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Muzzy anyone

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Hi, I just ordered the Muzzy free trial. But it seems that the free trial is in the version that says ages 2-7 rather than 8+ family edition. If I understand right, the family addition adds CD-ROMS and books. I kinda wanted the CD-ROMS. Hopefully, if I decide to keep the program, they will let me add that part.

So, does anyone use the Muzzy stuff? Do you like it? Why or why not? I finally decided to try it because Rosetta Stone seemed so "adult" and I really want to assist with language learning however I can. I found a cool homeschooling immersion class here (Anna just did a camp at that school) but it is soooo far away. Muzzy is cheaper than that too.

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Hi! I use Muzzy Spanish with my 5 and almost 3 yr olds, and they've picked up a lot of Spanish. Can I just say it is very cute to hear little voices chirping another language! We got the complete elementary curriculum that came with 2 huge binders filled with lesson plans and coloring pages and other activities. We really like it, and they love watching the DVDs. They also sent a stuffed green Muzzy which is very popular with the kiddos
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Muzzy German here. We use the CD-rom, the DVDs, and the multi-language book. My kids all love Muzzy (from 16 to 3), but the biggest plus of Muzzy is that it gives language lessons that the kids must interpret for themselves. There is a LOT more going on than just watching a cartoon.

love, p
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I found a video sample of Muzzy on youtube. Is it a rather old cartoon about creatures in space? My son doesn't like cartoons (not sure why) but I think the characters will be a little scary for him. Am I assuming correct here?
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Ms. pacman


I'm a teacher and my district just bought the spanish program.  Could you please email me.  I'd like to ask you a question...my email is joanab at optonline.net... thank you.

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This is a very old thread, and ms pacman doesn't appear to have posted on these forums in two and a half years. Perhaps someone else has some experience?



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