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How much are you trying to lose?

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Sure we all want to get in shape etc. How much do you want to lose though?

Me, I was down to 185 from 230. I'm back to 203 (divorce and living with my parents didn't help ). I'm back on to losing and working out. I want to drop at least another 50 if not more. To be honest, I'd like to be about 120. I jsut don't know that it is feasible. I'm 5'0" so it isn't like I'm supposed to weigh much

So, maybe I'll get to 150 and see what happens. I'm hoping that the changes I've made will jsut get me naturally to where I should be and I won't have to set an actual weight "goal" So, maybe that should be my plan....
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I started out at 207.5. Currently around 194. Would love to get to around 130-135, since I'm 5'3''. I just haven't been motivated to tracking what I eat & keeping count. It also doesn't help that I eat a lot of made from scratch stuff (beans, bread, one pot 'concoctions').

What are you doing to get back on track?

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Well, I realized that I really don't eat a lot of food. It is jsut what I do eat is high in calories and fat and not very good for me. So I have been counting calories very loosely and I upped my water intake. I am also working out with cardio 4 nights a week and weights 2 or 3 nights a week.

I'm losing inches because my clothes are baggy but I'm not sure on weight. I am trying to not measure or weigh myself for the first 8 weeks.
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I'm trying to lose about 20 lbs to get down to 160. I was 230 after the birth of dd, now i'm 182 and been stuck here for months. I'm 5'11.
I'm trying to do 3 days of circuit training with weights and 2 days just cardio with two days off.

I feel like i'm losing inches also, but i have not lost any weight : I'm sure it will come off eventually.
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Originally Posted by nolansmummy View Post

I feel like i'm losing inches also, but i have not lost any weight : I'm sure it will come off eventually.
Don't feel bad. I went from 230 to 190 and didn't even change a clothing size. Sounds impossible... yet it happened.
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I am 5'6'' and currently weigh in at 170. I really want to be in the 130s I would settle for 139 but I do remember when I was 127. I have been less, but I felt the best at 127. So, that would be cool. But, to answer your question, I want to lose at least 30 pounds.

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I started at 205 when ds2 was born (10 mo), and I'm at 173 lbs now! :

I want to weigh around 135 lbs.
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Since January 1, I have lost 24 lbs. I have another another 20 lbs to go. The first ten will be easy, but I think that it will take me a very long time to get rid of the last ten.
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I have 35 left to lose. I've lost 65 since mid January. I want to lose 100 total....I think I do anyway....
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I want to lose 65 pounds, to start at least. I am currently, gulp, 245. That number scares me to death. I'm 5'4. I was 180 8 years ago and I felt pretty good there, so that's my goal. I don't even know where to start.... but you got to start somewhere, right?
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I'm an 5ft4 and currently weigh 170, which is really unhealthy. My goals are to work out at least 30 mins a day. I want to get down to 135lbs.
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I started when ds was born (2.5 years old) at 195lbs. I am currently 131 lbs, I would like to lose 6-11 more.
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I'm trying to lose about 40 pounds. I weigh 161 now.
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I needed to lose 35 pounds from my highest weight of 160. I'm down to 148 now with 23 pounds to go.
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I'd like to lost betwee 30-40 lbs. I'm around 170, 175 now.
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I started March 1st at 187, and I'm down to 172 (I'm 5'4"). I goal is to get down to 135, and hopefully by the end of December. It's definitely slow coming off, and it's hard work. I'm doing 30min of cardio four days a week, and trying to lift weights a couple x's a week (I hate lifting weights). I've changed my eating habits quite a bit. I'm not eating fast food, or really no eating out at all (this one is easy w/no money)! Trying really really hard to cut soda out of my diet, lots more water, vegetables, and fruit.
I've gone down from size 16 to a 14, and not a single person has noticed my weight loss? or at least commented about it! but I feel really good!! and my energy level has sky rocketed, and that's all that matters, right?
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started 6/1 at about 146. (im guessing, because i wouldn't weigh at that point! i was scared the number would make me feel too hopeless to do anything )...

i weighed in 2 weeks later, with noticeably looser clothes and less bloat, at 142.5.

i'm now at 136.

i would like to get down to 125-126 but would be pretty happy at 128. i am not sure i can lose all the weight while still on BCPs since they tend to make me retain a few pounds of water

so that's around 20 pounds in all.
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I started my pregnancy over 4 years ago at 119. I had been 150 before but quitting sugar alone dropped all those pounds. I got to 119 and didn't budge from there, so it seemed like my "perfect" weight (though I wasn't in that great shape - but still looked nice and trim in jeans!).

I gained 34 pounds with pregnancy and lost 14 giving birth. And now it's been nearly 4 years and my weight hasn't budged. Worse, I lost what little muscle tone I had when I was seriously fatigued last year, so I am the same weight but softer and wider.

A few months ago I discovered I was eating only 900 calories a day (and still nursing). I think I've improved that, and eat a really healthy (IMHO) diet of local, organic foods that I prepare from scratch. I also eat enough fat to keep me feeling good, and increased the protein a bit.

I also, and this should have been the biggest part, started exercising, pretty much for the first time in my life. I did 3 days of cardio (20 minutes of elliptical trainer) plus lifted weights 2-3 days a week (I aimed for 3 days but often it worked out to only 2). I noticed definite improvement in my energy and started seeing a little more muscle tone. I was enjoying increased stamina too. All great, great stuff.

But despite seeing a little more muscle tone, it was really entirely in my arms and lower legs. My middle is as pudgy as ever. And yes, I was working out my abs as well - but my point is that I didn't seem to be losing any fat whatsoever. I kept this up for about 6 weeks, then had my routine (and serenity) upset by a visit from my parents. I've started up with the cardio again but I'm feeling really discouraged. 6 weeks is a long time to not see any fat loss, I think. (Also, according to the scale, I gained about 4 pounds - no way was all or even most of that muscle).

I'm not that focused on the scale, frankly I could stay at 140 for the rest of my life and I would be thrilled - if I looked a lot more firm and trim. 140 is not very heavy, but for me it means literally 20 pounds of excess fat around my belly, butt and thighs. And I'm discouraged about losing it.

I'm continuing anyway because I've noticed other benefits (energy, stamina) and I also figure if I get and stay active, I'll reduce the chances that I'll just keep gaining weight for the rest of my life. But still discouraging.
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Right now I am about 150 I would love to loose about 20 pounds. I am 5'7'' and I really want to have more energy to do things.
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I am trying to lose 8 more lbs for a total of 48 or so. It has been a crazy ride, but I feel really good about how I have done it. I haven't dieted much, just became more careful. I run and bike with my dogs and generally just try to be more active.

Some weeks are better than others. But I feel like I can keep this up forever vs when I was dieting and not eating anything yummy.
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