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teething already?

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Vincent is drooling and fussing and chomping on my fingers (and his own) constantly. Do they really teeth this early?

Milena got her first teeth at 9 months, so this is a new one for me.

Any suggestions on soothers you like? I'm planning on buying Chamomilla homeopathic today. We have Sophie (the giraffe teether) but he's not so great with holding a toy for long periods and such....which is why I find this difficult. Milena was old enough to hold a teether and chew on it, have an icecube in a fresh food feeder, etc.

Poor guy. He seems so tiny to be dealing with this already.

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interested in replies on this! my DS didn't get teeth until 2 weeks before he turned 1 so I also didn't deal w/ teething in a tiny babe. But he actually did drooling and chewing on things for most of his infancy anyway. The ped told me that some of that is developmental stuff and not necc related to teething.

Phoebe is already chewing her fists and loves to bite on my thumb and is drooling a lot. I sure hope for her sake its months off before she has to deal w/ teething!
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River has been teething for like a month and a half already. I can see where her two bottom teeth are trying to come in, but they haven't popped through yet. She isn't holding toys for very long yet, and she won't chew on a teething ring or a cold washcloth, even when I hold it in her mouth for her. So we've been relying mostly on homeopathic teething tablets, with the occasional dose of Tylenol when she seems to be in a lot of pain.
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Aiden seems to be teething as well. My other son got his first two bottom teeth when he was four or five months old, so it might be just around the corner for this little guy too!
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hylands teething tablets are great
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Xander has been teething for a few weeks as well, but no visible teeth yet. Sure can feel some sharp bumps *just* under his gums though!

For the pain, we let him chew on our hands and the counter pressure is usually enough, we're baby orajel users when it's not : In our defense that only happens once every few days and we use WAY less than the packaging suggests.

On an ew note, I never knew that spit was a natural laxative until Xander started teething
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