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Kaya Rose is here!* Updated with Birth Story and Pics*

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Kaya was born at home this evening at 6:23pm.
6#1oz, 18 1/2inches
16 hours of labor, 3 of intense pushing!
Birth story and pics to follow...:

Kaya was born on her due date, less than 24 hours after I told everyone I know (who kept calling and saying things like 'so you're having the baby tomorrow?") that babies just don't come on their due dates. She has already proved me wrong once... a glimpse into the future, perhaps?!

I awoke at 2am Sunday night/Monday morning with a strong urge to have a bowel movement. When I stood up I realized that I was in the middle of a contraction that was unlike any other I had experienced so far. I decided to take note of the time and see if a pattern would establish itself or if this was just a fluke. Exactly 10 minutes later I woke again to the same feeling and did so every 10 minutes for 3 hours. At 5am I told my husband what was going and we decided to wait to call the midwife and our support team until a more decent hour since the contractions were still at 10 minutes apart.

Around 9am things really started to pick up. My SIL was here and we decided to go for a walk around the block to see how I would do with that. After the first corner, the contractions were coming about every 5 minutes and were very intense - I was almost embarrassed to be walking down the street because I was obviously in labor and didn't want to freak anyone out! I live in a really quiet but nosey neighborhood and couldn't bear to actually speak to anyone at that point!

We got back and set up the tub. The water was a wonderful relief and I was so happy to have it. I was in there for a few hours having contractions one on top of another. I spent every ounce of energy I had working on slow, controlled breathing and relaxing as much as possible. Not having been through a birth program worked in my favor, I believe. I was able to draw on my own means of coping and use that which was already within me to create a calm power that I always knew was in there somewhere.

Around 3 pm I felt the urge to push and did so slowly - working with each breath to make this a gentle journey for both Kaya and myself. After 2 1/2 hours of pushing in the tub, my midwife and I decided to try some contractions on land as see where that got us. Kaya was right there but just not making her way fully out. After just a few pushed on my hands and knees, gravity took over and she descended all the way down. WIth one final, outrageously strong and focused push, she greeted us with eyes WIDE open and a loud baby squeak!

I cannot begin to put the emotionality of this experience into words just yet. My first pregnancy and delivery was truly the complete opposite of this and I have been working very hard for 2 years to overcome the trauma from that time... and now the path to healing has been completed. I feel whole, I feel empowered, I finally feel like the woman I was meant to be.

Kaya is beautiful and healthy. She is nursing like a champ and seems to have a very mellow personality so far. Her big brother is totally in love with her and I know she will feel the same way about him.

Thank you to all the MDC Mama's in this DDC for all of your support and love throughout this time!

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: Congrats!! : Can't wait to see picts. And I love her name!
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: Yay! Congratulations! :
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Congratulations, mama! Welcome, Kaya! Can't wait to hear her birth story!
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I guess it was "it"!!! : Welcome to sweet Kaya Rose and congrats on a healthy home VBAC, mama! You are a warrior!
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Congratlaions, mama!
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CONGRATS on your HBAC!!! And welcome earthside little one
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Congrats!! Welcome baby Kaya!
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So happy for you!! Congratulations!
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finally! congrats tracymom!!!!!!!
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Congrats momma!
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Great story! Not on FB but I'm sure Kaya is a cutie.
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oh such a sweet little thing! It cracks me up that the baby I had back in May was bigger than some of the other July babies that made it to the end

I loved reading your story-- such a wonderful end of that journey you have been on for these years-- and a wonderful beginning, too. I had a similar experience of healing from my first birth. Thanks so much for sharing, and enjoy your new one!:
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Congratulations, mama! :::
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