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contractions... FINALLY PRESENTING... Update post 1...

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They have been off and on all day, pretty much every 10-15 minutes, but long. I got into the tub and they didn't go away. HMMMM

I just drank some RRL tea and maybe it will get things going. if they are just prodomal, then it will go no where. LOL

Annalise Claire has arrived. SHe was born July 28th 2009 at 1:54 AM. 7 lbs 6 oz, 19.5 inches.

I got to the hospital around 8 pm on Monday night. I was 3 CM 70 % effaced. They monitored me for 30 minutes then had me walk. An hour went by and they rechecked and there was no change. The resident went and got my Dr. She said she wanted to admit me and either give me something to sleep and start Pitocin in the AM or start it then. At this time, the contractions were 5 minutes apart but there was no way I could sit through them. I opted for pitocin asap since I was ready to be done. I was admitted at 10:45, got the oldest nurse from HELL. LOL. SHe was off at 11 PM though. So my birth partner got in the shower, the nurse left the room and I had to get up and squat through the contractions... MAN did they HURT. So at 11:17 my water breaks (Mind you still no IV, still no pitocin). My Doula was on the way to just visit and see what was going on and decide whether she needed to stay or just visit and go home. My new nurse that came on at 11 was phenominal BTW... Truly amazing.

Well when she got there she obviously needed to stay. At 12:30 the resident came in to check me again and I was 4 cm and 90%, as she checked me I dialated to a 6 while her fingers were inside of me. I started asking for some pain meds and on the next contraction got frantic and started to really freak out. It was very intense. I was trying anything and everything to get away from the pain but it wasn't working. At 1 the epidural showed up. My doula asked if I wanted to be checked and in between explatives I said no, LOL, I just wanted my epidural. I KNEW I was close, like 9 cm's close, but I wanted the epidural, I couldn't take one more of those contractions. So at 1:15 the epidural is in and I lay on my side, I look panicked and tell my doula, I NEED TO PUSH. I was in shock. I really couldn't believe that I had truly been 9 CM's I was hoping I was wrong because I just wanted to sleep at that point. I was soooo tired (6 days of labor will do that to ya). Well the nurse calls the resident and she comes in and checks me around 1:25 and I am complete with a LIP. YEAH, 10 minutes of that Epidural, I was most likely 9-10 CM's while it was being administered.

So the resident left the room and asked me to labor a bit longer. I was still in shock, I didn't have Pit, I never needed it. My body was SMART, it KNEW what to do. So my doula helped me to roll onto all fours and gave me some Pulsatilla. at 1:45, I decided to roll back over so the Dr could check me. As I rolled I felt Annalise roll around to OA position and come into my canal, the Dr checked me at 1:50 and told me she was at a +2 and to go ahead and push when I felt like it. at 1:54 Annalise entered the world, there was no ring of fire, there was no pain, I smiled as I watched my baby girl enter the world. I held her immediatly. Her apgars were 9 and 9. She is the LOVE of my life. I am so happy my labor naturally progressed and I did almost the whole labor without meds. I am appreciative of the epidural though. It helped me get through the last intense part. SHe latched at 2:15 am and nursed until 3 AM.

I checked out early today, she is a great nurser although my nipples look bad and I need to get some help from my awesome LC.

Thank you all so much for your words of love, encouragment, support, and understanding. I will get you all some pics asap.
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Just relax and rest, baths are good. My third started that way w/ contraxs, like BH. I went home, took a nap. I figured they might be real if I woke w/ them still present and they were.
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You don't want them to go away do you? I thought you were pretty anxious to get the baby out?
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No I dont want them to go away, but I want to know if they are real.. LOL
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Good luck! I hope they are real then
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Good luck and happy birthing vibes! Hope you get your wish!
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Any word yet? So excited for you!
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Ok, they are crampy, consistant and I cannot walk through them...

I spoke with my primary midwife who is in FL on vacation. She then had her back up call. We talked about me eating then trying to get some sleep. I am really not comfortable, but my water is not broken and I have not had any bloody show. I am going to try and rest in a few minutes. I had some plain honey with fresh organic black locust honey and some cous cous. I am sitting here with the heating pad. My toddler fell asleep at 7:30 which is odd, LOL but welcomed tonight.

Not sure if I should try sex/nipple stim?
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Oooohhhhhh .... Exciting!!!!! Nipple stimulation & sex didn't work for me - but everyone is different I hope that they're real and not just "practice"! Keep us updated. I'll be awake for a few more hours so try to update before you go to bed
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They are more like every 5 minutes lasting 1-1.5 minutes, now.

I am in pain, but not enough that I think I can't sleep a little. I need to go do that.
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Sex worked for me to put me into full labor, when it seemed like the already happening contractions were stopping. Hey it is worth a try, and just think of it the last time you can do it for a few months if you do end up having your baby. Why not!
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Whoo-hoo! Wishing you a wonderful and easy labor!
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Enjoy some loving and then take a nap mama
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Welcome baby!
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yeah mama and yeah baby! Can't wait to hear!
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Wonderful!!! :-)
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waiting to hear.... :
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So I dtd, then tried to rest. They spaced out a bit and I was able to sleep alright.

Now I am awake and HERE they come again. LOL

This may be an eventful day... DD wants a donut, I'm going to get her one.
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good luck,i hope this is it and you are holding your babe very soon
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