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Transverse baby at full-term - UPDATE

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Hi Ladies,
I went to my OB check yesterday and the baby is transverse (my DD is Wed). I did spinning babies exercises last night and am hoping for the best. I'm heading in to the hospital now for a version and then probably an induction. I've got extra fluid so the baby has too much room to move around, but hopefully they will have room to turn her.
This is my 4th birth - was hoping for my first home birth but at this point just trying to avoid a section.
Please send any prayers, baby/labor vibes our way today!

Update with quick birth story - Baby was head down when we arrived at the hospital but still not engaged. Too much fluid to just break my water to start induction so started some pit. Got going, turned it off, AROM, labored for 4 hours with good contractions. Labor stalled out for 3 hours, restarted pit briefly took me into transition and pushing. Squatted out a 9lb 1oz baby girl at 10:30 last night. In the end it was a great birth exactly how it needed to happen. My home birth team labored with me all day in the hospital, my OB's were fabulous and very non-intervention ( I asked for the 2nd round of pit because I was getting very tired and knew we had to get moving or I would wear out). Baby went straight to my chest and stayed there for almost an hour before anyone else touched her. My 9yo son got to come in and cut the cord. We are now home and getting settled in - had a calm, quiet day in the hospital bonding with the baby - she never left my sight. Couldn't have asked for a better hospital birth!
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Mama! Hopefully they can turn her. : Sending you lots of good thoughts and labor vibes too!
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I hope they get her turned!
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Praying she will turn vertex!! :
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: Turn baby, turn. Good luck, mama.
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i hope the version isn't too bad and that she turns!!!!! : good luck if you do end up with an induction, can't wait for news.
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Turn baby!! i had excess fluid and MW was worried that babe would have too much room and be all floaty too. in the end she ended up head down. Good luck with the version!
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Glad to hear you had a good birth. Congratulations, mama!
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congrats!! Welcome earthside, little one
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congrats mama!
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What a great update! Sounds like you really had the support you wanted, congratulations!
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AWSOME!!! Congrats mamma! :::
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congrats on a successful birth!
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Wow, what an amazing hospital birth story. So happy for you, and happy to know there's at least one doctor in one hospital with a human idea of the birth process. Welcome to your baby girl!
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Yeah Mama! How wonderful that babe turned and you had a great birth! Congrats and welcome little one! :
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: Congratulations, mama! I am glad you had a wonderful hospital birth! Welcome, LO!
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Congrats! Sounds like a fantastic birth!
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