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"each day is one day less until the birth"

My sweet DH reminded me of that yesterday morning. It was so nice to hear. LOL I keep telling myself that. "one day closer, one day closer"

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Originally Posted by Kmarie42 View Post
Who else is still pregnant? (Today is 41+4 for me)
I feel you, Mama. I am 41+3, so we're in the same boat. I've not had anything beyond Braxton Hicks (but I've been having them my entire PG since I use Red Raspberry Leaf tincture) and some practice contractions that once in awhile make me think maybe something is happening.

I've decided to forgo any cervical checks unless I go waaay past due and am facing induction or if I think I might actually be in labor. I'm afraid mentally it will hinder the process - getting overly excited that something seems to be happening or worse, not seeing much dilation at all and get discouraged.

It is really hard. DH and I have been mentally prepared to go beyond our EDD, but it's much harder when you actually get here. Everyday feels like marching toward a dreaded deadline for me. I hate that feeling. I'm doing my best to stay mentally strong and confident and positive.

What's crazy is my sister's EDD is/was exactly one month later than mine, but she has a history of delivering at 38 weeks. Considering I am about to be 2 weeks 'late', we're probably going to deliver realllllly close together : ) I talked to her yesterday and she's already dilated 2-3 cm. I told her at the same time is fine, but before me is NOT fair! ha ha.

Hang in there - it should be any day now for us!
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Declan James arrived at 12:31 am Sunday Aug 2 after a fast and furious labour. He was 8 lb 7 oz for all my worries about him being huge at 41+1. I would say it was my most difficult labour though as it just went so fast. No break at all in the contractions between 5 and 10 cm.

He is very sweet though!
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I'm still here and pregnant at 40 weeks 3 days. Midwife appointment tomorrow. I've had a decent amount of painful contractions lately. Nothing going anywhere though. Last night I had two that were really hard to get through. Woke up extra times with a contraction. So, I think I'll finally ask to be checked at my next appt. We have an hour drive to the birth center and I'd like to have an idea of how far along I am before labor has started. If nothing is going on, great, I have more time. If I'm dilated at all, I'll take that into account when deciding when to head out.
Oh, and I'm getting some pink when I wipe too. I know it doesn't mean anything time wise, but it's nice to see something going on. LOL
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I'm still here at 40 weeks and 5 days. I did take castor oil this afternoon... 2 1/2 hours ago, but I took it for 2 reasons. #1 I am constipated and haven't gone in 3 days and #2 I figured if I need something, might as well take castor oil just in case it starts labor. We'll just see. LOL!
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Originally Posted by gossamerwindweb View Post
I'm still here at 40 weeks and 5 days. I did take castor oil this afternoon... 2 1/2 hours ago, but I took it for 2 reasons. #1 I am constipated and haven't gone in 3 days and #2 I figured if I need something, might as well take castor oil just in case it starts labor. We'll just see. LOL!
How did your castor oil work out? Just curious. My sister swears by it. I'm holding off and reserving it for my absolute last resort if I get too far along and am threatened with being induced (I'm 41+4).
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WELL..... the castor oil cleaned me out (though not as viciously as I had read about online... I took 2 ounces of it at 4:30 pm)... it did give me contractions last night, but I was able to sleep through all but 2 of them. This morning I am having contractions but since the castor oil was totally out of my system by 8:30 pm last night I don't know if it has ANYTHING to do with it or not, or if these are 'real' contractions or not. So my view on castor oil is... I have no idea. But at least I am not constipated anymore!!! Yippee!!! LOL!
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40+4 here. I couldn't sleep last night between my almost 3 year old being wakeful and clingy and these weird, regular hormonal rushes I kept getting. Every hour on the :14 I would have like these really crazy hot flash/uterine tightening/tingly/sexy rushes that would fill me with energy. It reminded me of things I'd read in Spiritual Midwifery, but I swear I wasn't stoned like I know those mamas were. Around 2 they started coming closer together. Very strange. Still are happening, but I've been too delirious to time them. I did check my cervix and baby is much lower and cervix has effaced some more, so I guess something is going on, even if it isn't labor. Weird, weird, weird.

Today is the day my 5 year old said the baby will be born (he has an amazing talent with knowing when animals will birth and how many) and it is my grandmother's birthday so it would be kind of cool if things happened, but I'm not holding my breath that things will. Besides, I'm really hoping that even if they do happen it waits until after dinnertime tonight so I don't have to miss my grandmother's birthday party.
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Originally Posted by Kmarie42 View Post
You said you feel like you are marching toward a deadline. Did your doctor or midwife give you a deadline? I hope not, because there is no way to know how much time is right for your body and your baby. I'm sure both of our bodies know what they are doing and that we need this extra time.
No, I'm only seeing a midwife and a hypertension specialist (for elevated BP, which is controlled with medication). The doctor is very understanding and pretty much stays out of it unless my BP reaches ridiculous levels. My midwife doesn't set deadlines... I just know that at some point when you really go past due, there is that pressure to go to the hospital.

