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Eugene Diaper Service?

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Well, okay - the closest diaper service is actually in Springfield - but it's soooo close and they do cater to Eugene as well.

Anyway, has anyone used them? (days ease diaper service).

I have a stash already (prefolds/wraps only), and am due in 3 days - but we have to use coin op laundry and money is the biggest factor. I'm starting to doubt that this is going to work for us...okay, STRESS about it...and I'm wondering if a diaper service might be doable, or i should just use cheap sposies...

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I don't have an answer to your question, but am wondering if maybe washing in the laundromat might stll be cheaper than disposables, since you already have a stash? (Or is this just wisheful thinking on my part )
Our baby dirties about 2-3 loads of a diapers per week. I started looking around online for the cost of a diaper service, the cost of disposables, the cost of laundromat washing, to do a comparison for you, but found that prices vary so much that probably wouldn't be that helpful unless I was using your actualy prices. So, I guess I don't have much to say except for encourage you to use cloth because we have LOVED cloth diapering our LO! I feel it is healthier, more environmentally friendly, and doesn't really seem like much more work than disposables would be.
Whatever you end up doing, good luck with your soon-to-arrive bundle of joy!
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diaper service

Congrats on your new baby!! We had our 2nd, Cedar, about 4 weeks ago today! We have been using Days Ease, and they are very sweet people. And affordable ... we moved down from Portland, and Tidee Didee was way more expensive. Anyway, I would recommend them ... I am lucky to have my washing machine in my kitchen, and I still don't think I could handle all these diapers ... i'd forgotten how many!
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We used them and liked them. They do use bleach, which wasn't a problem for me, but I know some people don't like that.
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Oh wow, I didn't know that. Guess I could've asked. Not a problem for us, either, but it is good to know. Thanks!
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we used & liked them too, very reliable and easy to work with.
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I also live in Eugene, due in June. I've been looking into cloth diapering and want to find out more about diaper services. Days Ease sounds great, and their prices sound reasonable.


Can I ask a silly question though? I haven't had experience with cloth diapers since my little brother was a baby 26 years ago. I imagine the way they're used these days has evolved some. Do you do the old standard of diaper pins and a plastic cover, or are there new inventions that avoid the pins (I would love to avoid the pins and find an easier alternative)?

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Cloth diapering is so easy now!  Most of the covers either snap or velcro and you can set it up where you can put a prefold diaper just on the inside of the cover, not in the pocket, and get more than one wear out of the cover.  We have used cloth exclusively with my son and have loved it.  I actually feel good about doing laundry because I think of all the disposable diapers that would have cost us money and then just gotten thrown away.  Diapering has been easy, it's the potty training that's now a whole different story!

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Originally Posted by denaluna View Post
Do you do the old standard of diaper pins and a plastic cover, or are there new inventions that avoid the pins (I would love to avoid the pins and find an easier alternative)?

VERY few cloth diapering mamas use pins these days.  The options for cloth diapering are amazing...  Mothering actually has a cloth diapering forum, which is a gold mine of information!  Online places like CottonBabies and Weebunz (an Oregon company) both have a rainbow of options to choose from.  Check them out!

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We've been using Days Ease for 15 months (we did it ourselves for the first 3 months while I was home on leave). We've been very happy with them. If you'd like to see things in person, Fletcher's is surprisingly the best place to go in Eugene. They have a wide variety of covers that work well with prefolds, as well as snappis, which I like to use to fasten the diapers (but some people don't use any fasteners at all). They also have a bunch of different pocket and all in one type diapers to check out.


Honestly, there isn't a store in town I'm super happy about going to, the sales staff at Fletchers are pretty pushy and the way they salivate when someone pregnant walks in is off-putting to me but the only other alternative is Bambini and they don't really have a wide selection of covers, don't carry snappis, and push the one brand of pockets that hasn't worked for us at all (we use our own pocket diapers at night or when traveling).


I love to shop at Wee Bunz in Corvallis, an awesome cloth diaper store. We make a pilgrimage there for shoes at Soft Stars and diaper supplies from Wee Bunz every so often. They ship covers for free.

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What's the deal with this Days Ease place?  I went over there the other day hoping to talk to someone or pick up a brochure.  It was just a regular coin-op laundromat with no indication that there was a diaper service (other than the sign out front).  There were no staff people and no information inside.  How does it work?  What do they charge?  Do you supply your own diapers?  Is there delivery, or do you have to pick up and drop off?  It's hard to believe that this place is the only game in town in a place the size of Eugene.

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Wow!  I had no idea Fletcher's carries cloth diaper supplies!  That's really great.  I love Bambini, but their selection is pretty limited.  Thanks for the tip.


I will be using Days Ease for the first few months after the LO is born.  It is a gift from friends though and I don't know how it works, how much it costs, etc.  But I am definitely happy to have them!  I used to live in Albuquerque and there was only one diaper service there too.  Not something a lot of people are looking for I suppose. 

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Days Ease is run out of the laundrymat. Mei Wah does deliveries and pickups every Weds (morning for our neighborhood). The diapers are supplied (prefolds in a range of sizes, you let her know when you need a larger size) and you provide your own covers. She picks up the dirties and delivers the cleans at the same time. No rinsing required. There is a one time fee for the diaper pail, and then you pay $50/month. You might try calling, and it may take more then once to get through to a person, but then you'll be able to talk to her.

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