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He's here!

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Ethan Edward made his debut this morning at 1:24 am. He weighed 6 lb 6 oz and is 20 inches long. He looks just like my dad which means he looks just like me. We're working on getting him interested in BF which is definitely a challenge. I'll post pics and his birth story later.
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Yeah! I've been thinking about you and hoping things were happening!
Congrats Mama and welcome baby Ethan!!! ::
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Congrats!!! Can't wait for the pics!
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Congratulations! : Welcome baby Ethan!
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Congrats! :
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Congrats and welcome baby Ethan!
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Congratulations!! Welcome baby Ethan!!
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: Congratulations, mama! Welcome baby Ethan! Can't wait to read the birth story!
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BTW, my little guy wasn't very interested in BFing during the first 24 hours (very sleepy), but now (not even 48 hours old), he wants to nurse non-stop.
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Congratulations mama!! :
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CONGRATS!!! Welcome earthside little one
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Pics in MDC album

Thanks so much, mamas! It was tough at times but well worth it. I'm still working on my birth story but I've added a couple of pics to my MDC album.
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Congrats momma! Looking forward to reading your birth story. Hope your little man develops an interest in BFing soon. My LO was slow to nurse too. We finally resulted to my DH dipping his hands in ice water and then touching her just to keep her awake. Good luck!
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Welcome Baby Ethan!

Look forward to reading your birth story when you're ready and I hope the little guy takes to the breast soon!
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