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Good Luck Angel! I know how it is to live in a dark place. We used to rent a home that was built 3/4 of the way underground and we didn't get much light at all. I think your concerns are totally valid. Especially when you will be home with the baby all the time. It definitely will be best for you if you can find a place that feels good. I hope you find just the right place for your family.
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Angel- I hope you find just the right place for you guys! Good luck!

As for me... I'm 39 weeks today!
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I'm still pregnant 40w6d and no signs at all. Dh is getting worried and has asked me if we should go to a hospital or something. I told him it was normal to go up to 2 weeks over. The longest I've gone in a pregnancy was 40w2d though.
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Well, we looked at an apartment this morning. It is so much nicer looking than the one we saw last night. It's also about $70-80 more a month than what we're paying now, and what we'd pay for the place we saw last night. But, it's got one more bedroom than the cheaper place, is air conditioned, and it's much lighter and newer looking. It has a laundry/storage room too. The other place had a dryer in the dining area, and a washer in the bathroom . The pros for the smaller apartment are the cheaper price, it's still walking distance to my job, and it has covered parking.

We don't really need the extra space, and I feel sort of frivolous for being so willing to pay more for a little sunlight and a nicer feel when we really want to be able to save up for a house in the future, but man I want this apartment! When I told the woman managing the larger apt. my baby was due this week she said they'd be willing to let us move some things in before we started paying rent, so we could move a little more gradually, but not have to pay rent in two places at once. We filled out the application and are emailing it in today. Those always make me nervous, as dh is self employed (successfully for the past 4 years) and I worry that a family renting their basement would feel more at risk when our income isn't from a "regular" job. Of course, so far, dh's business doesn't seem to be at risk in the current economy. The people he contracts with need his services to be able to operate legally and efficiently, and there's nobody else out there that can even really provide the services he does. It's just that I've learned that being self employed can be sort of stigmatized when applying for loans/rentals etc.

Boy, I'm just rambling now. But oh I'm crossing my fingers that this is the place for us! It will be much easier to plan the move once we have a definite date and place.
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YAY, just as I thought, sounds like it will work out for the better for you!!!
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It's awfully quiet in here lately, I think we have too many brand new mamas . We signed the lease on the new apartment yesterday morning. I can't believe this is happening so fast! We only looked at 2 places. It felt good though, the family we're living below seem like really cool people. The official move in date is the 10th. We got a couple quotes from movers and now the game is to pack as much as we can before they get here.

I'm starting to feel like this baby is getting close. My dd is on Sunday, but since last night I've been having a few achy contractions. They woke me up about an hour ago, because they were forcing things into my overfull bladder! Then I was too hungry to go back to sleep, so I ate a plateful of spaghetti : I know this could go on for days, so I'm trying not to get too excited. I'd rather labor hold off until Sunday at least, my house is kinda messy right now!
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Congrats on the apartment, Angelorum! Sending good labor : your way.
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Angelorum-- Congrats on the apartment!

Just had to share, I finally got to go see the Harry Potter movie last night! We got Colleen to sleep and had Fiona sleep in our room (where Colleen's toddler bed is) while we were gone. My mom lives downstairs, so she was on alert in case the kids needed her.
It was so fun to get to see it and I was thrilled that I only had to pee once. LOL
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I was so surprised that I made it through the entire Harry Potter movie without peeing! I didn't want to miss a thing.

My due date is tomorrow. I so thought last week I was going to have the baby, lost my plug, had bloody show and contractions, then NOTHING.

Now I am just sore and tired, I keep trying to walk on the treadmill everyday in hopes it helps. I am so anxious to have this baby! My MIL is here and slowly grating on my nerves!
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had some brown spotting this morning, and random contractions today. Going to see Harry Potter tonight, just in case this baby wants to come tomorrow
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