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I'm sick! :(

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My little man was born on july 10, and on july 14, I started getting a sore throat. That night I developed a fever, peaked at 102, and finally broke in the early hours of the next day.

Since then, no more fever, but here I am, 6 days now, still have a sore throat, along with coughing mucous and stuffy nose.

I'm so bummed. This is *not* how I wanted to spend the first 2 weeks of my babies life. So annoyed about it!

I started taking mega supplements yesterday, to try and kick this out of my system. I don't know if its viral or bacterial, but if its bacterial, I would really like to avoid antibiotics, as the last think I need is thrush after this. Aside from the fact that we don't have insurance, I don't have a doctor, etc.

But, I am noticing some improvement since I started the supplements yesterday. So, thats good! I can't be sick forever, right?

Anyways, being sick with a newborn SUCKS. So grateful for breastmilk!!!
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I always get sick after birthing, usually around the third day postpartem. Our bodies are adjusting to the after birth and our immune systems tend to get comprised. The only way i have found to keep from getting sick postpartem is to get adjusted right away after birth. My lymph nodes got swollen and i got a sore throat so i went and got adjusted and i'm all better! I got pneumonia after my third babe. I hope you feel better soon!
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Thanks for sharing that! I hadn't even thought of chiropractic! I think I'll go ahead and make an appointment tomorrow, as I could probably use an adjustment even if I am getting better.
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Feel better, Mama! Maybe take a probiotic, too? You are right - you won't be sick forever!!!
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.... get better QUICK mama!!
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Oh no! I hope you feel better soon!
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Hoping you feel better soon.
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I hope you feel better soon.
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I hope you feel better soon too!
DS#2 got sick at 1 week old and I was devestated. Like my breastmilk didn't work or something. It sucks to be sick with a baby who needs you. There is no easy way around it.
If you eat meat, a good chicken soup with some miso added to the broth and kale or spinach always clears me right out.
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Get well soon, mama!
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Oh no! I hope you get better soon!
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Feel better soon!
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Feeling any better today, mama? :
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Not much better, but hopefully soon!

I finally took myself to urgent care yesterday, as I started worrying that it may be strep throat. Test came back negative, though. Doctor said all my throat pain is actually being caused by an ear infection!! My first ever!!!

I debated about taking the antibiotics, as I don't want to deal with thrush, and its been nearly 20 years since I've taken them! But, my throat was so bad yesterday, that I could barely eat or drink.

So, I started them last night. I'm loading up big time on the probiotics, in the mean time. I'm sad that my baby is getting even a trace of the drugs through my milk, but I really have no choice. It's what I have to do.
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