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I hope this is it!

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I started having regular contractions around 2am! They have been around 10 minutes apart and getting stronger. Now that I am up and about, they are coming much closer together. The bloody show started around 4am when I lost my plug. My midwife is going to check in with me around 8 and we will take it from there.

Wish me luck, Mamas! I can't believe how painful these things are!!
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Yeah for you! I hope it is it for you as well. I'm up WAY too early. I just can't sleep. Nothing to get excited about going on, but at least being online I can distract myself instead of laying in bed awake.
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How exciting! Good luck!
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Good luck mama! Sending you easy labor vibes! :
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good luck! can't wait to hear an update!
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Good luck!
I'm envying you, pain and all
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GOOD LUCK!! :vibes:
I also envy you- pain and all....
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I hope this is it!! And I also envy you.... bring on SOMETHING around here haha.
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Sounds promising! Can't wait to hear the rest of the story.
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Yay! Best wishes for a lovely birth today!:
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Good luck!!! :
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Good Luck!!
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Good luck! I hope this is it for you! (and pass on some labor vibes to the rest of us. LOL)
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Yay! I hope everything goes smoothly!
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Sending you Smooth Birthing Vibes and trying to keep the jealous ones to myself
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Yay! Hoping no news is good news!
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Hope your little one is here and you had a great birth!
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Late to the party, but I'm betting your baby is here. I hope everything went smoothly.
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Just checking for an update! Hope you are holding your LO right now!
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