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Well ladies, I made it to the other side.... 6 days past my EDD, but it was FAST- 3 hour labor- so I think just waiting until he was ready made all the difference. Sending you all labor vibes!!!
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Still waiting I am beginning to wonder if this baby is even going to show up in July. I need to call my MW. When I saw her last week she was so sure that I would have the baby this week that she didn't schedule me another prenatal. Looks like I will need an appointment for tomorrow.

I have to say that I am so glad I had an ultrasound at 5 months. My original EDD based on my last menstrual period was July 13. I had only begun having cycles again as DS1 was still nursing. My cycles were not regular yet and quite long. I knew I hadn't ovulated that early but you can't prove it to anyone. So when I had my ultrasound they gave me a new date of July 24 based on baby's measurements. I am so happy that I was not still looking at the 13th as my EDD..... I would be going CRAZY by now!!!!! Just being 40W 3D is messing with me. I know rationally that up to 42 weeks can be normal... Emotionally I am having a hard time with that idea.
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ug, 41w5d now. Midwife is going to come over and strip my membranes this afternoon. I really didn't want any interventions but we're starting to get a time crunch here now. I'll have to have a NST if we go to 42 weeks. And I'm not sure about the legality of homebirth after 42 weeks here. I'm hoping my body just needs a little jump start and that we'll be in labor tonight or early tomorrow. I've had lots (and lots and lots) of braxton hicks contractions, I think I lost some more (pinkish) mucous plug last night, i also dreamed about going into labor last night. We've been walking and having lots of sex (lol) and ds has been nursing a lot. NONE of it is working. ug.
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Congratulations again LindsayJean!

I am now 40w2d. I also have never gone past dates and while part of me is saying, he'll come when he is ready, another part is getting annoyed. I am sick of the "no baby yet"? comments.

Physically I feel fine. Went for a 4K run on Friday afternoon. No swelling, nothing. Not bad for an old lady!
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You went jogging at 40 weeks? LOL! That sounds crazy to me! My exercise is limited to rocking in my rocking chair. Granted, this would be true pregnant or not. (I peeked in on the exercise thread a while ago and felt like I was reading in a foreign language, lol)

Seriously though, we just brought in this old rocking chair from the garage yesterday, and all last night and this morning when I was sitting in it, I was finally having some real ctx, so we are calling it the magical contraction chair. This is the first day (I'm 41+4 today) that I feel like I may not make it to August.
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41 today.
MW stripping membranes at 2:30 today.
Anticipating this hurting, I recall with my dd it hurt... maybe it was the UAV of a doc I had?
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Talked to the MW today... She said that the date I got at my ultrasound could be a week to 12 days off.... and a normal pregnancy can be up to 42 weeks.... I could still be pregnant for 3 or 4 more weeks!!!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!
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only 3-4 more weeks! A friend of mine on Facebook found this online and helpfully posted it to my wall:

"According to a Time Magazine article published in 1945, the longest pregnancy on record is 375 days (as opposed to the usual 280 days). Amazingly, the delivered baby was only 6 pounds, 15 ounces"

looks like you have almost another 85 days to go before you need to worry

HaHA! Very funny! (and crazy! 375 days!)
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Originally Posted by Kmarie42 View Post
I pretty much did the same thing. I am just expecting an August baby now. Right now, I feel like it would be normal to just stay pregnant for the rest of my life. I guess I have gotten used to it.
LOL, I feel the same way. I am still pretty comfortable. I've gained 30 lbs. No swelling. Can still jog (slowly) and I am sleeping OK.
Right now it does feel like I am going to be pregnant for the rest of my life.
I am a little worried about how big he might be getting. DS was 9 lb 5 oz and he was born 5 days early. A full week (at least) before this one!
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Any update kellykins?
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Well, here I am... today is my edd.. well, depending on how you figured it (trusting my body or trusting ultrasound) last tuesday was my edd too. LOL! Either way I'm tired of being pregnant and ready for it to be over.
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Well, I'm not quite there, but thought I'd join in. 2 days until my due date. Wishing I'd go already. I'm having cramping and digestive "issues". I'd say I'm having BHs but they are painful. So, I'm not sure what to call them. lol I never had anything but painless BHs with the other three. Anyway, this has been going on for a few days now. I'm ready for William to come on out. I just wish he was ready too. LOL
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oh boy i'm here too now, because today is my edd... i'm pretty much ok with it so far because for some reason i've just had a feeling for a few months that the baby would like to come on august second, so i've had that date in my head for a while too. i sure do get uncomfortable by about dinner time though, and it is SOOO hot here it takes until 1 or so in the morning before it is cooled off enough outside to open the house up and that just makes me feel hotter and more clausterphobic. i wish wish i could go swimming but i'm a bit freaked about the river (i've been in it pre-pregnancy without a second thought but it just seems like it might be a bit too dirty now) and when we were going to the pool regularly for a few days a little bit ago dh got an eye infection and i got a nasty cold, so the pool is out too. phooey. i've been day dreaming about going to see harry potter again in the theater even though we went on opening day just to do something fun where i don't have to stand or walk too much and go to the air conditioning!
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I haven't gained much weight (was overweight to begin with though) but I am SO uncomfortable. My pelvis hurts, my back hurts, etc, etc. It is definitely not a nice place to be physically. I wish this was over... I can't WAIT for it to be over LOL!
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Officially past my due date today! It's unusually hot here (in the pacific northwest) so I feel justified complaining about how uncomfortable I am. No one has A/C here, and I live in a rural area -- I was pretty excited about heading to the grocery store this morning to escape the heat. Otherwise, I just feel "too good" to think that I'm going into labor anytime soon... both my DD's were born a few days past their due dates, so I'm not sure why I feel like this baby is never going to come.
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Still waiting.... I started to have some contractions with some crampy feelings last night so I had dh go ahead and set up the birth tub just in case. Unfortunately it didn't develop into anything. So far today has been quiet too. I went for an adjustment yesterday and a massage today. They both helped me feel better and to take my mind off of waiting. If I don't go into labor I'm going back to the chiropractor tomorrow. If I am going to continue to pregnant I want to at least not be miserable!
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i went to acupuncture today to try to move things along.

40w4d. Tomorrow will mark a full week more PG than I have ever been before.

I've been havinh mild period like contractions for over 2 weeks.

My condolences to those of you in the Pacific Northwest. I grew up in Vancouver BC where it is also blazing hot right now and no one has AC.
I have been sooooo thankful for our crappy raining, cold summer here in normally hot and humid Ontario.
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