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Tykie Diapers

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About 1.5 weeks ago, i recieved my Tykie Diapers sale order. Everything was beautiful, but one diaper was missing some snaps. No biggie, but i emailed jessica and told her what happened and that i was sending her the dipe to do the snaps. She very graciously sent me postage for having to send it back, a gesture i thought was more than enough.
So, the day after i did that transaction with her, i ordered the last of the sale hemp dipes, and asked that she send the two together. I got the package, and knew what it was. Imagine my surprise when i found not two but THREE diapers . SHe hadn't made up for the mistake with a little stack of washies or a bottle of lotion, or what have you, but with a whole other HEMP diaper! And the original dipe with the problem was only flannel! I have never before been so impressed with customer service from a WAHM, though they have all been very nice and helpful.
I will certainly shop from and recommend her any chance i get !
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I've had our Tykie diapers for a while, but wanted to wait to post a review until the hemp was broken in...

When I go them, they were awesome.

and they still are

We got 3 large dipes for ds--mostly because he needs a high rise or he starts getting plumber-butt :LOL

Jessica was worried about the size, but they are really great. I would much rather the diapers be a bit large than just barely fit, iykwim. I was really frustrated that his SOS and sp1's were both too small for him--I wanted something that would last us for a few months, if not longer.

Ds was a bit beyond 25 lbs (mind you, this was when he was 10 months old) when we got the diapers and they fit him snug on the tightest snap settings. We've moved on to the next row of snaps, and they still fit great.

I did grump a little about them when our clothes dryer was functional--they take quite a while to dry, but since we started hanging all our clothes, it hasn't been an issue (I just leave em on the line till they are dry )

The flip side of that is that they are really really absorbant. They are awesome.
We rarely use covers unless we have to and ds was actually leaving puddles with other diapers (that shall remain nameless).

We haven't had that problem with Tykie diapers

And yes...the customer service is SO awesome.
Jessica shipped the diapers out a little later than expected--and included a cover in with the diapers!!

The cover, btw, is lined with the softest fleece I have ever felt. It isn't the greatest fit on ds (thick thighs, normal-ish waist), but it does fit over all his diapers and hasn't ever leaked.

I would definitely definitely recommend Tykie products to anyone who would listen, and I'm planning on asking them if they could maybe engineer some training pants for him :LOL
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Rave Review for Tykie Diapers.

We have several flannel and several hemp fitted Tykie Diapers. We also own 4 custom made corduroy/ PUL/ microfleece covers. Ann, does an incredible sewing job!!! They are all very well made, and the function for us is fantastic. These diapers fit my girls perfectly. I never curse them for an ill fit.

For the lighter wetter the flannel is all you need. Add a doubler for a little more if you so desire. The hemp fitteds are designed at a quick dry, with a soaker sewn down at one end. These absorb like there is no tomorrow and dry in one cycle. If you place a custom order there is an TON of great fabric to choose from. For my custom ordered hemp fitteds I have; a flannel chinese take outouter with sushi micro inner, a cats eating sushi outer with eggplant micro inner, and two hand dyed with dalmation suede cloth inner. i LOVE them all!!!!!!!!!!!!

The customer service is top notch too. Ann and Jessica are wonderful biznesswomen, and I never worry about not having my issues taken care of. If a snap comes undone I know that they will fix it, if there is a fit issue I know that they will fix it. They are gracious about what you might call a manufacturing defect as well.

All in all, these are great diapers at a great price. I have sold off all of my fitteds with the exception of my Tykie Diapers and one other brand. I will continue to buy Tykie Diapers and covers and I suggest that you give them a try. I am sure you will fall in love as I have.

Oh, and an added bonus....... if you buy a hemp fitted you will find a surprise under your soaker, that is "quilted with love"!!!!!! ( go buy one just to find out what i am talking about )
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LOVE LOVE LOVE these dipes and covers!!!!!
I bought several used flannel with micro inner dipes from the TP in sz L and they were so fabulous that I ordered more from Ann. Now I am in love with my XL hello kitty wool cover and 2 new hemp dipes. They fit sooooo well and the hemp are even more absorbant than the flannel (which is working just fine for us).
Love them!
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I ordered a couple PUL wet bags from tykie diapers.
They came super fast, I was emailed and kept informed of the status of my order, and they are really cute!
Nice customer service, nice product! would order from again!
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Awesome customer service experience

i had a tykie diapers fitted that was new and the first time my dh went to use it one of the snaps popped out. no big deal to me, i contact the wahm and let her know i am sending back to be fixed if that's ok. first i am offered shipping, , which i turn down. so, fast forward a week. a large package arrives at my house today. inside i find not only my repaired fitted but another fitted and a wet bag as well. i was in shock and really really excited. showing it all off to my DH, who was oblivious due to the fact that there was sushi in the kitchen at the time.

