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7/20- 26 The Weekly Wait

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The babes are starting to arrive!!!! Which makes it so much harder to wait.

How is everyone doing? Early August mamas... are things starting to gear up? Late August mamas... are you still excited?

We ordered another Radian last night after spending several frustrating hours trying to fit three across with our existing seats (we have a 2001 Subaru Outback, two Radians, a Marathon, and an Alpha/Omega). We found a sale on Radians and begged an early birth gift from DH's aunt so in roughly 5-9 business days we should have a seat installed for the babe. But ugh... I was so hoping we could make some combo of Radian/Marathon or Radian/Omega work. Oh well. This way each kiddo will have a "seat for life" so to speak. And it'll make travel easier if we do another plane flight after the babe arrives (which we might, we're in NY and there will be a family reunion in CA when babe is about a year).

Still on the to-do list is to dye some prefolds (koolaid... the stash list inspired me!), visit L&D, meet with doula, print out birth plan, move packed bags to car, install that soon to arrive carseat, and make it to August 1st!
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I'm 38+1 today... I had a bunch of contractions last night but nothing real or productive. There was a front moving through (it was a delicious 60 degrees when I woke up!) so I think that may have been why. Otherwise I'm still feeling fine.

I think we're ready for the baby whenever he is ready. Got the cosleeper and crib set up, got the stash organized, everything is washed, carseat installed. I printed out signs all over the house about what the girls eat, when they sleep, bedtime routines, how to work our TV (my husband is a geek so our tv/media center is ridiculously hard to get a simple show on )

the house is as clean as I think it has ever been since we've lived here, too. nesting is a good thing
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Only 37+2 today but feeling like I did with DS at 41 weeks. Just exhausted.
I even changed my schedule today so I didn't have to go into the office. The thought of the commute was too much. So, here I sit, working on the couch trying to focus and get everything done before I go out. But really all I want to do it get ready for baby. Maybe I will start another baby knitting project over the lunch hour

DH is being very patient with me and DS is trying but really asking a toddler to slow down because mommy is tired is pretty pointless. He is all energy all the time. At least we went to the playground Saturday for a few hours and I took him for a walk plus his aunt came over Sunday so he was entertained for part of the time. Weekdays really are easier because he has daycare where he can get some of the energy burned off.
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thorn: The signs are a great idea! I hadn't even thought of anything like that but it sounds just genius!

Wombat: Congrats on the carseat! I hope you get it in with time to spare and don't ever have to worry about it again!

Pernillep: I am currently doing the exact same thing. Working from home, on the couch, completely failing to focus on work, dreaming about baby stuff. Oh well, they won't fire us this close to the end will they?

I'm 34 weeks but we're getting pretty anxious. Sometimes I wish we hadn't been trying so hard for a few months because it makes the wait feel so much longer! Maybe next time we'll intentionally just 'let things happen' (if that's even possible).

We have a place in family housing, and we'll be able to move in before I'm full term. : We move in a week from tomorrow, and we've even found people to help. I wasn't sure we'd be able to because we just moved here and just haven't had much time to make friends, but things always work out in the end. (Hallelujah!) We have just about everything we need, and we've started stalking the thrift stores for books. I HIGHLY recommend doing this. I keep finding books that I read when I was a kid but would never have remembered on my own. It's so much fun! And some of the books are just crazy weird (like: "Why Mommy is a Democrat" which uses language geared for toddler-aged kids to sort of 'suck them in'. We both tend to vote that way but somehow it never occurred to us that propaganda started with kids so young! We got a kick out of it.), we even found a book about a polar bear who attacked a tourist at our local zoo. Seriously, going through these books is the most fun I've had in a long time.

All we need left now are diapers. Someone very generously offered to get us started as a welcome baby gift, but I'm not sure if she's sending $$ or diapers, so I'm waiting to buy anything until I get what is apparently already in the mail.

I LOVE reading about everyone's prep, it's making this seem so REAL!
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Still dragging my arse over here.

I am starting to wake every hour to pee or drink Mylanta or have to drink or move or something. Thankfully my DD has been going back to sleep after nursing in the AM so I am getting an extra 1/2 hour of sleep.
And I can't believe we are down to that one nursing per day!

I am at 34+3, so there's a while yet. I have a strange feeling this one will be early but don't want to jinx it!

I am finding it impossible to tell what the baby's position is. Anyone have any advice? He feels so big and when he stretches it hurts!

Sounds like everyone is making progress getting ready. I have to try to fit the infant bucket in the car this week. If it doesn't fit we will be getting a Radian sooner rather than later. Otherwise I am being lazy, lazy, lazy...

We are supposed to have temps in the mid-90s for the next week (not that common here in OR) so I am so glad we got a portable a/c finally. I am HOT!
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I am laying in bed right now. I had ds most of last week so I put him in a camp all this week so I could relax and get stuff done.

