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Its a (BIG) GIRL!

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: We welcomed Baby Neela into our family yesterday at 8:25 am. She weighed 11 lbs 1 oz and is 21.5 inches.

It was an amazing birth. I woke up at 3:30 am with a strong contraction that broke my water. I got into the shower and started to consistently have contractions that were every few minutes lasting about 30 sec. This went on for an hour so I called my MW (my last labor was less than 3 hours and really only 45 min of active labor - so I was instructed to call sooner than later). The MW on call was attending a transferred hospital birth so the MW I REALLY wanted was going to meet me at the birth center at 5:30 am.

By the time we got there, my contractions were a little more intense but very manageable. DH and I settled in and he once again was the most amazing birth partner. We were laughing and felt really close...it was nice! The MW checked me and I was 8 cm so I decided to get into the tub.

When I first got in the tub it felt so good but after a while it was really hard for me NOT to move. I wanted to get out of the tub because I was having a hard time being in there (I was probably in transition). I started to have the urge to push but not really so the MW checked me again and I was fully dilated except for a lip so the MW pushed the lip off during my next contraction (and the head was really low). I never did get out of the tub. I started to feel the urge to push during the next few contractions and this part was so INTENSE.

I remember liking the pushing stage with both my other 2 DDs. This time pushing was very difficult emotionally (I can't really describe why) and physically. She slowly came down and slowly came out. While her head came out, it became obvious to the MW she was going to be a big baby...things got a little intense but I got her out!!!!! She pooped so much and then weighed 11 lb 1 oz so the MWs were joking she likely weighed a couple ounces more. I had the smallest tear, the MW put in one stitch.

I feel pretty good. I had the sense that she was going to be a BIG baby and was struggling with the fear I wouldn't be able to get her out. I did not think she was going to be 11 lbs...but regardless, I got her out just fine!

She is really cute and nursing well. Her 2 big sisters love her so much! Neela's birth was everything I hoped it would be, it was an amazing experience!

Thinking of all you mamas still waiting, after 41 w 2 d, I know how hard it can be but it will be your time soon enough!

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Nice job mama! Happy Birthday sweet Neela (beautiful name) :
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Congrats, mama! I'm pretty sure the MDC mamas are superstars, what with all the big babies and fast labors and such!
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Congratulations, mama!
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Wow- what a great story. That is one big little girl! Enjoy:
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Wow! What a big girl! Great job, Mama!! :
Welcome baby!! :
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: Congrats!! :
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Congrats mama!
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So many babies!!! Beautiful birth story, sounds like you did an amazing job. Congratulations.
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Congratulations! I think we have/had the same due date, so I was super exited to see your announcement! That means I should be close.

Enjoy that baby! :
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Way to go mama! Congratulations, sounds like it was worth the wait.
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What an amazing birth story!
And what a big baby girl!
I was thinking about you and the other mamas past their due dates today - it IS worth the wait!!
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CONGRATS! Welcome earthside little one!! And what a big little one she is
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Hooray!! Congrats. Lovely story
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Congratulations! Welcome baby Neela!
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Holy moly mama, that is one big little girl! Neela is such a beautiful name! Good working birthing her and enjoy these days! :
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