I had brain surgery last year to have a tumor removed from my pituitary gland, which of course controls oxytocin and the onset of labor. I ended up PG not even 2 months post-surgery, which supposedly defied all odds. I've been really good about keeping my fears in check, but of course I have some fear that my pituitary gland won't do what it's supposed to do. I have no reason to believe it won't - my PG has been totally textbook aside from my BP (which is a problem I had prior to PG and is a lingering result of the surgery we're pretty sure. No organ problems, pre-e, toxemia, etc.).

So if I let my mind run away from me, that's when I feel like I'm marching toward a deadline. To combat that, DH is helping me to relax and focus on relaxing. We've been spending each night together in the birthing pool, just enjoying each other's company and visualizing our beautiful birth. I can't think of a better way to share our last days of 'just the two of us' together!
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Well, I no longer belong here! I hope to post the birth story soon.
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Congrats Leigh!
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Oh hooray! It's so encouraging to see some of these babies making appearances!!!

I'm 41 weeks today and have absolutely zero signs that anything has changed or will anytime soon.

I'm thankful today that I don't have anyone breathing down my neck to induce! I had thought that after 42 weeks my MW could not attend a HB, but am thrilled to find out that the only thing that changes at 42 weeks is that she legally has to consult with a Dr, and I'd need to go in for NST... not a big deal, my local hosp. is very crunchy and my MW has a very good relationship with the staff!
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I'm with you Leigh! Those crazy rushes from earlier have just been coming on. They have been 7 minutes apart all afternoon and evening and are in my thighs and cervix. I just checked myself and have dilated a good cm more (so now I'm 3+ and can stretch to a 5, so nice and soft) and my cervix is just melting away. Sweet! I hope to get a decent nights sleep tonight and wake up laboring tomorrow! We'll see if I actually can sleep though as these are getting more distracting...

This will be the first time I actually go into labor without having done anything to stir up trouble which would be soooo cool!
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So I finally had to break down and take super sleep herbs of doom last night (only 2 hours of sleep in as many days is a crappy way to start labor). Unfortunately the potent blend was enough to stop contractions. Grrr... now just waiting for my hormones to ramp up again *sigh* At least I'll be starting out at 4 cm and almost fully effaced!
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Hello mamas,
I am now 40 weeks, 1 day so I am posting here. HUGE amounts of vibes are being sent to those of you beyond 41 weeks! : You mamas are saints!! I started drinking Raspberry Leaf tea yesterday(my doula recommended Wild Primrose Tea but I couldn't find that anywhere). Today I am contracting like crazy and at the doctor's office my contractions actually SHOWED UP on the NST, which has never happened. So, I am officially having contractions! I am 50% effaced(have been for 3 weeks) but feel so positive that they actually can see my contractions now. I am going to go drink more of that tea now!!!

OH ps....if any of you get the smart idea to pump to stimulate your nipples to start labor- DON'T! It is NOT worth the pain. My doula said it is the best way to start labor but I never remember pumping or bfing being that painful, I was crying and it was on the lowest setting. My nipples ached for 2 days. OUCH!
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41 +1 today -- anyone else still around? I can't believe that I'm now hoping for the baby to arrive on my dad's b-day (last week it sounded impossibly far away... now Friday sounds pretty good) -- and if we miss that, we have Dh's brother and grandma's b-days on the weekend...

At least it's cooled off enough around here so that I can bake (my own personal sulking therapy!). I made chocolate zucchini bread, and really the zucchini is just an excuse so you don't feel bad about eating the chocolate. Yum!

Oh, and I got the birth supplies out so that they're sitting there waiting, in clear view. Maybe that will help this little one to get the idea that he/she is actually supposed to exit the womb???
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Still ticking here. My hormones have been sputtering on and off since we stopped labor on Monday, trying to gain momentum. Had membranes stripped at my appointment today and found out that I was right, my cervix is more gooey, soft, and open than it was when I started labor last time around! Now I'm going on and off the breast pump (doesn't bother my boobs), doing acupressure w/ clary sage, and going for brisk walks. DTD last night and probably will try again tonight if things peter out. Although I'm contracting every 3 minutes, they are the short (30 sec.) ones that I know tend to peter out. I'm just worried about baby coming on the weekend when DH has to work his longest hours so hope all the trouble I'm stirring up today will result in a baby by tomorrow!
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