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It's our third boy!

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: Our 7th baby arrived 10 days early on 7/18 at 12:18am, in the car!!

Joseph Alden, 8 pounds, 5 ounces, 20.25 inches long

We are so blessed. Everything went just perfectly, if not ending the way we expected. I woke up that morning to discover my bloody show and feeling twingy and crampy. Excited that this might be the day, I called my doula, the babysitter and husband and gave them a heads up to be ready for "the call" sometime soon. Then I proceeded to get the kids ready for sports camp and took them before heading off to my OB appointment. I told the dr. what was going on. She checked and told me I was 3 cm. dialated but should go on home. I was glad she didn't tell me to stay. I really wanted to labor at home as long as possible. Anyway, I went to a luncheon baby shower from my hubby's office then on home to, finally, put my feet up and concentrate on timing the contractions. They had started feeling like real contractions sometime around 2pm but were just like strong menstrual cramps. Not regular at all but pretty uncomfortable. Around 5pm I called the doula, hubby and babysitter again, but no one needed to come yet. DH did start packing things up at work and head home, though. My doula (also a lay midwife) said to time things and let her know if things made any drastic changes. So I settled in for timing them, but they hadn't really changed in intensity or regularity. I did call the babysitter and ask her to come take over for the evening so hubby and I could rest and focus on laboring. That was wonderful to know the kids were occupied and supervised. DH and I just went to bed to rest. He zonked out pretty quickly. I snoozed between contractions, but never felt like I got much rest. I finally called my doula around 9 and asked her to come on over so we wouldn't end up waiting too late and panicking on the way to the hospital. The contractions were still very irregular. They varied from 2 to 20 minutes apart the whole day, never showing any signs of getting into a pattern. They were getting stronger, though, and by 10 I had to breathe through them and couldn't talk til they were over. My doula checked me at 10pm and I was only 4cm. (disappointing considering 6 hours of labor so far). I decided to lie down around 11pm because I was so tired. This slowed things down a bit, but at 11:30 I had a much more intense contraction, moaning through it. My doula could hear the difference and said "let's check you again at midnight and see how you've progressed". Then I had 2 more of these really intense ones, like 2 or 3 min. apart, and at 11:40 or so she went ahead and checked me; I was 5-6cm. We decided we'd go ahead and head to the hospital, but when I went to get up off the couch, I had another contraction and my water broke. That's when she said "we need to go NOW". So we hurried up to put the stuff in the car. I told her I really needed to pee, she said not to dare sit on the toilet, but to pee in a towel as I was standing up, so I did. It felt good to empty my bladder; it made the contractions so much easier to bear. Then I'm in the driveway and a huge contraction comes and I tell my doula she'd better ride with us and not follow. She agreed, we hop in and tear off down the road. DH is driving faster than I really want him to. I'm thinking "it's not worth wrecking". My doula is trying to tell L&D that we are on our way. She's telling me to breathe through them and not push. About 2 miles down the road I know absolutely for sure that we are not going to make it. I tell DH to pull over NOW. Luckily it's before we get on the interstate. So he pulls over, I'm breathing and trying not to push and groaning reallllllly loudly, he's on the phone with 911, my doula gets out and comes over to my door just in time to catch him. He is born in the car at 12:18am. The placenta delivers spontaneously about 5 min. later and we decide not to wait for an ambulance. So, we drive on to the ER and they take me up to L&D where they are expecting us.
As frantic as it all sounds, it was just perfect. I was not scared at all because my doula is also a midwife and she knew just what to do. This might sound silly, but I would have preferred delivering in the car than going too early to the hospital and having to do the IV and monitoring, etc, etc. That's why I wanted to labor at home as long as possible. I just didn't count on cutting it that close! Everything on my birth plan happened exactly the way I wanted. I am so grateful. We came home a day and a half later and are settled at home catching up on our rest and establishing breastfeeding. He is just beautiful and all the kids adore him. I am so glad to get to share my birth story with you all.
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Wow, what a ride...literally! Congratulations, mama!
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Congrats! What a cool birth story! :
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Congratulations mama! I'd take a quick and uncomplicated car delivery over dealing with a pushy hospital staff any day!
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I couldn't figure out why a doula was checking your cervix.... until you said she is also a midwife. LOL! Anyhow, CONGRATS!!! Welcome earthside little one And yes... I would rather birth almost anywhere.... rather then deal with too many interventions due to being at the hospital too early!
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Congratulations, mama! What a wonderful birth story! Welcome LO!
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Congrats and what a great birth story!
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Wow! I'm glad everything went so well. Though we planned on a homebirth with midwives I think my husband would have died of a panic attack if I had given birth in the car. Good job keeping your cool through it all Congratulations!
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Wow! What a dramatic birth story! Congrats on your new LO!
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Wow!! Congratulations!!
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Congrats! That is an awesome story, I'm glad that your doula was with you!
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What a birth story!
Congrats Mama! Welcome baby! ::
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Welcome Joseph Alden! What an intense story to tell him one day. Enjoy your beautiful boys!
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WOW!!! Sounds like its right out of a movie or TV show!!! (in a good way!)
unreal!! Welcome to the world, little man!
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A cool update...A friend of mine decided to put up a birth announcement sign, like yard signs people get, at the site of his birth on the roadside. She thought it was a nice change from all the memorial sites where car accidents happened. I can't wait to go and take a picture of Joseph next to it!
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