anyway, this is what i consider top of the line CS. i have items from a hyena wahm that have snaps that have fallen off more times than i can count. she knew this was an issue with her products, and she NEVER offered shipping, and not once was i given a freebie or even an apology. she would repair the one snap and send it back, often 2 weeks later. then we'd use the items again for a couple of months and another snap would fall off. so, anyway!!!

i just wanted to say for tykie diapers customer service. i will have to take pics of all of my beautiful diapers from tykie diapers for you all to see
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I had the exact same thing happen to me with tykie diapers!!! I was beyond impressed, and posted as much in Reviews .
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I bought a large Tykie diaper and the fit was not good for my son so I emailed Ann and asked her if I could send the dipe back.. She said sure..... I took a while to send it back(sick child) and she refunded my shipping both ways........ Top notch customer service I will definitly buy from Ann again.....
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I got many of these and I need many more

they are so well made and fit Stinker really well. I love all her prints and Ann is a doll to work with. You ask for something special and man oh man does she deliver. Awesome customer service and wonderful fabrics to boot!! Yeehaw!! :LOL
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First, I have to give raves to Ann's amazing customer service. She goes above and beyond to make sure her customers are happy.

Now on to the diapers! They fit my daughter like they were custom made for her. The workmanship is impeccable too, and I really love the special little details on the soakers. I would definitely recommend Tykie Diapers.
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I purchased a hemp Tykie fitted and a small wetbag from Ann. I received them very quickly but after just one washing and wearing there were 3 tiny holes starting in the hemp on the quilted side. I emailed Ann and asked her what I should do. She asked me what color the fleece on my soaker was and said she'd make me a new one and that I didn't have to send the flawed one back to her. Well, a week later a package arrived at my door with not just the soaker but a beautiful wetbag too!!! Ann's customer service and communcation are excellent. Her dipes are great too.
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I have one large sized Tykie diaper that I am currently using on Ivy, plus a slew of newborn sized dipes ready for the bean. I like the fit, the sewing is top-notch, and Ann's customer service is stellar. I only wish that the wing snaps were hidden as to not rub baby's hips. Not a biggie, since she gets changed as soon as she pees anyhow LOL.
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Just adding my for the customer service! Wonderful. I have only used a wool cover but I love it. Very well made and the wool is nice and soft. I will be a repeat customer for sure.
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Repeat customer here too...I *love* Ann's organic cotton dipes. And I always enjoy finding out what she's quilted under the soaker for each diaper. Lovely fabrics, and very quick shipping (to Canada, to boot!)
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The more I used these fitteds, the more I love them.
I only have two Tykies (fitteds, with hemp) but I've decided it's time to get more.
My daughter is a heavy wetter and these easily stand up to that.
Best of all is the fit. She has chunka lunka thighs and there's something magical in the fit of Tykies. They're a perfect snug fit around the thighs without being too tight.
The microfleece on the top of the soakers is so soft. It doesn't pill at all and really is the softest of any nappy we own.
And of course the customer service is great as others have mentioned.

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I got two halloween Pul covers. I got them on sale, awesome price.
I ordered the medium and the large, as I was unsure about the sizing. The medium fits my baby great. He is 17 lbs. I think the size runs correct, as stated on the site.

My baby took a super long nap in his tykie cover, the diaper was SOAKED but NO leaks through the cover!

Great covers! I recommend them.
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What sold me on Tykie Diapers was the doll set - an anatomically correct vinyl doll with cloth diapers, wipes, blanket, sling, and diaper bag. I had to get that, and kept browsing her site for other items of interest.

