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Movies and Video Games?

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What is the general opinion from the tv-free crowd on video games (for the adults) and movies? We don't have kids yet, but we don't have cable or satellite at all, and people have gone so far as to call us hypocrites for watching movies or playing video games. His parents think we're completely stupid and crazy for not just getting cable so we can watch all the stupid "World's Blankiest Blank" and "History of How They Make The Cardboard Box" type shows that they love. We do have televisions, four of them in fact (all free except one cheapo from a garage sale), but they are only used for movie watching, video gaming (both of us play games), and for trying to get signal with that new antenna box gadget to see the weather report during storms.

So, what do y'all say? Is it hypocritical to use the TV for movies and games, and then say we're TV free, or even just say we don't like TV?
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I don't think so. Watching a movie that you choose, one without commercials, is a completely different ballgame than turning on the TV and allowing unfiltered dreck into your home.

We don't have a TV but I enjoy DVDs on the computer and the kids have a once-a-week movie night, which started when our oldest was 8. I can't comment on video games as I neither play them nor understand their appeal.
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Playing a video game is not the same as watching a show or movie. At all. Is having a Nintendo DS the same as having a tv? I didnt think so
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We don't watch tv shows, but do watch dvds. And DD doesn't watch anything. I don't think it's hypocritical at all.
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I don't call our family TV-free, but we don't watch broadcast TV at all, except during football season, when need my weekly game fix.

We do watch videos and some shows on the internet, though that's mostly DH.

While I do think videos, video games, and internet viewing are different than just watching whatever is on, I tend to think "TV-free" means no TV/no video time at all. I guess everyone defines it a bit differently, though.
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No, I don't think it's hypocritical. Television is not the same as movies or games, so if you aren't watching TV it's certainly accurate to call yourself TV-free. And why should they care

As far as my opinion on movies/video games for adults- we choose not to use TV or video games at all in our home and we watch a few dvd's a year. We don't like the effect that they have on us and think we have better things to do.
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I guess it all depends on what your definition of "TV" is. If it means that the TV is in the "on" position, then no you are not "TV Free". But if "TV" == cable/broadcast telly with 30 minute shows etc, then you are "TV Free". Personally I think there is a HUGE difference in TV v. Movies/Video games. Commercials are only the start of it.

But like previous poster said: "Why should they care?" You could just call yourselves "TV-Lite" to smooth the friction.
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