So far, I have watched a tv show on my laptop, did a half hours of a hypnobabies (sleeping), and am now just reading through mothering. I don't really feel that guilty. It is nice to have a day to relax.

Plus, if I rest most of the day then I can get stuff done later, right?

I am really starting to feel the presence of my baby. She is really starting to wake up! I can not wait to meet her! I can't imagine feeling sad about not being pregnant anymore. I know I felt a ittle sad about that last time, but maybe that was bc I was out and about more.

I am having trouble turning down photography work. Number 1, I love to do it, and if I go too long without a new shoot or project I start to get antsy for it. Number two the money is just too good, and I plan on not shooting for two months (from the beginning of Aug through Sept).

Overall, I am still a little scared of the birth, but I am hoping the hypnobabies will start giving me more confidence.
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Wow, lots going on around here! I'm an end of Aug mama so I'm waiting patiently for my turn. I'm having lots of uterine activity these days so I'm trying to take it easy and I'm holding off on the RRL until I reach 37 weeks. Anyone else having cramping, pressure and increased BH but not yet full term? It is a little stressfull, I really don't want a pre-term baby so I'm taking it easy. I had a UTI that I've been on antibiotics for since Fri so I'm hoping once it is completely gone things settle down.
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35 and some over here I feel ok, just tired but it hasn't gotten any worse. Consistent BH, but no cramping. I am pretty sure baby is not tranverse anymore, but I can't figure out if her head is down or her butt. I've had 2 chiro visits and am going again tomorrow. I may try to see a MW this week to check her position. Now if I could only kick this nasty cold:
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Today, I am 35 weeks. Even though I still have somewhere around 5 weeks left, I can't believe we are all so close. I have definitely felt more pressure lately, and the baby has really discovered my cervix and bladder this past couple of weeks. I think it might be the baby's new fascination.... OUCH, haha!

My co-sleeper just arrived today, so, I am looking forward to setting it up. The room has been set up since last weekend, but I haven't gotten our room set up yet. This will be a start. My DH had the past two weeks off, and we have really kicked butt with getting everything done. We also had a house guest this past week (one of my DH's friends that needed some help with a work project) that just left this morning. He was here for an entire week, and even though it was a bit trying for me, I think I did pretty well with keeping it all together. I think I only lost it a couple of times.

I only have three more weeks of work left, and I can't wait until I am done. I know my last week (I'll be 37 weeks then) will be quite the doozy. My books are already full... YIKES! Other than that, I'm just getting so excited each day, let alone each week.

Here's to all of us ladies and to the mamas with little ones that have already decided to join us!
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I'm 37w2d today. On Thursday I had an ultrasound that estimated the baby at 7 pounds 7 ounces, but they were more concerned about his large head, ack! The OB said it would be great if I could give birth this week and/or sooner rather than later. I agree, but we have to wait for this little guy to decide when to come! I'm having pain and pressure on my cervix (especially when I stand and walk). I'm sure that his unusually large head is contributing, lol! I've had lower back pain since last night, but it is constant, so I don't think it's back labor. I'm also having some mild cramps this morning, which is worrying me more. I guess real labor will be more painful, but I'm worried that I might miss something since I have a higher tolerance for pain and tend to ignore it (years of practice with horrible back pain and menstrual cramps taught me how to do this).
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37 weeks and no longer feeling the joy of being pregnant. Took the weekend off and slept, went out with friends and generally did nothing while dh looked after the boys. But then its monday again and back to housework etc. I am waking every 90minutes to wee and my back really aches and i have piles
but i'm trying to stay positive as potentially i have another 5 weeks to go. Saying that, 3 weeks sounds scarily soon to have a baby.
Got a herbal tincture, simular to the stuff mentioned in last weeks thread - 5w? so i've started taking that, not yummy.
Increased my healthy food and vit c as swine flu has hit the town where dh works. I'm not really worried but its not something i'd want while pregnant or in the few months after giving birth. My neighbour came round today asking for the special powder i gave him last time he was ill (vit c), he was not allowed to cross the threshold into my garden! The past two times i've given birth with a cold, not this time.
Dh still has a long to do list and i've written up a housework list so he knows what to do when i'm resting with the baby, last time i was up and making dinner 6 hours after giving birth.
Its all getting a bit real, must read lots of positive birth stories to keep my head in the right place for my UC.
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Originally Posted by mouso View Post
I am finding it impossible to tell what the baby's position is. Anyone have any advice? He feels so big and when he stretches it hurts!

I am HOT!
My baby has been head down, facing right for at least 10 weeks now. I can feel his bony little butt up high (rarely up into my ribs, though, since I'm carrying so low), and then the hardness of his spine down that same left side. Right side - soft because of no body parts, but it is where I get most of my kicks - aside from the head banging I get on my bladder and cervix. YIKES!

