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This is such a hard situation.

I agree that you shouldn't stay with DP. I think the two of you are in different places in your lives. I also get the sense that you two have a sort of adult/tennager relationship. Which makes sense, since you have two kids and he's 24 or whatever.

I can't advise you about your baby, but I think things happen the way they do for a reason (especially in a circumstance like this). Plus, do your children know you're pregnant?

I would consider moving back to the west coast right now.

I think you should swear off relationships while you go into intensive therapy, to deal with your self-described attachment issues.

And, I think you should stop making excuses for yourself. You say: "You see, I'm supposed to be smart, really, really smart. " My husband says stuff like this, btw. It means you're living in "what was supposed to be" (according to you) and not "what is." It really doesn't matter what happened then. What matters is how you manage your life now.

I'm not trying to be harsh! I'm trying to be helpful. I hope you are not offended!