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Hope it is okay that I'm bumping such an old thread, but it seems to have let me, soooo... what do you ladies think? I recently switched to home-made laundry soap for everything, and so far, so good. Going to be getting a bunch of cloth diaper stuff in the next few days, though, so I'd love to hear more testimonials!

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I use laundry tarts. I haven't had any issues at all and the diaps come out nice and clean. No need to strip them in the four months I've used it daily or every other day. I'm giving it a 10.
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i use country save. i'd rate it an 8 - after 6 months+ i eventually had to strip but i don't think it's the detergent's fault. it always left my prefolds, fitteds, and hemp and bamboo inserts in fantastic shape. i had some trouble with my pul/fleece pocket shells. it started when i tried rockin' green though, not country save! i have a FLer too so it may well be that it needed more rinsing. i haven't had any staining, my dipes smell nice (even though she's got toddler pee now!). i'm not giving it a 10 because there's an off chance that the country save was responsible for the pockets not getting clean enough, but it did do a great job of my PUL wraps and cotton/hemp/bamboo. those didn't get washed in the RnG.


i'm giving rockin' green a 2 because my girl started getting the diaper rash IMMEDIATELY after trying it. i have hard water, i used hard rock unscented. didn't expect a problem but there you go. it did leave my diapers clean and white though. 


i'm giving RLR laundry additive a 10 because boy, did it ever get out whatever was in those pockets. they are bright white like new, smell fantastic, and left no rash. it did require several cycles to get all the bubbles rinsed away but again, that's probably due to the rockin' green residue.

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All free and clear- 8.5


Ive used over 20 types of natural detergents,and none of them have cut it for me- I just cant stand the ammonia smell. All free and clear does the job and I bleach all my PF's and inserts about twice a year and then run them through twice with hot hot water.

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Planet 10, Eco Spout 8, Soap nuts 8, RnG 6, Ecos 0!! Ecos left my diapers with weird brown stains (and they were only pee diapers!!!). Oh, and we have very hard water, so we use calgon with every load, or else nothing gets completely clean.

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We used Charlie's Soap exclusively with Fuzzi Bunz and never, ever had any issues. Never stripped. No irritation. They stank a bit in the bag but we rarely had any retained smells i.e. no ammonia reek when the baby pee'd.. We were using commercial washers in our apartment.


We tried Charlie's Soap as a primary laundry soap for everything else but it didn't work nearly as well as 7th Gen for regular clothes. I've never used it on cloth diapers.


A friend recommends Rockin Green for our borrowed kissaluvs so we'll try that first.


I am not interested in experimenting with my cloth. I will never be a person who asks hey has anyone ever tried X? Nope. Tried and true and no problems. I don't mind stocking two. And I loathe scented anything.

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We used Rockin Green for a while but I didn't love it enough to keep having to order it. I like the convenience of running to the store and picking something up. When we switched over mainly to fitteds, I switched to Tide powder which is incredible. 
I switched to Ecos detergent and one other green soap, and it caused a lot of build up and DS was getting ammonia burns from his overnight diapers. We are back to tide now, and will definitely be sticking with that. 

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I love Rockin' Green. I've been using it every other day on DD's prefolds with no problems- I've never had to strip them (she was in orange edge about three months and has been in yellow edge going on 5). 


Because I can't go out and buy it at the store I give it a 9.

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