Then, yesterday, he did a bunch of wiggling and moving - you know - not the quick punch/kicks, but the long, slow, protruding dragging across 6+ inches of belly I was pretty sure he had turned. Sure enough - at my MW appt this morning, I kept quiet to see what she would say - yep! He'd turned around.

Lo and behold - as I've typed this, he's turned back. LOL!! Hope that helps.

As for being hot - I had to have DH turn the A/C down to 70 DEGREES last night. I was SOOOO hot! I'm hypothyroid, so that's not normal for me, and it's only in the 70's here right now...idk
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I really don't keep up with this thread- but I want to!!!!

I am taking 5W and I started at 35 weeks (last Thursday). I am really crampy today. (35 weeks, 4 days). Lots of bowel movements, and burping, and tons of crampiness. Has this happened with others? I am only taking one pill per meal instead of two. I am thinking I should cabinet the pills and pull back out at 37 weeks- what do you girls think?

I am so excited when I see the welcome baby threads- it makes me fill up with anticipation right away and get so happy for mamas that are meeting their babies!

Hope everyone has a great week!
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pictures of all the signs I've made. I am such a dork.
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Originally Posted by thorn View Post

pictures of all the signs I've made. I am such a dork.
I need to do this badly....I am thinking about it at least! Very nice!
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That is so cool about your carseat Wombat and I love the signs Thorn!!

My month window of when I hope baby will come starts on FRIDAY!!! I am so not ready!!!!

Here things are NUTS!!!! First it has been around 115 degrees outside which makes getting anything done the pits! Thank goodness my birth center is out by the beach and about 25+ degrees cooler, now if I can talk DH into camping down there through the heat wave hahah!

We are coming along on the house, DH has all the flooring and painting done in the nursery, now it is just about getting all the furniture in and decorating : I just hope we find room for all the stuff we pulled out of that room : I am constantly getting rid of stuff lately it seems. Now whats left is our room, getting dying, sewing and a mural done, that's it hahah yeah it seems so easy on paper

While things turned out great in finding out LO is in fact head down : My BP was up so now I have to worry about that. I hope it will stay in line and be good. They want me to rest its just hard with so much to do and the heat. As long as everything else stays in line things are going to be ok and we can still plan on going to the Birth Center.

And before this really becomes a book I am so excited that Thursday marks DH and I's 4 year wedding anniversary. It's hard to believe that shortly after we will have a baby! WOW!

Overall things are crazy and interesting and I am doing my best to prepare!
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I'd make signs but I don't think anyone would read them. Though I may make a list of my favorite foods... after dd2 arrived people were always going out to pick up a meal and somehow they always mis-remembered my favorites and would bring totally random stuff ("But you always get the super insanity hot pepper dishes, right?" resulting in "errrr... not in this lifetime! How can years of religious dedication to "sweet and sour chicken" have possibly morphed into death by pepper steak?").

This babe is still moving around... if I do a kick count I always get kicks... but he is moving a lot less than he was just a few days ago. I don't know if he is just comfy/settled in or what. I'm trying not to worry (since the kick counts do show he is moving round) but I'm actually doing kick counts which I almost never do soooooo... I'm not as laid back as I look!

By conception date I'll be 37 weeks on Thursday, by LMP&U/S I'm about a half week ahead of that (so already 37 and a couple days). I'm wondering if maybe the decrease in wiggles is a birth sign? DD2 got very quiet the day or two before her birth, but I don't remember the exact details and didn't write them down.
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I'm only 35+ weeks right now

I still have to install the carseat LOL.
get my newborn dipes, wash and put them away
wash and lanolize the woolies that I've knitted
fold some baby clothes

That's something that I'm not enjoying really. I have all these baby clothes and I'm so NOT excited about any of the newborn stuff. I mean, some of it I am, but most of it just seems like a chore because I don't LOVE LOVE LOVE looking at it. Plus, without my diapers here, I can't really figure out what my baby is going to be hanging out in mostly.

With my 2nd son, it was hot out so he mostly wore long sleeve shirts, a cloth diaper and woolies. I think I'll just be doing that again this time.

I'm running out of room in my belly, this baby is def. trying to stretch out.
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Originally Posted by wombatclay View Post
I'd make signs but I don't think anyone would read them.
well, whether it is my BIL or my IL's taking care of the kids, neither of them are that familiar with our household or routines, so that is the reason for the signs. dd1 is autistic and so certain things HAVE to be done a certain way or she totally freaks out (like leaving that porch door open. thank goodness for storm windows or we'd be cooling all of north Atlanta every day!)
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I'm too uncomfortable to be excited. I can't even move without pain. Which sucks becuase I really want to do some nesting.

But the pregnancy is healthy so I'm grateful for that. Despite my misery.
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