I finally picked a medium holiday diaper in the purple penguin print that I love (I'd missed a similar Muttaqin, so I had to have this one! ). It is hemp with the print outer and the soaker is topped with fleece (or suedecloth - it's white, wicks moisture, but he's wearing it so I can't check :LOL). Here's what I love about this diaper:

- it's adorable! a great outer print, and it fits my small 4mo well on the smallest snaps - he'll probably be wearing it next winter!

- absorbent - plenty of absorbency to have him go coveless so I can enjoy how cute it is

- good design - I love how the soaker snaps in the front. It wasn't obvious what benefit there was at first, but what happens is his bottom holds the back in place and the snap keeps the front in place. With most QD dipes I end up puling up the soaker, then the shell - but that extra step isn't necessary with the Tykie!

- cute embroidery under soaker I have a penguin that matches the outer under the soaker - so sweet!

- good price for a good diaper

Other things I bought from Tykie Diapers:

I got the doll and accessories set. I am in love with the accessories!! Ann was very helpful when I contacted her after the dolls were sold out and no longer available. She actually made another trip to pick up more dolls for me and the others who missed the first batch. The accessories are just perfect. I asked for "GN/boyish" and got just what I wanted. The sling and diaper bag are a great bug print, he's got one fishy diaper, one cowboy diaper, and assorted cute wipes, along with a soft blue fleece blanket to wrap the baby in. My DS s it and we get lots of compliments as he runs around (literally!) carrying his baby in his sling! Couldn't be happier - though now I have to find some clothes to put on the baby, too! :LOL

I also ordered a wipes bag, which seemed to work well at first, but I've had problems with wicking/leaking since. I use premoistened wipes, and perhaps I'm not squeezing out enough water. I'm going to tinker and see what works, but thankfully it wasn't a big investment if it does have to be relegated to other uses. It is very cute, though! I love the fabric!

All in all, a big for Ann and Tykie Diapers!
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Excellent diapers and wet bags! The diapers are so well made. The sewing is just perfect. And I absolutely love the stitching underneath the doublers. You can tell Ann really pays attention to detail. Also, her wetbags are amazing. They are my favorite. But the best part of Tykie Diapers is the service. Ann keeps you up to date during the entire ordering process. Plus, when she accidently sent me the wrong wetbag, she let me keep it and the correct replacement bag. The doll set is also great- got one for me dd for Christmas and she loves it.
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Has anyone tried Tykies soakers? If so, how was it?
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I can only echo all the wonderful things said above. Tykies are great diapers, and Ann is a wonderful business woman--and just a plain, wonderful woman! Wish I lived closer, so I could invite her over for tea!

Anyway, my first exp. with Tykies was when I bought some from Chiromommy, who had (see above) bought them from the TP. The ones I bought from her (her dd's had outgrown them) were flannel ones, and I think they must have been an earlier pattern, or maybe testers, because they had fewer snaps and no tags.

No matter--they were (are!) great diapers! My first experience with side-snap fitteds, which I was just SURE I was gonna hate, but I was a total and immediate convert!

So, I immediately decided I needed more, saved up my $$, and ordered a dozen hemp dipes, a wool cover, and a preemie fitted for a friend of mine! Ann was awesome to work with! At the time I didn't have internet access (moving) so I worked out the details via phone call, and she got to work on my order!

Before I knew it, my fluff was in my hands, and on my girlie's bum! I was so thrilled! I cannot describe my joy over these dipes!

However, after a couple weeks, I realized that the snap-in soaker pads were just not the right size/fit for my dd. Absolutely nothing wrong with the design or the craftmanship, just a bad fit for my child.

So, I contacted Ann, and asked if she could possibly make me new, wider soakers. She was more than willing to do so, and even made them to exactly match the diapers (serging color, microfleece, etc). It was extra trouble for her, but I'm slightly nuts, and I really love how they match!

So, I got these great new soakers, custom-made to fit the specific needs of my child, and she only charged me for materials and shipping! Wow! I still can't believe this, since it was absolutely no fault of hers that I needed the different soakers!

I love love love these diapers, and I am so thankful for having found such a great WAHM with whom I can do business. She has been such a blessing to me!

The wool cover (not the Tykie Knit, but I'm hoping to get one of those before long!) is every bit as wonderful as the dipes. Very soft, very beautiful, and even with daily (actually, nightly) wear, it has no pilling.

I am such a satisfied customer, and a customer for life, I hope!
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