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42+ days between periods

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Has anyone experienced this and not been pregnant?:
Here's my current situation:
I have had 5 regular periods this year since February, beween 25-39 days apart. (The 39-days-between was at the beginning, Feb-March, when AF was regulating.) DS was born Dec. '07 and I didn't menstruate all of '08. Prior to becoming pregnant, I was always pretty regular. But it's been 42 days now since my June period. It has been 22 days since the last time DH & I dtd. We also dtd at the possible time of ovulation, 11 days in to my cycle.
I don't feel pregnant the way that I did early on with DS, but of course I took a pg test (this past Wednesday, 5 days ago.) Negative. I will take another Monday morning if AF still isn't here.
More details on the situation:
1. I still breastfeed, but not as frequently as when DS was younger.
2. I have had a urinary tract infection on & off since the end of June. I took a 7-day course of Macrobid abx, and the UTI quickly returned, so am now on day 5 of a 10-day course of Cipro.
Could the breastfeeding or the UTI have any bearing on the lack of AF? I've never heard of that, and I've had plenty of UTIs, taken antibiotics and had regular periods in the past (before being pg with DS.) Or is it normal to have regular AF for a few months PP, and then have longer days in between, later on?
I just don't want to be pregnant right now (though it wouldn't be the worst thing esp. since I've taken all these antibiotics during what could possibly be the first weeks of prenatal development. Ack!:
Guess I'm just looking for reassurance that this is a common enough scenario for other mamas.
Thanks for reading and letting me go on about it...:
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I've had this happen...a lot. I would have several normal cycles and then skip a period basically ... because my cycle got so long. When you are bfing I think your hormones can be effected. I even had this happen recently, though, and I'm no longer bfing...(I went 8 weeks between periods). Maybe someone else can have some better advice.
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my cycle never regulated between DD1 and DD2 (got a BFP to soon! LOL)

BUT - when I had a UTI prior to ever becoming pregnant I had a 57 day cycle or something which was weird because the ones prior to that were all 30 -45 days (always been a little irregular) and I asked the doctor if the UTI or the medication could have effected it and she said absolutely......so until the UTI clears up I would be extra careful..........
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THe cycle before I got pregnant with DS was so long that I made my doctor see me for a blood test (I had negative HPTs). My period started on her exam table.

The nice nurse practitioner who had been going to draw my blood told me that sometimes our periods change things up on us just to make us crazy.

I would think that either the breastfeeding or the UTI could throw your cycle off.
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Whew, thanks ladies for sharing your experiences! I feel so relieved knowing this is common enough. Meepycat- that is too funny about AF starting on the exam table!!!
Thanks so much for all the input.
BTW, if (and hopefully a big if) I am pg, I will update this post for anyone else who may be experiencing this kind of thing.
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I always had extremely long cycles before I got pregnant. It runs in the family, although we don't know what causes it exactly, probably something weird in the hypothalamus? I had a period at 18 months PP and then they were 5-8 weeks apart until my son weaned. Then I had one period followed by 100+ days without, but after that all my cycles have been 5-6 weeks.

Have you done any Fertility Awareness/NFP stuff like temperature charting, checking your cervical fluid, or saliva ferning? I highly, highly recommend that as a way of figuring out what's going on, when you are fertile, and when to expect your period. Despite my weird cycles, since I got the hang of Fertility Awareness I have been able to detect ovulation and predict menstruation correctly every single time.
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EnviroBecca- yes, since this has been happening I have really begun to sit up and take notice that I need to pay better attention to this area of my body/life! I've been doing some online research and checked books out from the library. There is so much I wasn't aware of about fertility.
I guess I kind of took my regular cycles for granted. No more! I want to embrace this part of my life/body with gratitude and respect. It (fertility) won't be around forever.. and though I'm only 31, I know I want to eventually try for another baby when the time is right.
And until then, NFP and Fertility Awareness sounds so much better (spiritually & physically) than hoping & worrying, or chemicals/devices to prevent pregnancy.
Thanks to all! I love this community
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