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How much floradix??

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My hemoglobin is low and I am trying to get it up before the birth. I am at a 10.3 and need to be up to 12. I bought some floradix today and am wondering how much I can take to get my levels up as quickly as possible. Anyone have any experience?
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I was only borderline anemic and there was no great urgency to bring my levels up (other than to not fall asleep at the wheel!) but I really liked my Floradix. I was taking just one dose a day and had decent results. My SIL is taking 3 a day per her Dr's recommendation and is also happy. My understanding is that since Floradix is so easily assimilated it works quickly to correct your levels. Sorry I can't be more helpful, but that is my limited Floradix experience.
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You can double the recommended dose (I think it's 10mL?) so you could take 20mL per day. You could probably take more, but that is what's recommended. However, it takes 56 days for your body to make a red blood cell, so it's unlikely that your Hgb would jump so much in the <1 week before your EDD. Is it your care provider who is worried? Have you had your ferritin checked? Make sure you eat loads and loads of iron-rich foods, too. Good luck! :
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