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Doulas here

every 3-5 minutes contractions


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midwifes coming
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maybe imagine your cervix opening and becomeing a really big donut.... good luck momma
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: Blessings your way!
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: I pray you're holding your baby very very soon, Torre!!!
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Mine have picked back up this late afternoon/evening after being all but non-existant for most of the morning & early afternoon. We'll see. I still don't think its "real" labor, but who knows. Maybe we'll try the sex thing tonight...

Congrats on your labor offically being here!! LUCKY!!
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Oh wow!!!! I hope this is it for you and you have a nice quick and easy birth after all of the prodromal labor you've been dealing with!
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: this makes up for not having cable...and almost for not being in labour myself...lol

gentle and quick labour momma...
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good luck mama,you can do it
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We're rootin' for you, Torre! Hope you see that new babe soon!

btw, i just ate my second donut of the day and it's all your fault.
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sending you peaceful labor vibes! good luck mama!
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good luck Torre! Here's wishing you good birthing vibes!
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Originally Posted by GradysMom View Post
maybe imagine your cervix opening and becomeing a really big donut
OK, I'm totally gonna do that in labor.

Torre: I hope things are going well. Update soon!:
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I hope baby's here and you've had a good birth! :
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Ok, no baby yet.

Midwife came over, checked me, I am 2 CM. She asks me to try to lay down, she thinks she is posterior and needs to try to turn. So I send the doula home and the midwife leaves the doppler. I had some contractions in the middle of the night, but did get some sleep. I still am having loose stool. I woke at 5 AM lost my mucous plug with some blood. Now at 8 am, I am having more bloody show.

I am having menstrual cramps and contractions. Early labor is fun... Baby is waiting for my primary midwife to return on saturday.

I have an OB appt with my back up provider. They want to start cervical checks, I may agree, they do not know I am HBing.

I will try to update you all soon!
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Bloody show is a good sign!!
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^^^ Yeah that!! ^^^

Turn, Baby Girl, turn!!! Mama needs a break!!
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So I'm back... A lot happened today and I am feeling pretty crappy and run down and just discouraged.

I have a highly anxious personality. My contractions have been going on for 4 days and I have had preterm and prodomal labor since about week 32.

I am tired. Plus I have a fear of my body not doing what it is supposed to do (birth trauma left over from Abrielle).

Anyway, so everytime I was having a BM, I was getting bright red blood from the bearing down, which scared me. Especially not knowing if the cervix is actually effacing and dialating and with my placenta being an issue, I talked with my HB MW and she suggested I called my OB whom I had an appt with today. My contractions were painful and regular at 5 minutes apart. So they asked me to head up to Worcester and go to L&D, which I did.

Now I get on a monitor and because I have not eaten and not had a bm for a little while the blood is now brown. They don't want to check my cervix because they do not have my records, but the process of admitting me and making a decision on how I and they wanted to manage my care depended on it. So they end up leaving me on the monitor for like 3 hours of which I am having regular contractions. So FINALLY they get my records and check me, the resident doesn;t even REACH the cervix (I can feel where her finger is) and says your about a finger tip. So they want me to walk and come back in an hour. I ask her to get the chief resident in my room. I complained that if they plan on managing my care as a vaginal birth, then they need to manage it that way and ACTUALLY check me, because for how much blood I am having, a finger tip is not normal. So the chief resident checks me, I am a tight 1 and 4 CM thick and she tells me it is not a laboring cervix. At this point I lose it, WHY am I bleeding so much when I am not dialating, WHY am I contracting and it is doing nothing.

I swear had they dangled pitocin in my face I might have taken it. I become a completely different person in the hospital. I walk in and immediatly feel demoralized and ignorant. I am also emotional and exhausted. I also miss my primary MW who is coming home tomorrow.

So I get discharged with instructions to return if I am bleeding,WTF???? or if my contractions are 5 minutes apart, painful, and last an hour that way (oh you mean like the monitor said I was for the last 3 hours). This is a JOKE.

So I come home, angry at myself for feeling this way, knowing I want a HB. I am just concerned for my little girl and completely losing faith in my body.

So here I am contracting, bleeding, but FINALLY the runs have stopped. I feel like an idiot, I feel silly and stupid for being so desperate.

Sorry this is so long. I just needed to get this out.
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DDC crashing.

How much are you bleeding now? Did they do an ultrasound to check the placenta?

*HUGE hugs* mama XXX
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Sounds horrid. Keep listening to your body and I hope that it soon starts sending messages that are not so confusing.
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