to push.

It took a couple tries to remember how to push, but then felt the baby coming. I felt the baby's head, which helped me concentrate. The kids were brought in, but the baby was having a hard time descending, and when I tore and yelled, the littlest two started crying, the midwife lost me and my husband's attention, and she had our friends take them back out so we could focus. What she knew was that baby had a short cord and it was around his neck, and she needed me to give another big push, which I was struggling to do with the kids there. I got him out to his chest and she couldn't get any more slack on the cord. Somewhere I found it in me to stand up, and gravity took care of stretching out the cord and getting baby out. Turned out he had plenty of cord, but it was wrapped around his neck once and his body twice! She put him right up in my arms, rubbed his back, suctioned his mouth a little, and the cough and mew he gave us were the greatest sounds ever. A little more suction and we got a nice cry, and he opened his eyes.

He was born amazingly clean and was almost immediately pink. He has a head full of dark hair. The kids were back in by now and we all snuggled on the bed to admire him. He checked out healthy and strong and was very alert and intent on lifting his head to look around. He nursed and we all slept well.

I opted not to have the tear stitched-- it was the same tear that tore and didn't heal much every other time I've had a baby, and it doesn't seem worth the stitching to keep trying to fix it. The bleeding from the tear was the only blood I lost in the whole birth... maybe a teaspoon, according to the midwife. The afterpains were rough, especially when nursing, but baby was a quick study at nursing and was able to nurse lying next to me, which helped a lot to be able to keep him off my belly. The afterpains are nearly gone except when I have to pee I'm doing my best to stay in bed and rest, in hopes that I will be well enough to visit my parents in a week.

Baby continues to be content, sleeping a lot, nursing well. He is in love with his Papa, looking for him when he hears his voice and settling quickly in his arms. The big kids (6,4, and 2) are his biggest admirers, and our friends who are staying with us are doing an amazing job helping find the balance between helping the kids be present with the baby and giving baby and mama some space. The big sibs like giving him a finger to hold, watching him sleep, and telling him how cute he is. They love to quietly play in the same room with us.

We still haven't settled on a name, much to everyone's dismay... but we are going to try to make a decision quickly enough to get it on his birth certificate, which has to be submitted by the end of next week

I hope all the other already-borns are doing well, and the soon-to-comes have peaceful, gentle births!
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CONGRATS!!! Welcome earthside, little one
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congratulations mama and : baby!
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Congratulations and glad you had a happy birth. I am sure you will settle on the perfect name at the right time. Remember that in some cultures babies aren't given a name for some time and then a naming ceremony is held for the new little one. I am sure you are feeling the pressure though.
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Congratulations, mama!
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Congrats Mama!! Welcome baby! ::
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Congrats! Our DD wasn't named right away, either ~ his name will come to you
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: Congratulations, mama! What a great story, you did an amazing job! Welcome, LO!
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Congrats!! ::
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beautiful birth story, congrats mama!
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Sounds like a very peaceful and relaxed labor and birth! Enjoy your sweet nameless little guy!
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