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oh yes, my first was also very very uneccesarily induced just two days after her due date.

I went around cleaning as much as I could today, regretting not calling the cleaning co. a friend reccomended. Im exahusted!
Did I mention that I totally forgot about dinner- and ended up basically kicking dh out of the kitchen while I cried and wimpered through making a thrown-together pasta dinner? (Kicked him out because I felt like such a jerk that I totally forgot and that he had just come home from a longer day than he expected and started throwing stuff together himself...)
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My EDD is Friday and so far no signs of labor whatsoever. If there's no baby by Friday, I'll be joining you ladies on the other side of 40 weeks.
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Still here - still miserable. Yesterday was contractions all day long - really thought the big day had finally arrived - then, they just went away - like fog lifting on a hazy day. They are back again today and I'm just so not interested in another uncomfortable day that doesn't result in a baby!!! I started my maternity leave yesterday and I'm so afraid I started it too early and that I will have ended up taking much needed time away from baby post-birth. I just couldn't handle working and taking care of my toddler any more though (work from home.)

I have to say though - the clothes situation isn't that bad. I normally hate Walmart and avoid it like the plague. I had to go in there for something though and saw they have a huge selection of organic cotton tees that are super long and super soft and cheap too. I bought a bunch and they have been wonderful! They will be great after the birth too since they have deep v necks and will make b-feeding easy.
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Joining you ladies on the other side of 40 weeks. I'm so uncomfortable. I am 3 days more pregnant so far this time. My mw won't do/talk about any natural induction things till next week. Then at 42 weeks it becomes a medical induction. I hope that this baby decides to make an appearance soon. I haven't even been feeling contractions. I just can't do anything with my toddler and my feet are so swollen that flip flops hurt to wear. For clothes I found a long t-shirt feely skirt that I have been living in for the past two weeks. Also t-shirts are the only comfortable thing that covers my belly. (luckily my dh is a bigger guy than me ) hope we have our babies soon!
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Still here....

I'm getting more impatient by the second. This sucks.
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41 weeks today, but I'm not too antsy. Two days ago I gave myself a new due date of August 1st so I wouldn't feel like I was totally late, and it seems to have worked (psyching myself out that way), lol.
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Ive been living in a knit skirt from Old Navy for months now LOL - that and yoga pants! I did find that over the skirt, my tank tops still cove rmy belly. so. tank tops everyday till little man shows up.

I am finding myself making random projects, like today it was well, since he hasn't come yet, maybe I should organize the fridge... and then it was... well, thats done, I think I should go through the pantry, too while I'm at it... then make a lis to fall teh essentials I am out of.... shew!
(then went to Trader Joes and restocked!!!)
now what can I work on... LOL
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oh my gosh I can't believe I'm still pregnant!! In-SANE.
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still pregnant here too! 41 weeks 2 days. :
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Originally Posted by lindsayjean View Post
oh my gosh I can't believe I'm still pregnant!! In-SANE.
yeah I hear you! I'm 41 weeks today!
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It is starting to get weird. I figured I knew what to expect with a 4th baby, but this one is already throwing me for a loop! I had it in my head that we'd be adding a nice calming water sign to the house, but nooooo, we've got another fire sign now, and already s/he's stirring it up! LOL!
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40+4 here.
dh is in pilot school and is flying about 45min away (airport is about 20 from here....) this afternoon- this will be the furthest away he will be for the next week- so I figure soemthing is bound ot happen while he's at that furthest point. Or tomorrow. Our anniversary. :P
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I'll be 40 weeks in a couple of hours.
I've never been this PG before.
Also been having promordal labour. Not fun. Painful but not causing any dilation!

Hopefully all our babes will be here soon!
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Still here. . .
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Well, My EDD was the 24 and so far no signs that this baby is on his way. I had Rowan 2 days before his EDD so I never got to this point with him. I never thought that it would bother me if I went past my date but it really is. I didn't even start to feel like I didn't want to be pregnant anymore until just a couple of days ago. But now I am feeling impatient and I just want to meet this baby! My in-laws were in town last week in hopes of being here when the baby came. I really think that the stress of entertaining them everyday while DH was at work and having my MIL ask me everyday when the baby was gonna come out of me has pushed me past my date. It was just too much having people staring at me and trying to interpret ever move I made as a sign that I was going into labor! And now that they are gone I am getting sick of everyone I talk to asking me how I am "feeling". They don't really want to know how I am feeling.. they want to know if there are any signs of labor and they are using the word "feeling" as a less obvious way of saying it. : Comon people.. If I was in labor, it would be the first thing I would tell you. You don't have to ask me!!!!!
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Sending all of you labor vibes.
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still here. Checkin in at 40w6d.
MIL who has guessed everything right so far (guessed I was preg before I announced, guessed its a boy, guessed name- first and middle) says either today or the 28th. Unless I have an extra quick birth, looks like the 28th- which would make sense as MW will strip membranes tomorrow...
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I am officially over 40 weeks two hours ago
I have never made it this far being induced the last two babies.
I am so ready to have this baby.

Like BlessedEarthMother, I have my MIL here waiting. She is driving my crazy, so I am trying just not to be alone with her

I miss my kids though and just want to start our lives again rather than being in waiting zone. I am so uncomfortable. I have had pains for weeks. I am 3cm but this baby is still so high and obviously very comfortable!

Sending everyone : So hoping for a July baby still!
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